Thursday, June 4, 2009

HELLO KITTY and more

No guys, not the Hello Kitty collection from MAC. I'm too poor...

However, one of my friends have been getting obsessed w/ Hello Kitty and she's gotten me on the bandwagon too lately. I've been wanting some HK stickers and I can't find them anywhere! However, thanks to my consistent complaining, I received 2 of them as gifts!

I've been sticking them all over! My makeup, my books, my room. Yeah, good stuff.

As far as beauty related goes, I got my favorite - discontinued scent, Pink Grapefruit - at Bath and Body Works... for... 75% OFF!!! Maybe it wasn't a popular scent but I still loved it!

I love the smell of grapefruit xD!


Finally, I decided to join AbcgrrL's First Give Away. It's such a nice blog to read. I actually heard this from a few people - Chomfifi and Erynn.

Join it! It's awesome.


See ya all later!

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