Friday, September 4, 2009

My Two Fav Quads...

I just want to talk about my two favorite eye shadow quads for the moment. Actually, one of them has been one of my favorites for a LONG time and so....

Let's cut the suspense...

My two fav. eye shadow quads currently are...

Oh okay, don't be surprised that they are both neutral colors...

Because I LOVE neutral colors...

By now you've probably scrolled down and ignore my rambling...

I suggest you do that if you haven't already :D


Maybelline Chai Latte

- What makes it so special? It has pigmented matte colors! As you know, it is hard to find drugstore eyeshadows that are just matte and are pigmented. I think it is hard to find matte eyeshadows in general b/c even Urban Decay and Stila, a lot of their shadows are frosty or shimmery or whatever. Anyways, I use that dark color for my eyebrows every day! And sometimes I use the brow and the lid colors. I haven't used the gold much these days but trust me - that baby is PIGMENTED~ Oh and the texture is smooth~ Like the sea! That doesn't make sense but I was thinking smooth sailing. ANYWAYS - it is soft and not like the 'hard-won't budge from pan'. Now, the pigmentation on the lid and brow could be better but I don't really mind them.

But just b/c these shadows are neutral/natural colors doesn't mean you can't go dramatic w/ them. I tried it out and I don't hate it... ha ha:


Eye Brightening Quad in Butternut

What makes it special? The colors are LOVELY!!! I love all of them except for the skin color one - that one sucks. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWESOME! So pigmented. The texture is not as good as the other but HELLO - it's a $1 (+shipping ;p). Anyways, w/ a good base - or even a mediocre base (L'oreal Decrease) - it'll stay on all day. Here's my dramatic version of this:

What I used:


I've been using Chai Latte all week and I used the copper color from Butternut yesterday. I really like both of these!

What are your current favorite eyeshadows?


  1. cute look! i love brown coppery eyes, it's perfect for fall! i'll have to pick up the chai latte palette next time i'm at the drugstore :)

  2. beautiful palettes..I need to pick up chai latte

  3. Nice & simple!

    I have that Maybelline Quad and it's amazing!!
    It's perfect for an everyday look.

  4. I also love the look of neutral eyeshadows, you look so pretty in the pictures! Ohhh so many girls rave about the ELF Butternut palette, glad to hear it works for you. :)

  5. CUTE!

    oh && i have that maybelline dream mousse blush in coffe cake and i loved it. i've thrown it out though, since i've had it for almost 2 years I think. you can also use it as an eyeshadow base (credits go to aubrey/fafinette the youtube guru, lol)

  6. nice colors.... thanks for dropping by :)


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