Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go ELF - it's yo birthday!

So I went on ELF the other day just for fun (xP) and I fan across some new stuff that they have that I'm REALLY REALLY excited about!! - Thus this post...

Okay, so let's dive in shall we - I'll save the best for last:

** All pics are from the ELF's website!!

- Brush cleanser!! Been wanting one but eh - what I make myself is fine - but for $3... WHY NOT??!!

- also a Daily brush cleanser... Is there a difference?? WHO KNOWS...

But being in a Microbiology class this semester, I know that antibacterial stuff are extremely important!! Microbes are everywhere and they can cause NASTY NASTY acne!! That's why I'm pretty excited about these - b/c they have the antibacterial side to them. I guess alcohol works too...

- HD Powder... now I don't know how much I need one... I don't think I really need one but just the idea that ELF has one... and a cheap one.... YEAH!!!! Note: it is $6 instead of $3

- Okay, I just saw this and I was like - MUST HAVE MUST HAVE MUST HAVE!! Ha ha -- yeah, I hope this works - I mean, I hear the mineral and the studio ones are not bad so I'm excited! YES! For $1 HECK YES!!!!!

Finally... my most excited object... yes... here it comes:

- A FACE PRIMER!!! Wah wah wah??? Yes yes yes!! It's $6 but I'll totally buy it. I mean, I hear about the Smashbox one all the time but I'm not gonna spend $38 for that... NO THANKS! But for $6... YES I WILL!

So I usually make my ELF orders at the end of the year... last year I made my first order and I've been wanting to make another for a while now. I can't wait for these to hit Target... I want them now! Ha ha. Or... I mean in Dec. You know what I mean!

Okay, I'm on a little caffeine high right now...

I took a Midol this afternoon and it has caffeine in it...

I don't think that hit me until now... but I'm really restless and going crazy.... ha ha I can barely type... yeah it's bad.

Okay, getting off now! Hopefully I'll upload some pics so I can have a real blog POST - I meant post!!!

Ha ha... OH MY!

- BYE GUYS! Thanks for reading.


  1. i'm really loving elf's new stuff too, i really want to try the face primer and hd powder!

  2. Wow, seriously, I want them all too! Especially the brush cleanser and the makeup primer. =)

  3. I checked it out as well and I want to do a haul!!! hahah

  4. wow i didn't know elf has brush cleaners
    im going to give them a try
    $3 is definitely a lot cheaper than mac's

  5. I really want to try their Studio line products. I heard they are good. I don't know how good this code is but it doesn't hurt to tell you... hehe~ It's 60% of Studio products from ELF. The code is EBNSTU60.

    To answer your question about the matte nail polishes. I'm not too keen on them because they don't last long... lol~ They start chipping in two days *sigh*. :X


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