Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Important Brushes

These are the brushes that are extremely helpful when I'm doing my make up:

Of course, I cannot do much without the ELF eyeshadow and blending brush. Those two are nice, soft, they do the work and they are both $1 each! I really recommend this for anyone who is starting out. Why go and fork out $20 for a brush if you don't really know what you're doing anyways?

Then the Ecotool brushes - one of the best purchases ever! I use the blush brush (which is not in this pic) everyday and I use the liner a lot! I randomly have the concealer brush in there (not for eyes) but for under the eyes ;p I really recommend beginners to look into these brushes again. MAN are they soft! And healthy for the environment (b/c of the material) and cheap! $11 for 5 things you find important for everyday use.

Finally the Essence of Beauty crease brushes - it comes in two and I do find myself using both but the bigger one is better to use for crease work (so is the little one... - depends on the situation I guess!) but this is a great brush! For details for getting the colors in there! Totally worth the $5-6 dollars that it costs!

So many cheap brushes around. I've been eye-ing the more expensive ones but I just haven't found a reason to buy any new brushes yet because I don't feel like I need to. These will do just fine... for now :) They haven't broken on me... well my ELF ones had but easy fixes! I don't know... give 'em a try!

This is what I came up w/ after looking at a few vids and inspired...

I actually did a cool make up look for Halloween - a total purple/black smokey eye! But I didn't take any pics! SAD! Oh well.

My skin has been acting extra horrible lately. So much break outs! I think they have all calmed down though... hopefully!

Thanks for reading, see ya all later.

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