Monday, June 29, 2009

Purple and a Contest

So, I decided to join Chomfifi's contest at the very last second! Yes, it's due at midnight... although I don't know what counts as midnight b/c we live in different time zone but, whatever. Anyways, it's to be a NINJA!! Now, she requires you to wear ninja mask and I did (a Japanese one too!) but I only did the bottom part b/c I wanted my "look" to be like those anime ninja girls:

One reason I did this is because I just wanted to use some of my new eye stuff!

So, let's not waste time.
OH: These are pretty lame pictures. My face is just blah... this is what happens when you procrastinate on a contest. I've become good friends w/ photobucket's image editing system because I can't load it onto my PS7.

EDIT: Contest is over... I didn't realize I had another day to do the look. Oh well. I got rid of most of pics. I thought I looked creepy for most of it anyways.

MY HAIR!!! The horror!! o.O

Anyways, thanks for reading~~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Why so serious?

Every time I watch a youtube beauty video, there is always someone saying how make up is only for girls w/ no brains and who cares too much about the way they look... blah blah blah!!! But, why afraid of make up?? There's nothing wrong w/ trying to diminish the look of blemishes, or black circles, or enhance something on your face. I feel, the more confident w/ the way you look, the less afraid you are to express yourself w/ make up. Not that girls are not confident if they don't wear make up. It is so hard to get into this discussion.

I used to not like to wear make up b/c I feel like it gives me too much attention. If I wear eye shadows, people will definitely take notice. But now, I don't care much anymore. I feel like I can pull off any time of look really, and not be shy w/ it. So that is what I mean.

Well, the only reason I brought this up is because I LOVE natural make up. Just look at these two pictures:

Yay, the under eye circle is gone :D! My skin is more evened out. Hooray~ And, I still look pretty much the same, except w/ a bit of make up ;p!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a quickie before bed

Why does my title sound dirty?? Bet you didn't think of it that way until now that I've mentioned it... ha ha ha... I'm evil.

ANYWAYS - it's late and I guess I'm just ready to sleep now - and dream of sweet make up!

But, this post is about my foundation routine. So during the winter time, I didn't really notice any problems w/ my skin (besides a pimple here and there). But now it is summer time (and it gets HOT here!) and I notice some problems....

AHHH MY PORES ARE GINORMOUS!! During the winter time, I have dry skin but now during the summer time, I have dry-combination skin. DISGUSTING!!! So, now my biggest thing is to cover up my pores and make my skin look more smooth and nice.

Big pores just makes your skin oozy w/ oil and also blushes really exemplify them - and let me tell you, I LOVE BLUSHES! I'd put blushes on before I put on eye shadows or liners (I would put on mascara before it).

So, the points of this post is what I've been doing to cover up my pores and "mattify" my t-zone.

First, moisturize!!
Second, I put on the Rimmel primer (I'll talk more about this later... it's too late!)
Third, I conceal my under eye circles w/ the Maybelline concealer. I actually really like this concealer.
Fourth - THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS! I use the Revlon Mousse Foundation and YES! It minimizes my pores (instead of making them look bigger!) and really pretty matte finish! WHEE!! I adore this foundation but BEWARE - this is not a foundation for dry skin people. I can only use this during the summer now but I wouldn't dare put this on in the winter time. I actually did that for a little bit and it really magnifies dry spots. So be careful w/ this. But I've been really satisfied w/ this little baby! It doesn't feel cakey at all but it gives beautiful coverage.
Fifth, I just put some sort of powder on it. I think I mostly used my Wet n Wild pressed powder really lightly to set.

NOTE: I only put these things on my t-zone where I need it the most. I don't do my whole face.

Here are some pics... I don't know if this helps but I didn't edit anything at all on these pics. Trust me though, it really helps w/ the pore problems.

- Flash makes me so much tanner than I am... but I am pretty tan right now - one reason why I don't use Bronzers during the summer.

Hope this helps some of you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh the Randomness that is my blog

No, not so random. It's the usual FOTD :D

Major eye shadows (I forgot to take pics of these ;p)

I did this a while back, thought I should show it to you guys. Anyways, I'm thinking of writing more reviews on products that I've recently tried:
- Rimmel Face Primer
- L'Oreal Decrease Shadow Primer
- Some Maybelline stuff (blush, mascara, shadow)
- MAD Minerals ... Yeah!!

Biggest dilemma with me right now is that I have no money left to buy anything and there's always some sales going on right now. URGH, my make up addiction is driving me insane!!
I didn't buy anything from Stila when they had their discount... nor will I buy anything from MAC w/ their discount. HECK, I haven't bought anything from ELF and they always have a discount. And yet, I'm still broke... what the hey? Oh well, maybe come July - that's when the big stuff's gonna happen :D!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's a DIY, baby!

So, I've been watching a bunch of videos regarding making your own palettes. Now, why would I care to make my own since E.L.F has a really cool quad palette for $1 already?? Why go through the trouble??

Well my friends, it is because
1) I LOVE DIY!!! I love being creative like that and making things on my own is F.U.N!
2) Because I've been eyeing the mark shadows and they are square and so you can't fit them into a normal E.L.F or any make up palette - same idea if I want to depot my NYX shadows.
3) B/c it's so FUN!!!... Oops, I already said that. Now onto the pics...

This is what it looks like.

This is what it looks like inside... COOL eh??

Magnets are found at any craft store - Micheal's or Joanne's. I got mine at Joanne's for ~$1.50

Genius I tell you, genius (PS. Ironically, I couldn't spell genius... had to use the dictionary).

