Monday, May 17, 2010

"i'm feeling rough, i'm feeling raw..."

Currently listening to: Time to Pretend by MGMT; I'm not a big indie fan but there are some really good stuff out there. My sister is currently obsessed w/ this band and has been listening to it non-stop!

Anyways, it is finally SUMMER TIME!!!!!! Thanks to all of you guys w/ your good lucks! I did pretty well this semester - considering the lack of motivation this semester, I did surprisingly well :D Very happy with my results and now I need a good, long, relaxing summer to just regain my focus for the next four years!!

I would say this semester has been interesting, exciting, stressful both in school and outside of school, lots of emotional turmoil on my part... but I'm done with that, for now :D I always get so sentimental by the end of the semester just because I know I'll miss everybody I've met this year. There's always facebook I guess :D

I just want to write a little something because... well I haven't written at all in a really long time. I've certainly neglected this blog ever since I got back from Spring Break. I honestly lost so much motivation in school as well as blogging and make up. But like I said - we get our ups and downs and now I'm back up ready to start the summer right.

Here's a little FOTD I did for a dinner I went to w/ my study group (we spent so much time together this semester... it was ridiculous!)

I kinda like the new picture location! I like day light much better than the lighting in my room!

+ Get a job (ha ha ha.... yeah....)
+ WORK OUT MORE! (need that exercise)
+ READ MORE BOOKS (I'm working on Wuthering Heights right now.... kinda difficult)
+ BLOG (yeah baby!)
+ CELEBRATE MY 21st BDAY! (July 13)
+ Working in lab - volunteering at hospital (Keeping busy!)
+ Hang out w/ friends as much as I can (before I completely lose my social life to Pharm school)
+ Buy a netbook!
+ Go on Vegas trip w/ friends (ha ha... hopefully!)
+ Buy more summer clothes and clothes in general :D

So, with that said, I'm off to the mall to get a job. I hate working at the mall, to be honest, but I need the money!! I mentioned in my last post that I am suffering from poor college student (and let me tell you that grad school tuition is not fun!) so working as much as I can is important and necessary - especially if I am planning on buying that computer or the trip or BOTH!

I am optimistic in getting all of these goals down!! Gotta get my motivation back!

Thanks for reading - and stay tuned for lots more this summer.


  1. Aw congratulations on a semester well done! I def. go through phases where I loose steam in school, blogging, and personal life. It's great that you're starting the summer with a positive and excited outlook, that's what I'm always trying to do too.

    You look gorgeous and glowing in your pictures girl!

    Yeah working at the mall can be a pain but the money is worth it in the end. Good luck! Yay for 21st birthdays and Vegas trips too.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your semester and YAYYYY for summer!!! :D :D :D

    Glad to hear you did well and lovely FOTD!! Excited to see more posts from you and good luck on finding a job! I know it's been really tough the last couple of years. You're so brave for venturing out to the mall! I can't work retail at all. I think the last retail position I had I only kept for three weeks before I just up and quit. Ugh. I'm really lucky though, I have a nice quiet semi-technical desk job in administration now haha.

  3. Great summer goals you've got there! And happy upcoming! :D Your daylight pics are pretty. Good luck on your job hunt!

  4. You look nice as always! :) It's good to set goals and trying to accomplish it. Good luck finding a job at the mall!


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