Monday, March 30, 2009

she got me lovestoned, I think that she knows"

Just an extremely quick and fast blog:

Yesterday I was sort of babysitting this little 4 year old and she was in my room and looking at my makeup. She was so cute with it and she would like use my brushes on her face and stuff (luckly I had just clean them the day before). At the end she asked for some eye shadow brushes and I gave her two that I don't use (she wanted 3 but I was like... EH... no). I also gave her my E.L.F eyeliner in black because that thing sucks.

Anyways, I just thought - what a great idea! You can give the makeup that you don't want/like to little kids so they can play w/ it and in a way, it cleans up your makeup station. And the kid can like you a lot more. I think she started calling me her best friend by the end of the day.

Good times!

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