Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Impressed!

So last year's Thanksgiving... guess where I was the night before??


Yeah, this year... didn't do anything :(

But I remember before the concert I said I had to have some dark nails to rock out! So I got the Revlon Midnight Affair and then I also bought this NYC Mod Mauve Frost...

So this year, as I sit at home... ha ha SAD... I decided to paint my nails this color:

AND I'M REALLY REALLY IMPRESSED!! Note that w/ this picture, I've had it on for more than a week - that's why there is a little bit of chipping at the top.

What is going on?? Usually my other drugstore polish would look really odd/nasty by now...

But not this. No, this is a beauty... an amazing gem at the drugstore. And how much is it???? 0.99 cents!!!

Yeah, it is crazy!!


Now, I gotta admit that it doesn't have amazing color selection but the staying power is extraordinary and how it goes on (I only need 1 coat! Yes, that is one coat you are looking at) is awesome!! Oh, and drying power - AMAZING!

*** warning - don't buy the Luxury Lime... it sucks!! Stick to color and consistency that you think would be good.

This is not my favorite color - it is too bright pink for me but I kept it on - for the memory of that beautiful day >> COLDPLAY day.

I guess there's not more tour for awhile but at least I will always have YOUTUBE.


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  1. I like that shade!

    Oh and I think you forgot some answers to my giveaway questions. Name & Country of location. :)

  2. there seems to be a lot of hidden gems with the nyc brand! i have heard great reviews about their mineral powder which i'm planning to pick up soon and now gotta get me some of their polishes!

  3. Love that color on you! :) Yay to Coldplay!


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