Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Has Happened...

My mom is definitely not a make up person and it is really accurate to say that I did not develop this new hobby due to her. It was b/c of Youtube :D I remember that my Dad bought her an Elizabeth Arden make up kit for anniversary or Valentines or something but most of it belong to me now - although they are as OLD as heck and need to be thrown out!

However, it is accurate to say that I've influenced her with her new (not as big) interest for cosmetic. Of course, she still focus more on the skin care - anti aging and moisturizing stuff. And she is a big make up snob - "Drugstore make up will turn your lips purple and your eye lids black..." - I still got her to try out mascaras and stuff.

Recently, I've been noticing some changes in my make up stash... why are there orange specks on the dresser's surface? Wait... where is my Max Factor 2000 Calorie????????? WHERE IS IT!!??

It seems that my mother is to blame. The orange powder:

It's my Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in True Peach II. It's a really pretty corally color and it seems that is my mom's favorite weapon of choice. Now, why did she choose the mineral... the hardest blush to keep clean...?? I don't know. Needless to say, I've had to clean my area a few times now. And she's always so sneaky about it. I've never been able to catch her using it but she always manages somehow.

**Mini review: This blush is really pigmented - no need to pile it on. It's mineral so it can get messy. Lasting power is decent I think - longer than I would expected but to make it last a long time - use some sort of primer. A cream blush underneath perhaps. This is a really nice MATTE blush - yes, no sparkles. Gives a really great glow if you don't overuse it. That is an important point. You get so much product! And it is fairly cheap. I'd recommend trying out something like this but not all of the Maybelline Mineral Power blushes are matte so beware.

Also, I found my Max Factor 2000 Calorie in her room the other day. I left it there. It is nice to see her enjoying herself with make up. I feel like when a person just takes a little bit more time trying to look better, it boosts their confidence a little bit - well, maybe that's just my view and experience. It's kinda like "I don't feel like crap and I shouldn't look like it either". However, I was relieved that I've found the mascara. Should I tell her that this new beloved item is discontinued in America? I'll save that for later.


Does anyone know what they're gonna be for Halloween yet????? I think I know, inspired by the awesome MichellePhan:

It seems so easy and I can totally make the mask. I will also get some pretty feathers and decorate the mask and dress... so much fun! Anyways, I have no definite plans for Halloween yet... which always sucks because I like to know NOW! But no worries.

But let me know what you're gonna be! I'm excited!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tell Me: Is Pink Your Color?

I wrote about my blush collection a while and then about my nude lipsticks. This time, I want to expand and talk about my "PINK" color lippies. I HAVE A LOT! I feel like people tend to buy the same colors over and I definitely bought a lot of pinkish color lipsticks. So, here THEY ARE:

I'm pretty sure the swatches are in the same order; Of course some of them are more pink, some are more coral, and some are more nude/neutral.

So from left to right:

** Revlon's Creme Lipstick in Wink for Pink: It's very barbie pink but it isn't overly BRIGHT. It's very dolly and girly though. Um... it is a creme finish; nothing too special about staying power or moisturizing though. I like this but not an everyday color. I have pigmented lips (top lip has more color than bottom) so sometimes it would look fine on my bottom lip but not the top. But then sometimes it would look great... really depends on my the lips feel I guess.

** Wet n Wild Lipstick: I don't know the name but I have written about this before. It is really frosty. I talked my mom into buying this and that is a lot of work considering she doesn't believe in cheap make up. When I put this on, she said it was so frosty that it looked like I had fat "like lipid fat" on my lips. That stopped me from trying it for a while. But I've started to wear this again. It is VERY pigmented and feels great on the lips. I just wipe the frostiness off and voila... it looks fine :) Kinda nice as a nude pink lipstick.

** Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick in Sweet Nothing: Ha ha, I've already talked about this too. Basically, it is a nice everyday pink lip look. Very much a dupe of NYX Thalia but I like this more. End.

** Maybelline's Moisture Extreme in Rosy Glow: One of my first lipsticks EVER! Look at that - I've def. used it! Yay! The top is no longer pointy. I still love this lipstick and it is great - moisturizing, feels nice, SPF 15... the thing is it has a lot of glitter in it. Not sparkle but glitter! And the lipstick would wear off and the glitter would stay put. I'm still working to finish it but just the glitter really turns me off.

** Maybelline's Moisture Extreme in Winsdor Rose: I decided to swap for this b/c I've heard someone mentioning this as a really nice pink lipstick. As you can see, it is very cool toned and very pigmented and bright. I like that it has no shimmer but... I don't like cool toned lipsticks. They don't go well w/ my skin tone.

