Friday, December 11, 2009

1-2-3 Peter-Paul-and Revlon

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with Peter or Paul but it does have something to do with Revlon.

Now, I did a similar post way back talking about my 3 favorites, my 3 unsure items, and then the items I hate dislike. This time, I'm gonna do it for Revlon products. Please excuse the picture - I think this was really late at night in my room :)

1) 3 Things I LOVE:

** I guess, it is not surprise:

- Lustrous lipglosses - the one in the pic is Pink Whisper (I have 2 and I like them both!)
- Colorstay eyeliner - blackberry is my absolute favorite (and I have 3)
- The eyeshadow contour brush - this is my recent favorite! I love how soft and well cut it is. LOVE IT!!

2) 3 Things I think are only OKAY:

** This categories mostly deals with things that I like but doesn't always work

- Illuminance creme shadow - the picture above is Coastal Blues - if you use too much, you're screwed. If you don't have a good base, you're screwed. If you are wearing dark shadows over it with no base, you're screwed - crease city! But if you do all of the above, then you should be fine... and that is why sometimes I don't like it. Now, I haven't really worn it out in public yet but just playing around when I'm taking "study breaks" but I remember trying out a smokey eye and even the stupid thing creased and faded 10 minutes after application - 10 MINUTES!!! However, make up artists have said they really like using this because it works on the lids as well as the cheeks - of course w/ the right colors :)

- Mineral mousse foundation - I like this foundation during the summer because it really covers pores and really mattifies your face well. Also, this comes w/ an amazing light quality - you won't feel it on your face AT ALL!!! HOWEVER, I cannot wear this in the winter time or even in the fall - no this has to be worn when my T-zone is oozing out oils or else my face will look so cakey and dry! A great product for oily-faced people but not for combination or dry! So, too bad but I'll have to use you next year, little one.

- Midnight Affair nail polish - an awesome blue/black color. I love dark colors that is really close to black but it isn't... you know what I mean? I really like it but I think because it is so dark that it is a hassel to put on and take off. So, this one is more of a personal preferrence. Every time I wear it, someone asks me why my nails are so dark...? Because I'm wearing dark polish! Anyways, nothing wrong w/ this color I just hate having to take it off... so messy.

3) 3 Things I absolutely DESPISE!

** This was HARD because I definitely got rid of all the things I despise so... I guess these are things I don't recommend you buying when you go to the store

- Colorstay Mineral Blush - Rose Petal; this is actually a really pretty color w/ a bit of a shimmer to it - so it isn't a matte blush. So you get somewhat of a glow when you wear it :) However, the colorstay part is not true and the pigmentation needs work. I had to build and build and build the color!! Overall, good blush but I won't buy this again nor will I buy any color from this line again. There are better and cheaper blushes out there!

- Revlon Lustrous lipstick - Mulled Whine - a really deep red and really isn't my favorite. I have two other red lipsticks (Lancome Mars and NYX Apollo) and those are 100x better. So save your money with this and get something else. I got this from a swap so I didn't buy this myself.

- Revlon 3D Mascara - No, this one I despise. I hate this mascara... the end. HATE IT!! UGH!


So, that ends that. But I will end the post w/ more happy note:

** Nope, I didn't make him pose like that. I found him like that :)

PS. I am sick - just the cold though but still... EH!!! Runny nose!

Hope you guys are doing well out there! Carry hand sanitizer w/ you at all times!
- Ndoodles!


  1. Thanks for the mini reviews ^^ I will def. have to check out the eyeliner & foundation! Hehe so cute doggy too!

  2. great review on revlon stuff!! i really love their lipgloss too!

  3. okay now i'm very tempted to get the revlon lipgloss. i've seen enough raves!

    your dog is too cute :)

  4. I'm soo with you on the Illuminance--they are crease monsters! I have issues with cream eyeshadows anyways, but I thought I'd try them because they come in soo many pretty colors (have you seen the new one called Electric Pop? Gorgeous!!), but they just don't work for me even with my lids primed. :(

    I have Midnight Affair too, but haven't worn it yet since I'm saving it for me toesies.


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