Friday, September 25, 2009

Stuck at the library... on a Friday night

**EDIT: I wrote this on Friday but only got around to finishing the post this morning. Busy weekend!

Not kidding. It's a long story. Pretty much I don't have the keys to my car, which is on campus, so I'm waiting for my dad to come and give me my keys. Yeah!

I just wanted to talk about some of my favorite things currently and they all have to do w/ fragrance and Bath and Body Works.


These are the body sprays I use everyday - just switching it up.

** I decorated the bottles because they seem so dull. I got them all during the semi annual sale. There's another one in December! EXCITED!

+ Pink Grapefruit is like a nice fruity scent but it's not just that... but I love the smell of Grapefruits. I use this on days I just want to smell nice but not... girly.

+ Cherry Blossom is so pretty. It's a very girly-romantic kinda scent. Very... seductive but not to the extreme. Perfect for girls in college or young girls. I don't like it when girls wear perfume that smells like they're for older women.

+ Sea Island Cotton is that nice fresh scent that makes you smell nice and clean. It's not overwhelming. I love wearing this on my "bad" days where my hair is not right and I have no make up on. Although it doesn't smell like detergent. It is very much a body spray.

Finally, I won another contest a while back and I got a free mini PS. I Love You lotion. Their flirtiest scent apparently :D

It smells very feminine and very pretty - flirty! Woo Hoo! Still a bit too much for me. I like lighter scents. I still love it though.

So to restate: I really like Bath and Body Works! It is LOVE :D

So what is your favorite scent and BBW?? Or do you guys prefer The Body Shop?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks Kalmo - an overdue post

I've recieved this package a few weeks ago but I never got a chance to talk about it or anything.

So, the awesome Kalmo from Cambo Soup picked me as one of the winners for her contest!! And I was so HAPPY!! My first contest win ever! Yay! And Kalmo was so amazing about sending out her prizes!! She got everything to me in less than a week!

The day I got all her stuff I was feeling a bit down, stressed, and tired. Her gifts completely made my day.

So here's what I won :D

I wore the Orly one a few days back and I still have Zoya one on my toes. This color is lasting a really long time!

Then also:

The beauty blender! yes, I have not seen/heard about it much but I do love this! It places my foundation or another make up on so smoothly - almost air-brush like! It is fantastic. For me, it is a lot quicker than using a brush - especially a stipling brush. I'm really glad that Kalmo got this for me (b/c I would never get this for myself! It's a bit over my budget) and it is so cute! My PINK LITTLE EGG xD

~ **** ~

Quick note: Rai's having a contest! Check it out! It's an easy one!

Answering some questions:
Rai asked me to swatch the tapestry taupe (I kept thinking it was taupe tapestry!) but I couldn't just because the lighting really washes out the color. It's a unique color and it is hard to swatch it.

From way back! Kalmo asked what my favorite Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss was: I only have two and I love them both: Life's a Peach and Pink Whisper.

Anything else... can't remember.

~ **** ~

So last night, I saw that xteeener from youtube put up a video and I watched it. It was her purple smokey eye look and I decided to try it out. My coloring is so different than hers. I personally like her colors better but this was the best that I got. I used a bunch of different products but it looks like she did too.

Funky picture time:

** Did this during a study break. I had 4 tests/quizes this week! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE WEEK.
** Look at that vein popping out of my forehead. Yeah, it was bad.

All the shadows I used:

Sorry this was a long post. I try to say as much as possible because I can't post every day or as frequently as I liked. Friday afternoons are usually my time to write b/c I'm done for the week and I'm being paid to sit at a desk and do nothing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"They won't understand..."

"Last night... She said..."

Sorry - it's just a song I'm listening to right now :D The lyrics are sorta slurred together so I can't really hear what he's saying.

I just want to show you guys what I recently got (I KNOW THAT I PROMISED NOT TO BUY ANYTHING BUT ULTA KEPT SENDING ME COUPONS!!) so I just decided to stock up on Covergirl stuff since I've heard so much about some of their products.

* Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara in Black
* Wetslicks Amazemint in Slaphappy
* CoverGirl Eyeshadow single in Taupe Tapestry

And... I love them all!!!

1) The mascara is really great w/ volume! Rarely clumps. Lasts long and doesn't flake for 8hrs. The best part - it was $4.94 at Ulta. Yeah... that's CHEAP! And it works great. Not the best for length but it does give me some of that too. I'm satisfied w/ it. Love the brush - not chubby like Lash Blast.

2) The Wetslicks was in my Glamour Magazine's top 10 or something like that. It was the drugstore equivalent to MAC's lipglasses so... I was like yeah I'll try it. I love the minty smell and taste! LOVE THAT! I also love that this is pigmented. I would not have guessed that. It feels great on the lips. Not sticky and not over shimmery either. It is just great.