So you're wondering, what is that BOX?? And how did I get it??

Chances are: You used to have it but you probably threw a bunch of it away. Okay, I'll get to the point. Do you remember when AOL used to be this huge new internet service thing and it kept sending free CD's to try out... YUP, that's the box!

*pic from Google. Mine is obviously bigger ^__^

I was lucky enough to find one because I remember throwing away a bunch of them when I was cleaning the house months ago.

I just glued a bunch of magazine cut outs to decorate it. Glued on some magnets and TAH DAH!!

Next stop - pressing some pigments to add to my new palette

Thank for reading! Toodles~

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's My Red Lips

So, as you girlies know... you all need some form or another a good red lipstick. Why?? Red lipstick just makes you look so much more glamorous. Trick people into thinking that you put so much effort into looking hot while you did barely anything at all. Red lipstick looks great on special events, dates, night outs. Also, red lipstick looks awesome w/ a barely there eye look. So, here are my top picks for red lipsticks that I think are GREAT!

- What I love most about these is that they are not bright red. They are red w/ a hint of brown or warmer tone. They are not the cooler tones that some skin tones can't pull off. These colors warm up your face - which makes it suitable for anyone - pale to tan to dark.

- Maybe the swatches will help explain what I mean. As you can see, the Revlon one is more bold while the others are, still red, but less dramatic.

My absolute favorite is the Lancome one b/c not only does it have the "warming" ability but it also has golden sparkle undertone which is AWESOME! Red and gold go very well together.
Also, my mom got this w/ a free gift w/ purchase... so I wouldn't know how to repurchase this love piece. I don't think I ever let it out of the make up bag. It's too precious :D!

However, Apollo from NYX is really close to a dupe... close but not exactly. I switch off between the two sometimes.

The Maybelline one I use for nude looks. If I use it lightly, it gives me a nice "your-lips-but-better" color :D.

The Revlon one I haven't tried on my lips yet... I'm too scared. It's so red! And the staying power is amazing.

That's all for now! I hope you had fun reading!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swapperoos and giveaways.

So, I've been limiting myself on buying things but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't swap right? I always have make up that I never use laying around and I figure the best way to get rid of all of it is to SWAP!! So, check out all the cool things I've gotten over... just last week :D

I've always wanted to try mark's shadows!! They are huge! I love using minx/coquine for my crease.
**It is also in a DIY palette that I'll post about later.

I've wanted to try the Rimmel primer for FOREVER!! Now I finally have it!! I'm so happy. And, I tried it and it blends into my skin so I don't have the problem with it turning orange on me - which is kinda a dumb thing for Rimmel to do - have a apricot color primer.

Anyways, OOH, I also joined another giveaway. This time it is from Makeup Babble! Check it out!

That's all for now. Hope you're having a great weekend.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

HELLO KITTY and more

No guys, not the Hello Kitty collection from MAC. I'm too poor...

However, one of my friends have been getting obsessed w/ Hello Kitty and she's gotten me on the bandwagon too lately. I've been wanting some HK stickers and I can't find them anywhere! However, thanks to my consistent complaining, I received 2 of them as gifts!

I've been sticking them all over! My makeup, my books, my room. Yeah, good stuff.

As far as beauty related goes, I got my favorite - discontinued scent, Pink Grapefruit - at Bath and Body Works... for... 75% OFF!!! Maybe it wasn't a popular scent but I still loved it!

I love the smell of grapefruit xD!


Finally, I decided to join AbcgrrL's First Give Away. It's such a nice blog to read. I actually heard this from a few people - Chomfifi and Erynn.

Join it! It's awesome.


See ya all later!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Answer Me This: What Was Your First?

Hello!! I'm on a path to making/getting a new layout. Anyway, I just want to reminisce about the past - make up wise - and I want to make this post. OH, and I want whoever is reading this to think about it or even write about it on your post too!

What are the first cosmetic items that you ever bought yourself?

1) First blush?? TRUblend Minerals Blush Shimmering Sand

** Not actual picture
Willing to swap this on
- It was too shimmery for me and the color didn't even show up.

2) First lipstick?? CoverGirl's Continuous Color Cream Lipstick in Sugar Almond

** Not actual picture
- I ended up not liking the color b/c it was so frosty. I got rid of it in a swap :D!

3) First Foundation?? Maybelline Pure Makeup Shine-Free Foundation with H2O

**Not actual picture
- Ha ha, I thought of buying this for my formal b/c I had some break outs. At the time, I didn't know what light coverage this was. Just... didn't work. This was so light - like a tinted moisturizer. But I ended up never using it again and then... I threw it away :P.

4) First Mascara?? Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

- So, when I first used this (Senior year of high school), I got an allergic reaction to this! Yeah, and then I stopped using it but then... I went back to it and I ended up using it all up. I don't think that mascara was terrible. I might return to it when I'm bored with other ones.

5) First Eyeliner??Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Khaki

*Not real pic
- I LOVE this color and it glides on like a dream! but it smudges like crazy so I rarely use it. But I still love the color - a soft gray!

6) First others??

- I still use them both and LOVE them!! The only thing is the POND one is a bit oily so I try not to use sooo much!

Anyways, I'm curious to hear about your firsts too! I didn't stray to other brands much - just CoverGirl and Maybelline right? :D

ALSO - I went to Ulta w/ a friend yesterday and I saw this which I really want!! My Bday is a little more than a month away so... THIS IS GONNA BE ON MY WISH LIST!!

$47!! ! WHY SO MUCH!


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