Thursday, December 24, 2009

Frozen Winter Land

Okay, so it is CHRISTMAS EVE!! Woo hoo!!! So, this is my final look inspired by Christmas theme stuff. This time is a frozen winter land; hope you enjoy. Oh yeah, and some how I always manage to wear a red shirt... I have like 3 red random (lazy day) shirts. They are my go to when I'm lounging around the house or just don't really care to look especially nice ;-)


MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope you have an amazing night!

SO, here goes:

** Last pic is w/ no flash

I really like this look... really pretty and shimmery and blue! Kinda festive! Definitely not something I'd wear normally! Let me tell you, I packed on those shimmers!

Perhaps w/ this look, I can charm some good looking guy at the Xmas party I'm going too...

NOT A CHANCE! I'm pretty sure the oldest guy there is like 4 months old! HA HA!

But one can only hope :D You never know who will show up??

Ha ha!! K, Have a great night!!

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