Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ecotools - A GIVEAWAY! ends DEC 9! **CLOSED**

Okay, before I say anything about this giveaway, I wanted to do a review first... of my own Ecotools:

As you know, Ecotools is a company that makes eco-friendly beauty tools. What I bought was the 5-piece set from Target that cost me $11! It came with a Blush Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash & Brow Groomer, and (one of my favorites) Concealer Brush.

The sturdy handle is made of bamboo, which on the website states that it is a highly sustainable plant. The bristles are synthetic and the ferrule is made from recycled aluminum. Everything is from natural and recycled materials - which IS AWESOME!

So what about the quality???

SOFT!!! Amazingly soft - especially the blush brush. It is like the Everyday's Mineral brushes or like a kitty's tail or something. Sooo good! Because of this that I don't mind using it to place the color and blend.

The concealer brush makes it so that I just dab the concealer on a blemish and the edges are already blended - although it is a bit small for under eyes though so you might need a foundation brush. But again, it is soft, it works GREAT with liquid/cream concealers. I love it.

The liner brush I use often to line my bottom lash line w/ a shadow. Sometimes, I even use it for brows. I mean, a liner brush is a must-have and why not buy one that works well and is cheap!

I use the eyeshadow brush to blend out my cream shadows and even place powder underneath my eyes to set my concealer. DID I MENTION HOW SOFT THESE BRUSHES ARE? Yeah, they are amazing.

And of course, the brow and lash brush - another must have and this is part of the pack - why not.

Another great thing I love - how sturdy and well made these brushes are. I feel like they're never gonna break on me!

** Of course, I would like to mention that the blush brush doesn't pick up as much color as I would like... but if you have a heavy hand w/ your blush - this works great. Also, it allows color to be buildable. Nothing major.


So I was shopping and I thought - why not buy an ECOTOOLS set for this giveaway I've been planning for ages! So I went to the section and this set really caught my eyes - it was the only one that they had there too!

This is the new Alicia Silverstone brush collection. It comes with a blush brush, eyeshadow brush, lash & brow brush.... and MOST EXCITING...


Yeah, cool eh?? Oh and they also have a cute little floral brush holder too :)

What you have to do to join is:


Tell me: What is your favorite Holiday/Christmas family tradition?

I will do that whole random thing again!

1) Follow this blog
2) Put your email address w/ the comment
3) Answer my email in 3 days or I choose another winner
4) Comment once!
5) US RESIDENTS only! I'm really really sorry about that!

It isn't hard - just write a quick response!

This isn't a requirement but I would really appreciate it if you guys advertise this giveaway on your blogs too! If I don't get more than 5 people joining this contest - I might as well just keep it for myself! I know... I know... horrible!

Well, thanks for reading my post! I hope I've enticed you... ha ha! Please join!


My favorite tradition is decorating the tree! My sister and I are usually in charge of it. It was more special when my mom would come home late at night from work and the tree would already be up. Also, we love to bake sweets during the Holiday season. We are not Christians but we still enjoy the spirit of the Holiday and we do try to be part of it as much as possible!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you guys thankful for?

- Of course: my friends and family, my dog :), all the privileges that I've had (so many people are suffering right now)

- I'm glad I am in school, following a great path; and I'm glad I have make up to keep me entertain when I'm feeling down, and I'm glad I have you guys on blogger to keep me entertain when I'm feeling down :)

So, yesterday I had one class and that was it! SOOO... I decided to do my make up like crazy!:

Here are the results:

** I love the lighting in this pic!

Products I used:

** Isn't this blush pretty - Jane's Blushing Plum :)

** got any questions about the names or whatnots! Just ask :D


Okay so for Thanksgiving - my sister and I volunteered to cook everything! Well, not the meat but the from the mashed potatoes to the desert:

We made some Peach Cobbler last night - so easy... and so good!

We also made decorations - these are little tissue paper pom poms that are gonna hang over our table!

They look so pretty.

Anyways, I hope you guys are having a good day. Sorry this is a long post!!!

Don't forget - I'm pretty positive I'm gonna have a GIVEAWAY SOON!!! SO DON'T FORGET TO CHECK IT OUT :D!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

FOTD: Rustic Midnight

Ha ha YES!! I'm gonna start naming my looks. I was talking to this person the other day and I was like - "If I don't get into Pharmacy school then I will just get a job where I can name all the make up products!" I think it would be so much fun... so, I'm just gonna practice that here.

