Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

* Every year, we get a chance to start over. This doesn't mean our problems are gone but we get a chance to look back with a clear head and start fresh and new.

I hope we all take this opportunity and reach for an amazing year.

I wish EVERYONE an amazing new year with lots of health, happiness, and... Beauty!

Good luck!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Golden tip

For the holidays, why not juice up your traditional red lipstick look w/ GOLD gloss??

I got this Victoria's Secret gloss a long time ago but it is so awesome b/c it is FULL of golden shimmers! Really great to place on top of your lips!

I dunno, I thought that would be really fun!

OR, if you want a more dramatic look, use some gold shadow and place it in the middle of your lips to create a voluptuous look.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I just want to make a QUICK post before going back to watching TV w/ the family :) So, my hair is getting LONG and I thought it would be fun to try curling it again.

HONESTLY I hate hate hate curling my hair because I am so clumsy at it! Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks awful! UGH! And, it never lasts past 2 hours... but I am on Winter Break and I have a lot of time to waste! Ha ha.

So, here is the result:

No make up on... I get really lazy during the Holidays.

The curler is from Conair - I got it at Walgreens b/c it was on sale! And I use the Aussie hair spray. Not bad I would say.

But NO HAIR SPRAY has ever been able to keep my hair curly for more than 2 hours! NONE that I've tried.

OH, I def. checked out the Bath and Body Works Semi-annual sale today. So awesome! I'm planning to come back and get more things :D

Everyone should definitely check out the sales.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Frozen Winter Land

Okay, so it is CHRISTMAS EVE!! Woo hoo!!! So, this is my final look inspired by Christmas theme stuff. This time is a frozen winter land; hope you enjoy. Oh yeah, and some how I always manage to wear a red shirt... I have like 3 red random (lazy day) shirts. They are my go to when I'm lounging around the house or just don't really care to look especially nice ;-)


MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope you have an amazing night!

SO, here goes:

** Last pic is w/ no flash

I really like this look... really pretty and shimmery and blue! Kinda festive! Definitely not something I'd wear normally! Let me tell you, I packed on those shimmers!

Perhaps w/ this look, I can charm some good looking guy at the Xmas party I'm going too...

NOT A CHANCE! I'm pretty sure the oldest guy there is like 4 months old! HA HA!

But one can only hope :D You never know who will show up??

Ha ha!! K, Have a great night!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Carolers

This next inspired look is named after the Christmas Carolers. I imagined GOLD and then (a great color to pair w/ gold) PURPLE... although the look didn't really turn out to be what I thought... (what happened to the GOLD on my lids! I swear, they are there!) I still really liked it and I think it would look nice for a holiday party.

One of my fav. lip pairings is my Rimmel Birthday Suit and this sparkly goldeny lip gloss from Victoria's Secret.

Well, tomorrow is Xmas Eve... I really hope you guys enjoy your Holiday and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

For Xmas... I just want a great family celebration. Everyone to be happy and to relax... from the crazy year that is 2009!

I wish great health and happiness to everyone out there too! Maybe your wishes come true and maybe 2010 come with a BIG BANG! Strong optimism for the future and such :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Find The Way Rudolph

So, I kinda got inspired today... randomly and wanted to do a Xmas inspired look - great for glamorous night for the Holiday parties I know you guys are going to!

Okay, so the first one is Rudolph the Red-nosed Raindeer :D

A nice smokier brown look w/ RED lips! You shouldn't wear red nose to a party... that's just odd.

I also made my skin a little tanner (cuz Rudolph is brown all over ;) and pinkie shimmery cheeks! Bust out those shimmers cuz that's what the Holidays are about!

So, here are some pics... hope you like :)

The lip color is NYX - Apollo which I think really helps make my teeth white! Love it :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

"LOVE is our resistance!"

They'll keep us apart and they won't stop breaking us down
Hold me
Our lips must always be sealed


Okay, so now that I've calmed down...


Thank the lord!

Okay, so now that I'm done w/ that... I will get to the make up section of this post:

Winter make up!! What is different? Well, I find the biggest difference is in the colors that I choose. Not really the eyes but the face... I'll show you what I mean:

*Rimmel's Natural Mineral Bronzer in Sunlight

BRONZER!!! I feel so pale and look so unhealthy without bronzers! I know people love their bronzers in the summer but I'm so tan anyways that I never reach for it... until now. No, I'm not kidding, I can really see a difference in my face and my coloring. It is really nice!

This bronzer is my first, only, and def. favorite! I was sad to miss out on the Milani Bronzer sale at Walgreens this week. Oh well!

Besides that, blushes are also very different (and one reason I wanted to do this post so I can show you this pic):

* Shimmery blushes!

Okay, so this isn't extremely shimmery but more satiny. For some reason I really like the glow the finish gives my face. Again, this is stuff peole pull out during summer time but I guess I am just backwards. I think since the sun isn't there anymore I need extra glowiness... and that's why these have been used more often than in the summer time. Plus during the sun hits the product and my face look like some sorta disco ball! BTW, I use my Revlon cream blush to be the base since they all need that :)

But check out those Santa hats! Aren't they f'ing amazing :D

However, the blush I have on today is probably my most pigmented blush and the blush that will surely give you the "Oh, I just played in the snow and now I've come back in" look - pretty rosey cheeks!!!

*Covergirl Cheekers in Deep Rose

I wore this today and I was like "OH YES!! YES YES!! UH HUH!!" you know what I mean. I absolutely love the color it gave me... and the best part... pigmentation. I barely put any on. LOVE IT!

Finally, and this is kinda an important one:

* Pond's face cream

This baby has saved me from crazy dry skin! I absolutely love it :D


OOKAY!! Anyways, so I feel a little awkward about going to this particular CVS to look at make up.

