Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hole in My Wallet

I don't know about you - but retail therapy - doesn't really work on me... ha ha... but sometimes, it does. I don't know, I always get the sense of GUILT when I'm not making money and yet I am spending it. But no matter, I don't know if you guys remember but I am going on a cruise soon and I gotta look fashionable, right??? Ha ha - I gotta look good, just in case David Beckham is on board - eh?

Well, anyways, these are the few things I've hauled for my trip:

- Make up-wise, I got the Revlon Active Light Makeup, Olay Daily Facials - cleanser cloth (it says that it is a make up remover, exfoliator, cleanser, and toner all in one). I might do a review on that later. And a mask - though I don't know when I'll be able to use that. It just looks fun :)

The next few pics are clothes pictures that my sister took of me :) Ha ha... it was kinda a pain cause we did it outside and it was HOT!

* This skirt I got from this new store at the mall called Love Culture - or something. The store is HUGE and reminds me a lot of Forever 21. Watch out F21... you've got competition. I got this skirt for $9.90. Yeah, I was like - I gotta have it!!
* YES, I'm a tiny tiny person... I was asked if I was allowed to travel by myself at an airport 3 months ago... and I'm almost frickin 21 years old!

* I got this from TJMaxx and I was looking for a cardigan for night time. I might be wearing a dress or something and I get cold easily. I really like this one, kinda slouchy and just kinda casual. I don't know how to describe it. I got this for $12.99.

My sister actually got these - luckily we are both the same size... so we can "borrow" each other's things... MUHAHA.

* I don't remember how much these are (because I didn't buy them) but my sister informed me that Aero shirt was only $10.

Finally, I got SHOES!

* I lost my favorite favorite pair in Hawaii so now I'm on the search for my next favorite. I have TINY TINY TINY feet so it's extremely difficult for me to find shoes. Anyone know any good place for me to purchase shoes for tiny feet, please let me know. I'm size 5 but sometimes that is even too big... yeah, WTF?? I'm so cursed!

Anyways, I'm gonna be off soon! I hate that my dog has to stay home.. but there's nothing else we can do. Hopefully he won't be too lonely. We have someone coming over to take care of him and the plants but still... he's my baby. I hate leaving him.

Okay, well, take care!! I will see you all in a week... maybe! I might want to stay on the boat forever. Ha ha.

This is very relevant to me right now:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brown, Smoked, Well Done

Okay, so in April and early May, I did not purchase any new make up...

I definitely broke this trend today :D I'll post more about that later....

However, I managed to swap for a new things. This is something that I have wanting for awhile but I just couldn't bare to buy it - I cheap!

Point is, that I finally got my hands on it and I have been playing around with it. I now feel it is time to do a review!

Maybelline Expert Wear Quads - Natural Smokes

What do I think?

Well, first of all, I really like the lid color - that taupey shade. WOW that shade is really pretty. It's like a silvery taupe - it is very similar to CoverGirl's Tapestry Taupe. HOWEVER, it has the worst pigmentation and texture that the quad has to offer. But you know what - it is expected. I spent (or would've spent) $6 on this entire quad so if one shade is kinda a dud, I kinda expected it. The color is really pretty though and I would definitely suggest using the sponge applicator if your brush is not giving enough color.

The two darker shades are definitely better in texture and pigmentation. Easy to blend! Very deep dark colors! VERY SMOKEY COLORS FOR SURE! If you're gonna do a smokey eye, this quad is not going to fail you. I love that the darkest color will show up more as a matte shade than shimmery. It gives the quad a nice dynamic.

And the highlight color is definitely awesome. I love that it is matte and it is pretty pigmented too. It didn't disappoint :) Overall, I gotta say - easy to blend, easy to smoke, and colors are awesome.

I totally recommend this quad to anyone who loves neutrals as much as me. The nice thing about this quad is that you can go pretty natural with it too. Out of all the smokes, I think you can use this for the office/school and then come night time, smokey that look out for the social hours! I don't know, I just find a lot of uses for this quad.