So, here it is:

I'm surprised my camera captured the colors so well. Usually, it just washes everything out.

Products I used:

- NYX eye pencil in French Fries as base
- NYX eye shadow in Iced Mocha on lid
- ELF quad in Drama (black) on outer corner/crease
- NYX eye shadow in Taupe as a blend out color
- Maybelline trio - 2nd color - on the edge
- ELF quad in Drama (white) for highlight brow bone and inner corner

So that's what I came up w/. One thing I completely forgot to use is EYE LINER! I can't believe I forgot it... but whatever. I already took all the colors so nothing I can do about it now.

Anyways, I'm off to write my application letters. Enjoy your Sundays!

Friday, November 20, 2009

8 Most Worn Things - yes, ANOTHER one!

I know I know - so many people are doing this tag... but I love it :) It is different than the others and I just couldn't resist!


1) Most worn lipstick/lipgloss - I did both:

* Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Rosy Glow; Revlon Lustrous lipgloss in Life's a Peach

2) Most worn shirt:

* I got this at ROSS - it just looks so great! The color is navy blue which goes w/ basically anything and it is different b/c it is not just black.

3) Most worn hair products:

* I don't use a lot of hair product - if you guys read my previous post, I sleep on my hair and that's how I get it to come out the way I want (sometimes). Weird, I know. But I do use shampoo and conditioner all the time and right now I'm using this one. I actually got a compliment on how shiny my hair was. AND I do feel like it is softer and silkier :) Good job Treseme! Before I was using Nexxus which I really like also. Next I will try the Aveno one since my mom already bought it.

4) Most worn handbag/bag:

* Right now, my backpack is most worn! But during the summer, that bag is the most worn. Really great size to put things I that need throughout the day. It isn't flashy or fancy but it is still cute. I seem to have a thing for pink bags... I got it at TJ Maxx - for $10!!!

5) Most worn earrings:

* I got these at Target a year ago and I think I reach for these the most. They are really pretty - I don't know, the pic makes them look weird but they're awesome in real life

6) Most worn perfume:

* I don't wear perfume but I do put on some body spray. This one is my fav! Definitely most worn.

7) Most worn nail polish:

* Click for review here - not the best staying power or quality but I love this color!!

(I made up one b/c my most worn shoes are disgusting, dirty and should not be seen by other people - just basically tennis shoes)
8) Most worn out:

* It got the point where I was using my bobby pin to get the product out!
* My backpack would fit under this too. I take it everywhere - even Viet Nam!


So I tag everyone to do this! Very easy tag and what nots!

I shall end my post with:

What I would do to be a dog!


Until next time!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

If U Seek French Manicure

and you see this online... or now at Target (YUP! I saw it at my Target :D)

And you think you should buy it... and you're like "It's $3... it's not gonna hurt"

I would say:

DON'T BUY IT!! STEP AWAY FROM THAT BOX before you spend $3 only to find that this is a crappy set!

So I went shopping at Ross w/ my sister and I asked her... should I buy this and she said "Yeah, why not, it's only $3". Yeah, I'm never listening to this 13 year old again - actually, if I ask her should I buy this or that or whatever, she'll say "Yeah, why not?"... so basically, don't ask her for any more shopping advice ;p

Anyways, let me state my reasons:

+ The clear nail polish is pretty good - I like the consistency of it

+ The white and pink are STREAKY! I expected the white to be more pigmented especially since you're working w/ such a small space on your nails you don't want to go over it again and again to try to get rid of the streaky look

+ I feel like the brush makes it worse too

+ The pink color stayed on my nails for like... a day... LESS maybe - and it is sooo streaky! You might have to put 3-4 coats on and I don't have time for that

+ They have stickers for you to place on your nails but they don't work well... that might be my fault though

I don't know, I really am dissappointed - I just wanted to see if I can do give myself a good manicure :) And... I can't. That's okay though, b/c my nails are always short so manicures wouldn't look good.

So yeah, please don't waste your money on this. Instead, when you're on the website, you should try:

ELF shadow quads

ELF shadow brushes - I'm talking about the blending brush and the defining brushes too :)

Those kick more butts! Actually - these kick butts - the French Manicure one does not!

