Monday, March 30, 2009

she got me lovestoned, I think that she knows"

Just an extremely quick and fast blog:

Yesterday I was sort of babysitting this little 4 year old and she was in my room and looking at my makeup. She was so cute with it and she would like use my brushes on her face and stuff (luckly I had just clean them the day before). At the end she asked for some eye shadow brushes and I gave her two that I don't use (she wanted 3 but I was like... EH... no). I also gave her my E.L.F eyeliner in black because that thing sucks.

Anyways, I just thought - what a great idea! You can give the makeup that you don't want/like to little kids so they can play w/ it and in a way, it cleans up your makeup station. And the kid can like you a lot more. I think she started calling me her best friend by the end of the day.

Good times!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

so I drew a new face and laughed"

So I always hate it when I buy something and then I go to another store and find the same thing for much cheaper! If you look on my sidebar, I listed Revlon Colorstay eye pencils are my favorite eyeliners right now and they cost about $7-8. Well, I just came back from Walmart and they sell these for $5 right now! I didn't grab any because I already have two... but I thought to myself... DANG! I should've checked here first.

Also at Walmart, L'Oreal HiP Eyeshadow duos are only ~$5 and The Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadows range at $5.

I haven't checked other things but, if you guys are interested in these products and don't want to wait for a sale - Walmart would be a place to go.

PS. I don't know about Target because I don't go there often.

SEE YA later! Thanks for visiting. <3~

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Beginning (is the end is the beginning)

Welcome to the first post of The Makeup Theory. The hardest in making this blog so far is: CHOOSING A DOMAIN NAME!! Garr, I couldn't think of anything.

What will this blog be about?
Well, I love making blogs and one thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is MAKEUP! So I just wanted to make a blog dedicated to just that.

Why the name, Makeup Theory?
Okay, so I'm a dork and I'm a science major in college so I have to deal with a lot of theories and such. So Makeup Theory just fits naturally with me!
They'll be much more dorkiness on the way!

Little info about me:
I'm 19 soon to be 20.
I'm in school in a science filled major w00t! I won't get an actualy degree until I graduate in 5 more years.
What else to say... I am also short... and I'm also at work right now.

What got me interested in makeup?
I didn't find makeup that important until a year ago when I randomly found some makeup gurus on youtube. I saw what they can do and how pretty they make things work and I was like: THAT IS SO COOL!
So yes, I'm pretty new to make up and have a small but growing makeup collection right now.
Oh, I give credit to Xteeener from youtube. My first youtube makeup video was hers.

I want to incorporate everyone in this blog but I feel like it will cater to mostly beginners of makeup. I mostly shop at drugstores b/c - I don't have a Sephora in my town (!!) and I also don't make enough money to spend it on the more expensive stuff.
SO - if you are also a budget freak like me, you'll find more use with this blog. Besides that, I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible for those who knows more than me!
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