Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's a DIY, baby!

So, I've been watching a bunch of videos regarding making your own palettes. Now, why would I care to make my own since E.L.F has a really cool quad palette for $1 already?? Why go through the trouble??

Well my friends, it is because
1) I LOVE DIY!!! I love being creative like that and making things on my own is F.U.N!
2) Because I've been eyeing the mark shadows and they are square and so you can't fit them into a normal E.L.F or any make up palette - same idea if I want to depot my NYX shadows.
3) B/c it's so FUN!!!... Oops, I already said that. Now onto the pics...

This is what it looks like.

This is what it looks like inside... COOL eh??

Magnets are found at any craft store - Micheal's or Joanne's. I got mine at Joanne's for ~$1.50

Genius I tell you, genius (PS. Ironically, I couldn't spell genius... had to use the dictionary).

So you're wondering, what is that BOX?? And how did I get it??

Chances are: You used to have it but you probably threw a bunch of it away. Okay, I'll get to the point. Do you remember when AOL used to be this huge new internet service thing and it kept sending free CD's to try out... YUP, that's the box!

*pic from Google. Mine is obviously bigger ^__^

I was lucky enough to find one because I remember throwing away a bunch of them when I was cleaning the house months ago.

I just glued a bunch of magazine cut outs to decorate it. Glued on some magnets and TAH DAH!!

Next stop - pressing some pigments to add to my new palette

Thank for reading! Toodles~


  1. Thanks for the DIY!... wheee~ :)

  2. Ah that's very creative! I don't have anymore AOL boxes though, nice DIY palette though!


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