Sunday, March 29, 2009

so I drew a new face and laughed"

So I always hate it when I buy something and then I go to another store and find the same thing for much cheaper! If you look on my sidebar, I listed Revlon Colorstay eye pencils are my favorite eyeliners right now and they cost about $7-8. Well, I just came back from Walmart and they sell these for $5 right now! I didn't grab any because I already have two... but I thought to myself... DANG! I should've checked here first.

Also at Walmart, L'Oreal HiP Eyeshadow duos are only ~$5 and The Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadows range at $5.

I haven't checked other things but, if you guys are interested in these products and don't want to wait for a sale - Walmart would be a place to go.

PS. I don't know about Target because I don't go there often.

SEE YA later! Thanks for visiting. <3~

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