** NOTE: I am still using the clear one and I really like it as a top coat - it doesn't really help w/ staying power but it gives it a nice shiny glossy finish

** CAN'T WAIT til I make my 2nd order from ELF - I'm gonna do that once all my school stuff is done!! HE HE!

A THOUGHT: I've been in such a great mood lately and w/ the Holiday Season coming up... I'm just feeling really happy and excited (mostly b/c school will be OVER! :D and also b/c of the presents and awesome dinners).

I'm thinking of hosting a GIVE AWAY!!! I'm just telling you now so that it won't be a surprise and that no one will know about it... ha ha... that's a sad thought. Anyways, I hope you guys will participate. It won't be a huge present - I'm cheap - there I admitted it - but it'll just be one of those "thoughts that count" thing.

It's been fun blogging and getting to know people :) I just want to make someone's Xmas a little brighter and their make up collection a tiny bit bigger.

Til next time.

**** UM.... no idea how I got here but: - if U seek random stuff when you are bored.

Friday, November 13, 2009

a tag for the masses:

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs ever, Nouveau Cheap, and she did this "Beauty Tag" and I thought it would be fun to do! So... here goes.

What's your favorite make up look?
Light wash of a taupy shade on the lid - liner (just pencil) and curly, defined, volumized, lengthened lashes. Brows are filled in (doesn't have to be amazing just has to be visible to the eye :D). A bit of bronzer and then nice light pinky/peachy matte blush. Oh and on the lips - nice pinky nudy color!

Do you have a beauty vice you swear by?
Well... I've heard from so many people - especially my mom - to NEVER POP YOUR PIMPLE! Well, for me - it doesn't start to heal itself unless I pop it! Well, I guess if I was more patient then I can wait a week and maybe the pimple will be gone but I honestly feel like it heals better when I quicken the process. I know - some of you are probably thinking about the acne scars... I don't have those really... so nothing bad yet!

What part of your body do you love?
I like my eyes the most. I don't know why - I just do :D

Who is your beauty icon?
I have many... but I can't think of any right now... ha ha... so here are two that I can think of: Jen Anniston - I love that she always look so natural and that she's not trying so hard. It is really her inner beauty that shines through and not the make up:

And Lady GaGa - I love how she can utilize make up to create whatever kinda look she wants. Sometimes she looks like an angel and then sometimes she looks really creepy... like a robot or something :D

What are your favorite products?
Right now... favorite product would be my Maybelline Full & Soft and my CG Professional Volumizing mascaras! Both are amazing. AND - ELF eye brushes! No joke - so CHEAP!

What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?
Of course, smelling great is definitely a great instant make over. Bath and Body Works has gotten amazing stuff!

This scent is amazing! As well as the Japanese Cherry Blossom one (in red packaging). I don't use perfume - only body spray. Perfume is too strong for me. And also, mascara and curly lashes - opens up my eyes :)

How do you look after your skin?
SPF 15 moisturizer. I wash my face every night now w/ Neutrogena Acne Stress Control (helps my popped pimple to heal w/ no scars) **If you guys are using cleanser with acne medicine - salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, make sure you at least give the medicine time to work like a minute or two. Don't just put it on your face and wash it off immediately! It is an important thing that I've realized - my skin has been acting up so bad for the past 2 weeks!** Occasional mask for black heads and dry the pores a bit. Sometimes toner, sometimes Clean and Clear cleanser - but I don't really like it that much.

What is your signature scent?
I don't really have a signature scent. To my sister - it would be my stinky socks :D ha ha oh man! I love torturing her. Yes, I'm not perfect. But I do use my B&BW body spray Pink Grapefruit a lot! So, if that could be my scent then... there ya go.

What are your hair care secrets?
Taking shower at night and then sort of sleep on it. It gives me nice and natural curls. I don't even need to comb my hair and it isn't frizzy so this method works well. I wouldn't recommend this to many people who have different hair type than me though.

How do you pamper yourself?
Painting my nails! When I have time and when it is necessary - I would sit down with my nail polish remover, cotton, and nail polish... AND GO TO TOWN!