** Lancome's Ecran Square: My mom bought this soooo long ago - I guess you could say we have sorta the same taste since I've bought lipsticks very similar to this one. But it is one my favs still! Again, no more pointy! I've def. used this baby WEE!! This and Victoria Secret - I would wear for everyday :D

- Until recently, I have been ignoring my lippies. Going to school, I would not put any one in the morning or during the day. Now, I'm working to use up my lippies. Why, b/c I want to buy new ones! Ha ha. I am trying (successfully too) to not buy any new lippies until I've used up at least one thing. I just don't want to go to the store and buy another lipstick that will end up looking like something I already have! Now, I always carry some sort of lipstick and lipgloss w/ me. Whenever I have time, I would put it on.


Yikes, too wordy for one post! Let's put in some pics to balance everything out. Again, just trying out a more colorful look:

THERE. Much better.


School's been crazy and stressful. For the last 4 weeks - I've had at least one or two test every week now. Stupid science major. So I haven't had much time to put on make up in the morning so I came up w/ a pro/con list of this:

+ More time to sleep
+ Less worry about how the make up is holding up during the day
+ Don't have to use make up remover at night
+ Can touch face and eye area w/out worry
+ Skin can breathe

+ Can't play with my make up in the morning
+ Too many things I have but don't use
+ My lashes aren't curly or long or volumized
+ Sometimes I don't feel dressed up... I feel like I look tired and BLAH!

Okay, I should go off and study some more (I have two tests next week! YIKES!)

See ya~

Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick ;p

Okay, so I just want to make a quickie post. The other night and I was playing around w/ my camera and I took some pictures of my make up area. I just want to show you guys... my make up collection :D

To some people - this might be a lot! I agree - I have way too many things.

To some people - this is normal :D Yay beauty bloggers unite!

To some people - this is nothing at all... you have way more! Now now, this is not a contest!

Of course, most of the stuff I have are from the drugstore... and then the occasional Lancome, MAC, and Smashbox <--- extremely little ---> 2.5%

Let's get to it:

My mother is responsible for this set up. She really likes to come in my room and redecorate it sometimes. Usually the result will be okay... but I really like it this time.
With that said, I arrange my make up though. She only got the furnitures together for me.

Moisturizer, lotions, body sprays :D, nail polishes (doubled in size, thanks to Kalmo, yet again), I have a cup that hold all my brushes - it is not a fancy brush holder but whatever.

Then on the other side of the top, I have mirror, a basket w/ stuff I never use (and some medication stuff), lotion, hand lotion, self tanner lotion, scissors, nail polish remover, beauty blender (yay!).... overall, it is a mess over there.

This is it - my stuffies! I sorta organized it... no way as neat as some others I've seen on youtube but that's okay. The blush section is large but the eyeshadows are catching up... perhaps even beating it.

On the other drawer, I have hair curler, lippies!, Hello Kitty stickers ha ha, and lots of other random stuff - also empty make up boxes and such.

Okay, I'm gonna end this post with: Where I Blog... sometimes...

A bit messy... but I kinda like that. I'm a science major so being messy... is kinda like Albert Einstein... MAD SCIENTIST. Ya know :D It makes me happy.

Okay guys, thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I like to catagorize things... put them into sections or whatever (I'm in science - its the only way to organize anything!). So, here are some catagories - I try to make them interesting too :D

A product that I've heard so many people raving about it, but I just don't feel the same: NYX's round lipstick in Thalia. All the popular gurus on youtube love it, but when I put it on... it makes my lips look like a really horrible shade of purple. It might have something to do with my pigmented lips and the cool undertone of this color.

Anyways, I kept it because I do want a pink nude color... then I found something much better and I swapped Thalia away faster than you can say "yay!".

** Victoria's Secret lipstick in Sweet Nothing - got it when it was 75% off :D
** Sorry for the tiny pic. I just didn't want to waste a pic of just a lipstick.


One product (that is not a fragrance) that has the most amazing smell is:

Lancome lipsticks smell amazing! Another lipstick! I know this picture is bad and tiny... sorry about that :)


A product that I was pleasantly surprised with:

** So cheap and yet I find so many ways to use these. My favs :D

Disappointed with?
** don't have a pic but St. Ives Apricot Scrub; suppose to help w/ acne, black heads and stuff. Has salicylic acid to prove it can do this but it doesn't help me at all! Besides my skin feeling incredibly soft, it doesn't do anything else! I'm kinda sad about that. I rarely use it now b/c I hear it is rough on the skin... which I kinda agree.