This is one look that I did: even when I'm trying to do a smokey eye, I tend to get more natural with it. I obviously didn't bring the colors up high enough to be extremely dramatic but you guys can definitely do that.

Well, well, well, I am done for now! But hopefully this post will show you that if you are wondering about this quad - I would say GET IT! Or swap for it! You'll find a use for it - promise!

I also have to say that I am really enjoying summer. The weather is awesome. I'm getting ready to go on a cruise to MEXICO and...


I was suppose to go into training today but that is canceled... because the lady was sick. GRRR... so I'm really hoping that they reschedule tomorrow or Friday because I have to leave Sunday!! GRRR.... so many complications.

Don't you ever wish you can control life more. Don't you wish you can know exactly what will happen and how it will happen? I guess that'll just be boring then, wouldn't it. I always have to tell myself everything will work out in the end... BUT I am extremely impatient and kinda a control freak. Well, I just have to hope and hope and hope :)

Everything will work out in the end - no worries.

Thanks for reading everyone!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"let's have some fun, this beat is sick!"

Hello out there, fellow beauty lovers! I'm sitting at my desk... which is kinda messy - which is annoying because I cleaned my room the weekend after finals week. Now it is all messy again! Let me tell you that it definitely is a lot better than what it was before! DISASTER!

I just wanted to do a quick tag game - because it is late and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow :D I wish I could write a real thing but oh well - just have to wait for later.

So, this tag is from Cambo Soup and it is just me answering all of her questions:

1. What is your favorite movie?
--> This is a hard one because I love all sorts of movies; Avatar for now.

2. What is your favorite book?
--> Again, difficult! But I think if I were to read something over and over again - probably Harry Potter! But I also really like PS. I Love You (yes, it's a book and I think I like the book way more than the movie)

3. What was your worst beauty buy?
--> Jane's tinted moisturizer. That thing smelled and tasted horrible!! And then it actually has an orangy color... WTF?? It doesn't blend well and it leaves clumps on my face. What is wrong with this product??

4. Do you think you're high-maintenance?
--> I gotta say that I haven't been really high-maintenance at all. I've definitely gotten girlier during the last year and a half. It's all this make up and beauty stuff that has brought the girliness out of me.

5. Can you dance well?
--> HECK NO! I need someone to teach me!

6. Do you like Louis Vuitton?
--> I don't think I can pull those bags off since my clothes are pretty plain and simple. PLUS I can't afford it (I can't afford anything these days :p)

7. Do you wear sunscreen everyday?
--> My moisturizer has SPF 15 UVA and UVB but I sometimes use my mom's Shiseido SPF 55 if necessary.

8. What are your favorite websites besides blogger?
--> youtube; facebook (yes, I broke my streak, I went back on... FACEBOOK is EVIL! Once you go on, you can never leave it permanently)

9. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, or neither?
--> I like Aninston's look and overall appearance and life; but I like Jolie's travels and her good deeds in the world. However, I can't handle the big family. However, I would also say neither b/c I haven't really seen a really amazing movie from either one. Thus, I will move on and add - Scarlett Johanson :D

10. What is your dream job?
--> When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. Then I wanted to be a detective like Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes. Now, I am on the path of a pharmacist which might sound boring to a lot of you. I hope that I can use this job to take me around the world and bring relief to places that need it. I think for a while - before I settle down - I will have to do some major traveling.


Goodness - look at all that blabbing!!! K, so I guess now it is your turn to answer me; I will list 10 questions. I hope you guys at least answer one of them!!

1. What is the song you listened to the most?
2. What is one quirky thing that you do that makes you YOU?
3. Facial hair? YES or NO?
4. Favorite superhero (male, female, James Bond...)
5. Favorite quote.
6. What important lesson did you learn in the past year?
7. What cravings do you get most often?
8. Would you like to be rich and famous (actor, singer) or just rich (CEO of a company)?
9. Which super power would you choose: ability to fly or to read minds?
10. Are you left handed or right handed?

