Sunday, November 15, 2009

If U Seek French Manicure

and you see this online... or now at Target (YUP! I saw it at my Target :D)

And you think you should buy it... and you're like "It's $3... it's not gonna hurt"

I would say:

DON'T BUY IT!! STEP AWAY FROM THAT BOX before you spend $3 only to find that this is a crappy set!

So I went shopping at Ross w/ my sister and I asked her... should I buy this and she said "Yeah, why not, it's only $3". Yeah, I'm never listening to this 13 year old again - actually, if I ask her should I buy this or that or whatever, she'll say "Yeah, why not?"... so basically, don't ask her for any more shopping advice ;p

Anyways, let me state my reasons:

+ The clear nail polish is pretty good - I like the consistency of it

+ The white and pink are STREAKY! I expected the white to be more pigmented especially since you're working w/ such a small space on your nails you don't want to go over it again and again to try to get rid of the streaky look

+ I feel like the brush makes it worse too

+ The pink color stayed on my nails for like... a day... LESS maybe - and it is sooo streaky! You might have to put 3-4 coats on and I don't have time for that

+ They have stickers for you to place on your nails but they don't work well... that might be my fault though

I don't know, I really am dissappointed - I just wanted to see if I can do give myself a good manicure :) And... I can't. That's okay though, b/c my nails are always short so manicures wouldn't look good.

So yeah, please don't waste your money on this. Instead, when you're on the website, you should try:

ELF shadow quads

ELF shadow brushes - I'm talking about the blending brush and the defining brushes too :)

Those kick more butts! Actually - these kick butts - the French Manicure one does not!

** NOTE: I am still using the clear one and I really like it as a top coat - it doesn't really help w/ staying power but it gives it a nice shiny glossy finish

** CAN'T WAIT til I make my 2nd order from ELF - I'm gonna do that once all my school stuff is done!! HE HE!

A THOUGHT: I've been in such a great mood lately and w/ the Holiday Season coming up... I'm just feeling really happy and excited (mostly b/c school will be OVER! :D and also b/c of the presents and awesome dinners).

I'm thinking of hosting a GIVE AWAY!!! I'm just telling you now so that it won't be a surprise and that no one will know about it... ha ha... that's a sad thought. Anyways, I hope you guys will participate. It won't be a huge present - I'm cheap - there I admitted it - but it'll just be one of those "thoughts that count" thing.

It's been fun blogging and getting to know people :) I just want to make someone's Xmas a little brighter and their make up collection a tiny bit bigger.

Til next time.

**** UM.... no idea how I got here but: - if U seek random stuff when you are bored.


  1. from my experience, its better to go with darker nail polish color for elf. ive bought a light nude shade before and it wasnt great at all. when i saw that set at target for $3, i was like, nah uh i aint buying that! sometimes cheap things just dont work you know?

    ive been feeling happy too! bc christmas is coming! :D


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