A product I use everyday (besides moisturizer b/c that would be too obvious!):

** I use the darkest shade for my brows b/c its nice, dark, and matte :D Easy to put on and blend with... yeah, I already talked about this.


A product I'm overly protected with:

** One of my favorite colors EVER! And I only got it b/c my mom got a gift w/ purchase at Lancome so chances of me getting again is... slim. I remember my mom took this from me once and I thought I lost it and I was so sad! I even called my friend and asked her if it was in her car. I really love this lipstick... or unhealthy obsession... either way, I will use this until there's nothing left!


A product that has been around for <2 years

** Another tiny picture of this toner my mom bought us a long long time ago! I would say... 2 years (maybe a little older)... anyways, I don't think it has gone bad or anything but I feel like I should try to finish it up eh... It does work to remove dirt from pores but I think the strong alcohol in this dries out my skin.


A make up brand that I haven't tried out at all is L'Oreal. Besides the Chai Love You lipstick... I haven't bought anything from this line.


So, this was an extremely random post! But no worries, I have better ones out there soon! But for now... ToOdles!

Friday, October 9, 2009

This week is finally over!

This week has been the most insane, stressful, intense week EVER!! I had so much school stuff (exams, quizzes, practicals...) UGH! Plus my immune system is not doing very well - I hard a major sinus pressure headache yesterday! Horrible!

BUT THAT IS ALL OVER!! WHOOHOO!! Time to focus on my make up :D
(I almost did another "week diary" of what I wore and all that but I didn't end up wearing any make up at all :D. Plus with all my hard classes, I tend to rub my eyes a lot when I'm stressed out).

Anyways, first thing I'm gonna do is change my nail polish!

This is what I'm wearing right now (thanks to Kalmo), and I really really like this for the fall! I mean, it hasn't been that cold yet but is slowly but surely getting there. I've had this on for a week now (YUP- 7 days) and it hasn't chipped too badly. The only thing is that my nails are growing and so it just doesn't look right anymore - you all know what I mean. I've been meaning to get rid of it but I've been soooo busy!

So, more about this nail polish - it's got a nice consistency to it. Definitely need 2 coats (no more, no less... in my opinion). Takes a little bit for 2nd coat to dry. The brush is good but because the color was so dark, I had to be really careful with the edges of my nails just because I don't want a mess on my skin. Overall, I really like it. I would definitely prefer it on my fingers than my toes...


Also, when I study, I usually give myself little breaks (10-30 mins). During this time, I either eat, watch TV or rest... or play w/ make up. So, this is a look that I came up w/ my NYX Rootbeer. I've had this for a long time but never played w/ it... until now :) Also, I wanted to try lining my waterline and making my lower lash more dramatic - which I never do normally. I guess you can say this is sorta inspired by Emma Watson's Burberry ads - really dark liners. But I can never go that dark - even though I wanted to... I just couldn't do it.

BTW - I'm starting to really like Emma Watson... and her sense of style. I used to hate her but she's definitely grown up and really classy and pretty. I love it.


Okay okay... one more:

** Ha ha - what a forced smile/laugh :)

Yes! That Revlon quad is new! Yes, it is brown... and yes, mostly matte colors YAY!! It is called "coffee bean" I think. I love that coppery color before the darkest colors. Pigmentation is okay... the two darker colors have better pigmentations. Overall, not a bad quad. Got it for $3 at Walmart.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Things

60th post! And 2nd in a few days. Yes, I got my camera back and ready to take some more pictures.

So this post is about my "3 Things".

1) 3 Things I Will Never Repurchase:

+ Equate nail polish remover - This thing.... UGH!!! It will take forever FOREVER to get the polish off and with some hard core scrubbing too. Dries out my nails - make them unhealthy. Smells horrible and is disgusting if it gets on other things. I hate this thing. It was 0.99 so maybe if I get something a little more expensive. Anyone got any suggestions??

+ NYC nail polish in Luxury Lime - makes my nails look like they are unhealthy shade of yellow. I actually wanted to franken w/ this and make it more opaque but that didn't work out. I will probably throw this out.

+ Neutrogena concealer stick in yellow - drying - cakey - doesn't cover well. Makes my under eye circles gray. YUP, not good my friends, not good.