Please let me know your answer!! Would love to get to know you guys more! EVERYONE is tagged!

Thanks, have a great night/early morning.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

finding a summer look

It's summer here in the hot desert sun and I have been playing around with some looks to get an ideal summer look!

Here's what I have come up w/ so far:

Could you tell that I got my hair cut... I don't know if I like it but I usually don't like my hair cut. It takes me a few weeks to get used to it. The layers are kinda weird...

I was going for the tanner but natural look.

I think what sets off the look is my lip color - and I think this is a really awesome lip color:

It is the Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Golden Pink that the youtube guru - emilynoel83 - has raved about for the longest time. It is a hard color to take a picture of because it reflects light but it is definitely a bronzy-neutral pink kinda color. It goes on pretty sheer but it gives you that bronzy look which is great for any summer. One thing about this product is that I don't find it that moisturizing - not as moisturizing as my Burts Bees or CO Bigelow's lip glosses. So I suggest putting a balm first. Also, when I first opened it, it had a really strong smell and the taste isn't so great either. Interestingly enough, I've had it for 2 months now and I don't notice it anymore. Perhaps I've gotten used to it or it had gone away. No matter, the issue is resolved and alas I can fully enjoy this product.

Besides this, I keep my eyeshadow light and bronzers are a must! I would put some highlighters on too but the blush I had on that day was already kinda shimmery.

Now I am off to look for more comfortable things for the summer to wear. All I know is that I cannot handle jeans anymore. IT IS TOO HOT!!!

Also, my family and I are going on a cruise - from LA to Mexico!!! - and so new dresses are a must!!! Ha ha - yeah, I'm planning to live in bermuda shorts, tanks tops, and dresses all summer long. Doesn't sound bad - does it?

Oh, and update on job: nothing yet... :( ** BIG OLD SAD FACE ** Has anyone ever seen the movie "The Graduate" with Dustin Hoffman (so sexy when he was young!! I still love that man though") ?? I feel like that's what I'm doing right now - just lying around the house not doing much. Maybe I'll have an affair w/ someone... ha ha - yeah, no, I'm not doing that.

Have you seen "Post Grad" w/ Alexis Bledel?? Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel too... It was a horrible movie that I was forced to watch on the plane to Hawaii. Ha ha - good times!!

AND FINALLY - I am trying to stay away from facebook for at least a week! You know, when you get bored, you go on facebook and then suddenly you find yourself stalking some people (oh come on people, I know I'm not the only one that do this!) and it just isn't healthy! Ha ha... so, I am hoping to stay away from facebook for awhile. Maybe when summer gets a little busier *FINGERS CROSSED!!* I won't have to force myself to stay away. With that said, I went on last night... ugh... but I will start today! Stay away from facebook for a bit. I honestly hope people won't try to contact me there... well you know what, there is always the phone.

Thanks for reading! I promise to update way more - cuz that is one of my summer goals.

But now let me know something:
What is your summer look??? Let me know - share you secret!

Monday, May 17, 2010

"i'm feeling rough, i'm feeling raw..."

Currently listening to: Time to Pretend by MGMT; I'm not a big indie fan but there are some really good stuff out there. My sister is currently obsessed w/ this band and has been listening to it non-stop!

Anyways, it is finally SUMMER TIME!!!!!! Thanks to all of you guys w/ your good lucks! I did pretty well this semester - considering the lack of motivation this semester, I did surprisingly well :D Very happy with my results and now I need a good, long, relaxing summer to just regain my focus for the next four years!!