Sometimes I go pick up my sister and her school is really close to a CVS so If I'm ever really early, I'll just stop by for 5 mins to look at the sales or at stuff... you know the usual. Well lately, there's like this security dude standing at the door. And at first he's just a nice little greeter but the other day I can totally tell that he is looking to make sure I wasn't shop lifting or anything. It's that kind of scrutiny that I really don't like! It's like - dude, leave me alone! I know I come by here a lot (twice a week sometimes) for just a few mins but that doesn't mean that I am shop lifting! I felt uncomfortable! So now I probably won't go there anymore... or I'll wait awhile to go back :)

This morning I went to Walgreens to check out their sales... all the PF are gone! That's okay though... I was there more for the bronzers but I picked up Java Bean from Milani (those shadows are on sale BTW!!) and the cashier couldn't scan for the longest time! It took him like 10 mins!

What is up with drugstore and make up. Is like there is a CURSE put on me - I can't buy my make up from dugstores smoothly anymore! Ha ha. At least I still have ULTA -oh please don't take that away from me too!

- Anyways, thanks for reading! I just took a bunch of pics so wait for more upcoming posts! Right now, I just want to be sleeping... OH WELL.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Layout - For the Season!

So, I totally made my layout full Christmasy!! W00t w00t! I'm taking a few minutes away from studying for my finals so I decided to write a few things: possible ideas for beauty gifts!

Wanna buy something pretty for your girl friends but don't want to spend too much, here are some ideas:

1) Jewelery: Forever21 has an amazing collection of jewelery for so cheap! $10 Cheap!

* image taken from, I would love to be given this pretty thing for Xmas (less than $10)

2) Make up: ELF has some really fancy kits for under $10 also:

* image taken from, full of everything she needs for a nice look, better than the other drugstore kits

3) Fragrance/Bath: Who wouldn't want to smell amazing good for the Holidays... or any time!

* image taken from

4) Nail Polish: So easy to get! Just buy a few of these China Glaze (especially w/ the discounts at Sally's Beauty stores or even Ulta)

* image taken from

5) Music: If you are completely stuck and don't know what else to get; an iTunes gift card!! Hello!! Or, may I suggest this new CD:

* image taken from, I can't stop listening to this band!

Thanks for reading,
Have a great week!

Friday, December 11, 2009

1-2-3 Peter-Paul-and Revlon

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with Peter or Paul but it does have something to do with Revlon.

Now, I did a similar post way back talking about my 3 favorites, my 3 unsure items, and then the items I hate dislike. This time, I'm gonna do it for Revlon products. Please excuse the picture - I think this was really late at night in my room :)

1) 3 Things I LOVE:

** I guess, it is not surprise:

- Lustrous lipglosses - the one in the pic is Pink Whisper (I have 2 and I like them both!)
- Colorstay eyeliner - blackberry is my absolute favorite (and I have 3)
- The eyeshadow contour brush - this is my recent favorite! I love how soft and well cut it is. LOVE IT!!

2) 3 Things I think are only OKAY:

** This categories mostly deals with things that I like but doesn't always work

- Illuminance creme shadow - the picture above is Coastal Blues - if you use too much, you're screwed. If you don't have a good base, you're screwed. If you are wearing dark shadows over it with no base, you're screwed - crease city! But if you do all of the above, then you should be fine... and that is why sometimes I don't like it. Now, I haven't really worn it out in public yet but just playing around when I'm taking "study breaks" but I remember trying out a smokey eye and even the stupid thing creased and faded 10 minutes after application - 10 MINUTES!!! However, make up artists have said they really like using this because it works on the lids as well as the cheeks - of course w/ the right colors :)

- Mineral mousse foundation - I like this foundation during the summer because it really covers pores and really mattifies your face well. Also, this comes w/ an amazing light quality - you won't feel it on your face AT ALL!!! HOWEVER, I cannot wear this in the winter time or even in the fall - no this has to be worn when my T-zone is oozing out oils or else my face will look so cakey and dry! A great product for oily-faced people but not for combination or dry! So, too bad but I'll have to use you next year, little one.

- Midnight Affair nail polish - an awesome blue/black color. I love dark colors that is really close to black but it isn't... you know what I mean? I really like it but I think because it is so dark that it is a hassel to put on and take off. So, this one is more of a personal preferrence. Every time I wear it, someone asks me why my nails are so dark...? Because I'm wearing dark polish! Anyways, nothing wrong w/ this color I just hate having to take it off... so messy.

3) 3 Things I absolutely DESPISE!

** This was HARD because I definitely got rid of all the things I despise so... I guess these are things I don't recommend you buying when you go to the store

- Colorstay Mineral Blush - Rose Petal; this is actually a really pretty color w/ a bit of a shimmer to it - so it isn't a matte blush. So you get somewhat of a glow when you wear it :) However, the colorstay part is not true and the pigmentation needs work. I had to build and build and build the color!! Overall, good blush but I won't buy this again nor will I buy any color from this line again. There are better and cheaper blushes out there!

- Revlon Lustrous lipstick - Mulled Whine - a really deep red and really isn't my favorite. I have two other red lipsticks (Lancome Mars and NYX Apollo) and those are 100x better. So save your money with this and get something else. I got this from a swap so I didn't buy this myself.

- Revlon 3D Mascara - No, this one I despise. I hate this mascara... the end. HATE IT!! UGH!


So, that ends that. But I will end the post w/ more happy note:

** Nope, I didn't make him pose like that. I found him like that :)

PS. I am sick - just the cold though but still... EH!!! Runny nose!

Hope you guys are doing well out there! Carry hand sanitizer w/ you at all times!
- Ndoodles!
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