Sunday, December 27, 2009


I just want to make a QUICK post before going back to watching TV w/ the family :) So, my hair is getting LONG and I thought it would be fun to try curling it again.

HONESTLY I hate hate hate curling my hair because I am so clumsy at it! Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks awful! UGH! And, it never lasts past 2 hours... but I am on Winter Break and I have a lot of time to waste! Ha ha.

So, here is the result:

No make up on... I get really lazy during the Holidays.

The curler is from Conair - I got it at Walgreens b/c it was on sale! And I use the Aussie hair spray. Not bad I would say.

But NO HAIR SPRAY has ever been able to keep my hair curly for more than 2 hours! NONE that I've tried.

OH, I def. checked out the Bath and Body Works Semi-annual sale today. So awesome! I'm planning to come back and get more things :D

Everyone should definitely check out the sales.


  1. love your curls, looks very soft and natural! i haven't been wearing make up much either haha, lazy during the holidays as well

  2. I honestly think that curly hair suits you well!
    I get sooo lazy to do proper makeup during the holidays! lol

  3. lovely curls! and i love aussi products!

  4. Wow, so pretty! You did a fabulous job, sweetie! What size is that curling iron?

  5. your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

  6. LOVELY CURLS! You should do this more often girly.


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