I would say this semester has been interesting, exciting, stressful both in school and outside of school, lots of emotional turmoil on my part... but I'm done with that, for now :D I always get so sentimental by the end of the semester just because I know I'll miss everybody I've met this year. There's always facebook I guess :D

I just want to write a little something because... well I haven't written at all in a really long time. I've certainly neglected this blog ever since I got back from Spring Break. I honestly lost so much motivation in school as well as blogging and make up. But like I said - we get our ups and downs and now I'm back up ready to start the summer right.

Here's a little FOTD I did for a dinner I went to w/ my study group (we spent so much time together this semester... it was ridiculous!)

I kinda like the new picture location! I like day light much better than the lighting in my room!

+ Get a job (ha ha ha.... yeah....)
+ WORK OUT MORE! (need that exercise)
+ READ MORE BOOKS (I'm working on Wuthering Heights right now.... kinda difficult)
+ BLOG (yeah baby!)
+ CELEBRATE MY 21st BDAY! (July 13)
+ Working in lab - volunteering at hospital (Keeping busy!)
+ Hang out w/ friends as much as I can (before I completely lose my social life to Pharm school)
+ Buy a netbook!
+ Go on Vegas trip w/ friends (ha ha... hopefully!)
+ Buy more summer clothes and clothes in general :D

So, with that said, I'm off to the mall to get a job. I hate working at the mall, to be honest, but I need the money!! I mentioned in my last post that I am suffering from poor college student (and let me tell you that grad school tuition is not fun!) so working as much as I can is important and necessary - especially if I am planning on buying that computer or the trip or BOTH!

I am optimistic in getting all of these goals down!! Gotta get my motivation back!

Thanks for reading - and stay tuned for lots more this summer.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch

So, I haven't written in FOREVER!! Um, this is because... well, let's just say that I'm really experiencing a college life now - especially the POOR college life part! Ha ha.

I went to target today and the only thing I got (beauty-wise) - which I'm soooo happy that I'm reunited w/ this product - is the Burt's Bees lip balm!!! So glad I got this. Love this stuff to death.

But that doesn't mean that I have been completely neglecting make up. No, I wear make up everyday (bronzer, blush and eyebrow stuff) and I wear eye make up 3 times a week (just because I have the time!). I'm just really satisfied with what I have and I guess I don't feel the urge to venture out and get new things.

** Although I did see ELF at Target! That was really exciting! I was gonna grab the complexion brush but then realize that I can't afford it (yes, can't afford the 3 dollar brush!! UGH!!). Also they didn't have any eye primer stuff there. SAD!

HOWEVER, I did manage to swap! Yeah baby - swap is the best thing ever! I got rid of some stuff I don't use and in return, I got stuff that I have been interested in.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer in Sun Glow, Maybelline Smokey Eye Quad in Natural Smokes, Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strips

Gotta say that I've found uses for everything. I have to say that I really like the mousse but again - it has shimmer and it doesn't last very long. However, you do get a very nice bronzy glow!! The Natural Smokes quad - lid color is not as pigmented as I would've liked but it is still a really pretty color! I wore this last night. I used it on my sister for her **FIRST DANCE**. Very nice. I'd recommend this quad but wish it was a bit better. And finally, I really enjoy the shimmer strips. It's a fun product to have to get that nice glow! I really like it. I don't like glitter but this is more of a fine shimmer and I just really enjoy it! VERY PIGMENTED! You don't need a lot at all.

So, those are my thoughts right now. I've had this for a few weeks and have been just testing everything out. I think more in depth reviews are coming soon.

I just want to add to my older post: EYE PRIMERS ARE REALLY IMPORTANT! I decided to not wear normal eye primer one day (I used the ELF Shimmer Facial Whip as a base b/c I heard it really worked for some people) and my shadows creased sooo much! It was disgusting. I also forgot to put on primer a few days ago and that faded too. So boys and girls - learn your lesson: eye primers make HUGE difference!! I think I will spend the $17 for them.

Sorry, random FOTD b/c I probably won't write for a while! Finals are coming!

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