Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Life For The Last 2 Months

So I haven't been updating my blog at all for the last two months. What's worse is that I haven't been ON any make up sites, blog sites or anything like that at all for the last two months!

What happened?

Haha - life happened I guess.

Mostly school happened - school happened HARD! I didn't do very well as I would've hoped this semester. My GPA dropped a bit but I'm hoping to learn from my mistakes this year and do better next year. I think I was just really burned out and didn't have the mentally to keep focus and retain information like I usually do. It is tough to study for exams when you haven't really been mentally there!!!

But at least this year has been pretty exciting b/c I made some great new friends ships and I have been doing a lot more things I haven't done before. Such as WINE TASTING!!!

Wilcox, Arizona - Wine Country

It was so much fun to take a mini-road trip but besides that, I realize I'm not a big fan of wine so much.

We also got a couple of birthdays and graduations to celebrate so that took a lot out of my time planning and everything.

That was a birthday dinner at a really awesome Chinese restaurant

Afterward, we karaoke!!!

I'm also extremely BROKE!! I got an internship that will give me some sorta spending money this summer - but I've decided to save most of it for future trips and travels (Las Vegas and New Orleans). This is why I haven't bought any new make up in MONTHS! This is good though because it will allow me to use up what I have and be more creative with it.

All in all, I've just been experiencing different adventures and had to neglect others. Still, I want to return to blogging because I really miss you all and miss playing around with and talking about make up!

I have only recently gotten back to playing around with make up and offering to do make up on anyone that asks!!!! My sister... mostly :( haha!!!

So I hope you guys will come back to read some more of what's coming up next.
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