Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hole in My Wallet

I don't know about you - but retail therapy - doesn't really work on me... ha ha... but sometimes, it does. I don't know, I always get the sense of GUILT when I'm not making money and yet I am spending it. But no matter, I don't know if you guys remember but I am going on a cruise soon and I gotta look fashionable, right??? Ha ha - I gotta look good, just in case David Beckham is on board - eh?

Well, anyways, these are the few things I've hauled for my trip:

- Make up-wise, I got the Revlon Active Light Makeup, Olay Daily Facials - cleanser cloth (it says that it is a make up remover, exfoliator, cleanser, and toner all in one). I might do a review on that later. And a mask - though I don't know when I'll be able to use that. It just looks fun :)

The next few pics are clothes pictures that my sister took of me :) Ha ha... it was kinda a pain cause we did it outside and it was HOT!

* This skirt I got from this new store at the mall called Love Culture - or something. The store is HUGE and reminds me a lot of Forever 21. Watch out F21... you've got competition. I got this skirt for $9.90. Yeah, I was like - I gotta have it!!
* YES, I'm a tiny tiny person... I was asked if I was allowed to travel by myself at an airport 3 months ago... and I'm almost frickin 21 years old!

* I got this from TJMaxx and I was looking for a cardigan for night time. I might be wearing a dress or something and I get cold easily. I really like this one, kinda slouchy and just kinda casual. I don't know how to describe it. I got this for $12.99.

My sister actually got these - luckily we are both the same size... so we can "borrow" each other's things... MUHAHA.

* I don't remember how much these are (because I didn't buy them) but my sister informed me that Aero shirt was only $10.

Finally, I got SHOES!

* I lost my favorite favorite pair in Hawaii so now I'm on the search for my next favorite. I have TINY TINY TINY feet so it's extremely difficult for me to find shoes. Anyone know any good place for me to purchase shoes for tiny feet, please let me know. I'm size 5 but sometimes that is even too big... yeah, WTF?? I'm so cursed!

Anyways, I'm gonna be off soon! I hate that my dog has to stay home.. but there's nothing else we can do. Hopefully he won't be too lonely. We have someone coming over to take care of him and the plants but still... he's my baby. I hate leaving him.

Okay, well, take care!! I will see you all in a week... maybe! I might want to stay on the boat forever. Ha ha.

This is very relevant to me right now:


  1. Love the outfits you put together!

    And dude, I hear you. But I do love spending money on nice things when I do have the cash to spend. The guilt's not necessarily a bad thing though. I don't have credit card debt (... yet) because of it! LOL!


  2. Oooh you sure look ready for your summer vacation!

    Love the slouchy cardigan outfit and the pink top is very cute as well!

  3. You're so tiny! I didn't think that of you. For some reason, I thought you were taller. Don't ask me why... hehe~ How tall are you if you don't mine me asking?

    You're lucky you get to share clothes with a sister. I always wanted that... hehe~ :X

  4. Lovely blog :)

    You look fantastic and i want your hair :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  5. You look so cute! Have fun on your trip! =)

  6. Great outfits and you have a beautiful smile. :D Have fun!!

    P.S Love your banner

  7. @Catherine: Haha, yeah, awesome awesome song - I wish I can rap like these white guys can.

    @Fifi: Thanks!! Love the slouchy cardigan too.

    @Ahleessa: Hahaha - I WISH I WAS TALLER!!!! AHH, I'm tiny tiny tiny and I hear it everyday, everywhere....! I'm only 5 feet tall... EEKS!

    @Jesa: Thanks! But my hair is pretty annoying somtimes.

    @Nicole: Thanks :D

    @Shop N' Chomp: Yay! Thanks a lot. I worked on that thing for awhile b/c I thought it was too plain.

  8. love your outfits, they are so cute and comfy looking ^ ^


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