3) Shadow in Taupe Tapestry... I've heard of this from so many people and so I decided to try it finally. I almost bought the trio Shimmering Sands but I just couldn't stand to buy three more shadows that are all shimmery so I just got one. This is so awesome though. It is a cool taupe and it's on the silvery side instead of the brown side so that's really new for me. I really like using it. The only thing is that it's not very soft therefore the quality isn't as great as some other shadows. But I love the color and it's worked great for me so far. I have very little complaints.

Anyways, that's my guilty guilty haul. But I promise that's all I'm getting this month - no I lied. I have a Revlon coupon that's expiring and it's $2 off! I feel like I will get something. But besides that I'm resisting the urges to buy make up! Wish me luck w/ that... and wish me luck w/ hitting pan on things! I'm trying but sometimes I don't feel like using so much make up... ya know.

Have a great Sunday and see y'all later!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

School Diary

Okay so I decided to just keep track of the make up I use for everyday. I just wanted to try to use different things each day, and this is what I came up w/:

Thursday last week;

Note: Chai Latte is used for the brows and I use that everyday. Also, I always just do one color for the lid. That day, I chose ELF Butternut quad and used the copper color.
Then I busted out that Revlon Mineral blush just because it's one of my first blushes and I don't use it that often. Can't say that it stayed for 12 hrs (or is it 16) like it claims.


Friday last week; A good day :D
Note: Can't remember what I used... but I'm pretty sure I used my L'oreal Color Juice Stick in Chai Love You on my lips. BTW - love that shirt I have on!


Skip to Tuesday b/c I didn't have school on Monday.

Note: The only day I used foundation... I don't know why. I just had time I guess. I came to school on time but it took me 15 minutes to find a parking space so I was 10 mins late to class... LIFE! Anyways, my friend got me the shirt w/ Hello Kitty on it. It's pretty cute :D I really like using that Maybelline Trio. Those purples are so natural, it's great. Also used a blush that I rarely use. I was surprise to see it lasted all day... I think.


Wednesday. Bad day :( But I'm getting over it :D
Note: HOLY MOTHER - my hair was a mess.

Note: This was 7 AM - yeah I didn't feel like putting on too much make up. So didn't even touch foundation or concealer. Didn't even care to go to shadows. Just blush, liner, mascara and out the door. Oh and the Lancome lipstick - one of the oldest! I haven't used that in awhile either.


Thursday. Yesterday.

Note: I was TIRED! So I just did really simple stuff - blush, lid color, liner, and mascara! Oh and I used my Revlon Lipglaze (which I don't use often b/c it's a bit too frosty) but it really lasts! I like that.


So that's my diary. This week was insane for me and I had some pretty terrible days. But I have friends to pick me up and I have the rest of the semester to look forward to. I shouldn't let little things get to me - my life can be MUCH WORSE! I was sitting at a bus stop waiting for my mom to pick me up b/c her car broke down and she had to use mine. This pregnant lady was sitting next to me and we started talking. She said that she couldn't keep her child b/c she had no money and she was taking the bus back to her motel. It made me really sad but I didn't really know what to say to that. It just got me thinking that at least I'm on the right path in my life.


Anyways, tonight is Friday night but I have no plans. But tomorrow! Yay, I'm excited. Going to the football game w/ a bunch of my friends. I think we're gonna have a lot of fun.


So good night - oh and I challenge you guys to do what I did. Use things that you have but rarely use! Force yourself!


Friday, September 4, 2009

My Two Fav Quads...

I just want to talk about my two favorite eye shadow quads for the moment. Actually, one of them has been one of my favorites for a LONG time and so....

Let's cut the suspense...

My two fav. eye shadow quads currently are...

Oh okay, don't be surprised that they are both neutral colors...

Because I LOVE neutral colors...

By now you've probably scrolled down and ignore my rambling...

I suggest you do that if you haven't already :D


Maybelline Chai Latte

- What makes it so special? It has pigmented matte colors! As you know, it is hard to find drugstore eyeshadows that are just matte and are pigmented. I think it is hard to find matte eyeshadows in general b/c even Urban Decay and Stila, a lot of their shadows are frosty or shimmery or whatever. Anyways, I use that dark color for my eyebrows every day! And sometimes I use the brow and the lid colors. I haven't used the gold much these days but trust me - that baby is PIGMENTED~ Oh and the texture is smooth~ Like the sea! That doesn't make sense but I was thinking smooth sailing. ANYWAYS - it is soft and not like the 'hard-won't budge from pan'. Now, the pigmentation on the lid and brow could be better but I don't really mind them.

But just b/c these shadows are neutral/natural colors doesn't mean you can't go dramatic w/ them. I tried it out and I don't hate it... ha ha:


Eye Brightening Quad in Butternut

What makes it special? The colors are LOVELY!!! I love all of them except for the skin color one - that one sucks. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWESOME! So pigmented. The texture is not as good as the other but HELLO - it's a $1 (+shipping ;p). Anyways, w/ a good base - or even a mediocre base (L'oreal Decrease) - it'll stay on all day. Here's my dramatic version of this:

What I used:


I've been using Chai Latte all week and I used the copper color from Butternut yesterday. I really like both of these!

What are your current favorite eyeshadows?
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