Monday, June 22, 2009

Why so serious?

Every time I watch a youtube beauty video, there is always someone saying how make up is only for girls w/ no brains and who cares too much about the way they look... blah blah blah!!! But, why afraid of make up?? There's nothing wrong w/ trying to diminish the look of blemishes, or black circles, or enhance something on your face. I feel, the more confident w/ the way you look, the less afraid you are to express yourself w/ make up. Not that girls are not confident if they don't wear make up. It is so hard to get into this discussion.

I used to not like to wear make up b/c I feel like it gives me too much attention. If I wear eye shadows, people will definitely take notice. But now, I don't care much anymore. I feel like I can pull off any time of look really, and not be shy w/ it. So that is what I mean.

Well, the only reason I brought this up is because I LOVE natural make up. Just look at these two pictures:

Yay, the under eye circle is gone :D! My skin is more evened out. Hooray~ And, I still look pretty much the same, except w/ a bit of make up ;p!

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  1. Hi,

    I love your stance on makeup! I love natural looking makeup as well and I must say you are so gorgeous!


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