2) 3 Things I'm Not Sure About:

+ Maybelline Power Concealer in Sand - sometimes this works great as an under eye concealer and then sometimes it looks powdery and cakey. I don't get it! Application is the same all the time - sometimes it just hates my skin I guess.
*** Good tips: if concealer is too light (which this is) put some bronzer on it to warm it up and darken it to a natural color. It really works!

+ MAC's Rubenesque paint pot - I like this color in the pot but on the skin it is kinda yellow-gold... which sometimes doesn't work w/ my skin tone. Also, when I use this as a primer/base - sometimes the shadow would crease and then sometimes it wouldn't. I don't really know... so it doesn't work amazing for staying power and creasing power but it works fine as a base. I don't know about this one...

+ Clean and Clear's eye make up remover - This works fine but then I find that it is really oily! But not so bad that it clogs pores. The only thing is - sometimes it works great and then other times it takes FOREVER to get everything off - especially gel liners or liquid liners. So messy!


3) 3 Cheap Things I Really Enjoy!:

+ L'Oreal Juice Stick in Chai Love You - I wish I knew how much I would love these so I would stock up now that they are discont. Sad! This is great because it isn't so dark but it gives a nice glossy - sheer but not clear - color and finish. I really like this! I would keep this in my backpack for awhile as my lip color during the day... but then I thought it was unfair to the others.

+ Maybelline single eyeshadow in Beach Blush - great brown color! Chocolately! Brings out my brown eyes and gives my lid a nice wash of color. Not as pigmented as some would like but I'm totally fine w/ it. I use this all the time - especially this summer when I went on vacation. Really, one of my fav. colors!

+ Bath and Body Works lotion in PS. I Love You - he he, I love this lotion smell. It's just a typical lotion - nothing special - except for the smell. It is really great! Reminds me of my mom's Dior perfume.


Alrighty - I'm getting tired and I can't type well anymore. GOOD NIGHT!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another post with a bad title.

This Hit Pan thing is hard! I already bought 3 new eyeshadows this month: although they were all decently cheap :)
- Revlon Colorstay Quad in Copper Spice
- On ebay (these are my first ebay buys!): Smashbox eyeshadow trio in Photoshoot and Test Shot.

Yeah, I'm excited for those things to come in. The only problem is that the sender used a different name. I changed my fake name to my real name but they still used my fake name anyways. Well, I hope it comes!

I don't really have anything make up related to say b/c I don't have any pictures with me. So, I will do Kalmo's tag instead. 6 things about myself:

1) I am 5 feet tall; Yes, I'm a tiny tiny person! And no, I don't realize that I'm that tiny until I see pictures or look in the mirror. I see myself much bigger than what I really am :D

2) My favorite subjects in highschool are Calculus and Drama; My least favorite subjects: AP US History and Sex Ed. I had a crappy teacher for Sex Ed. He gave us one assignment that was like one math problem worth 100 points! Stupid me, I didn't do it right and I lost 100 points (that was my fault and it was kinda easy math problem). I tried talking to him about it but he didn't even care or something. I just remember thinking he was a dumbass teacher and he would flirt w/ the girls and tell us about his dates and stuff. WTF? Yes, I still have a lot of resentful feelings towards that man.

3) I always accidently reject the guys that I like and accidently flirt w/ ones I don't like. I just get really really shy and tongued tied around guys that I like. So if one comes up to me and talks to me I'd be nervous and distant. Then there are guys who I talk to knowing nothing will happen and I'm pretty friendly with them. This has happened many many times now and I don't realize it until it is over. It's a curse!

4) I have this thing where I refuse to use "lol". So many people do it now that sometimes I am tempted... but I will resist! When I first started making and surfing websites, 8 years ago, I would see "lol" and think that it is like a face or something. You know how people do ":)" and "^_^". So yeah, I thought it was like this famous painting and that is my first impression of it and I can't see it any other way.

5) My favorite Harry Potter book is the 6th, follow by the 3rd, then the 4th. I however, did not enjoy the 5th or 7th. Especially the end of the 7th book. It was way too happy - the book's dynamic was completely wrong. It should've ended for gracefully, like in LOTR, but no, it ended like someone wrote a fan fiction for it and JK Rowling was like: Okay, sounds good.

6) Last, I shall show you some of my celebrity crushes: Enjoy:

Ryan Gosling

** Note how they are all tall, much older and blond (except for Bale :)).

So those are pretty random but I hope you enjoyed reading them. I tag anyone who's reading this and has time :D

Thanks for stopping by,
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