What is your beauty pet peeve?
Cakey foundation. Foundation that doesn't match. When you are too tan especially bad tan - orange tan **example: I saw this girl who's face was looking really orange that I had to do a quick 2nd look to see if her neck was the same or she just overdosed on bronzer. Her neck was the same color - still not good ** Bad hair dye. Lastly, dramatic eye for school for everyday - it just isn't necessary!

What would your desert island must haves be?
Food, water... you know the good stuff. Then, I'm thinking - sunscreen, lipbalm, blush (gotta have my blush!) and that's all I need!

What's on your to-buy list as of right now?
Um, Costco brush set! I'm also thinking HiP duos!

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?

Who are you tagging?
Everyone - this is really fun to read and write! Please do it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Important Brushes

These are the brushes that are extremely helpful when I'm doing my make up:

Of course, I cannot do much without the ELF eyeshadow and blending brush. Those two are nice, soft, they do the work and they are both $1 each! I really recommend this for anyone who is starting out. Why go and fork out $20 for a brush if you don't really know what you're doing anyways?

Then the Ecotool brushes - one of the best purchases ever! I use the blush brush (which is not in this pic) everyday and I use the liner a lot! I randomly have the concealer brush in there (not for eyes) but for under the eyes ;p I really recommend beginners to look into these brushes again. MAN are they soft! And healthy for the environment (b/c of the material) and cheap! $11 for 5 things you find important for everyday use.

Finally the Essence of Beauty crease brushes - it comes in two and I do find myself using both but the bigger one is better to use for crease work (so is the little one... - depends on the situation I guess!) but this is a great brush! For details for getting the colors in there! Totally worth the $5-6 dollars that it costs!

So many cheap brushes around. I've been eye-ing the more expensive ones but I just haven't found a reason to buy any new brushes yet because I don't feel like I need to. These will do just fine... for now :) They haven't broken on me... well my ELF ones had but easy fixes! I don't know... give 'em a try!

This is what I came up w/ after looking at a few vids and inspired...

I actually did a cool make up look for Halloween - a total purple/black smokey eye! But I didn't take any pics! SAD! Oh well.

My skin has been acting extra horrible lately. So much break outs! I think they have all calmed down though... hopefully!

Thanks for reading, see ya all later.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go ELF - it's yo birthday!

So I went on ELF the other day just for fun (xP) and I fan across some new stuff that they have that I'm REALLY REALLY excited about!! - Thus this post...

Okay, so let's dive in shall we - I'll save the best for last:

** All pics are from the ELF's website!!

- Brush cleanser!! Been wanting one but eh - what I make myself is fine - but for $3... WHY NOT??!!

- also a Daily brush cleanser... Is there a difference?? WHO KNOWS...

But being in a Microbiology class this semester, I know that antibacterial stuff are extremely important!! Microbes are everywhere and they can cause NASTY NASTY acne!! That's why I'm pretty excited about these - b/c they have the antibacterial side to them. I guess alcohol works too...

- HD Powder... now I don't know how much I need one... I don't think I really need one but just the idea that ELF has one... and a cheap one.... YEAH!!!! Note: it is $6 instead of $3

- Okay, I just saw this and I was like - MUST HAVE MUST HAVE MUST HAVE!! Ha ha -- yeah, I hope this works - I mean, I hear the mineral and the studio ones are not bad so I'm excited! YES! For $1 HECK YES!!!!!

Finally... my most excited object... yes... here it comes:

- A FACE PRIMER!!! Wah wah wah??? Yes yes yes!! It's $6 but I'll totally buy it. I mean, I hear about the Smashbox one all the time but I'm not gonna spend $38 for that... NO THANKS! But for $6... YES I WILL!

So I usually make my ELF orders at the end of the year... last year I made my first order and I've been wanting to make another for a while now. I can't wait for these to hit Target... I want them now! Ha ha. Or... I mean in Dec. You know what I mean!

Okay, I'm on a little caffeine high right now...

I took a Midol this afternoon and it has caffeine in it...

I don't think that hit me until now... but I'm really restless and going crazy.... ha ha I can barely type... yeah it's bad.

Okay, getting off now! Hopefully I'll upload some pics so I can have a real blog POST - I meant post!!!

Ha ha... OH MY!

- BYE GUYS! Thanks for reading.
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