Friday, November 20, 2009

8 Most Worn Things - yes, ANOTHER one!

I know I know - so many people are doing this tag... but I love it :) It is different than the others and I just couldn't resist!


1) Most worn lipstick/lipgloss - I did both:

* Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Rosy Glow; Revlon Lustrous lipgloss in Life's a Peach

2) Most worn shirt:

* I got this at ROSS - it just looks so great! The color is navy blue which goes w/ basically anything and it is different b/c it is not just black.

3) Most worn hair products:

* I don't use a lot of hair product - if you guys read my previous post, I sleep on my hair and that's how I get it to come out the way I want (sometimes). Weird, I know. But I do use shampoo and conditioner all the time and right now I'm using this one. I actually got a compliment on how shiny my hair was. AND I do feel like it is softer and silkier :) Good job Treseme! Before I was using Nexxus which I really like also. Next I will try the Aveno one since my mom already bought it.

4) Most worn handbag/bag:

* Right now, my backpack is most worn! But during the summer, that bag is the most worn. Really great size to put things I that need throughout the day. It isn't flashy or fancy but it is still cute. I seem to have a thing for pink bags... I got it at TJ Maxx - for $10!!!

5) Most worn earrings:

* I got these at Target a year ago and I think I reach for these the most. They are really pretty - I don't know, the pic makes them look weird but they're awesome in real life

6) Most worn perfume:

* I don't wear perfume but I do put on some body spray. This one is my fav! Definitely most worn.

7) Most worn nail polish:

* Click for review here - not the best staying power or quality but I love this color!!

(I made up one b/c my most worn shoes are disgusting, dirty and should not be seen by other people - just basically tennis shoes)
8) Most worn out:

* It got the point where I was using my bobby pin to get the product out!
* My backpack would fit under this too. I take it everywhere - even Viet Nam!


So I tag everyone to do this! Very easy tag and what nots!

I shall end my post with:

What I would do to be a dog!


Until next time!


  1. i agree, this tag is really fun to do! and it's always interesting to see what other people's are

    i love the color of the rimmel polish!

  2. Oh mi gosh your dog is so hilarious!... lol~ It seems like he can sleep anywhere. I think Tobey is a little bit pickier... lol~

    What kind of finds do you find at TJ Maxx? I can't seem to find any good beauty finds there. I guess mine suckage... hehe~

  3. hehe your dog is cute.
    and I love your earrings!

  4. hahaha I would do that the whole day too, if I were a dog :P



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