Friday, September 25, 2009

Stuck at the library... on a Friday night

**EDIT: I wrote this on Friday but only got around to finishing the post this morning. Busy weekend!

Not kidding. It's a long story. Pretty much I don't have the keys to my car, which is on campus, so I'm waiting for my dad to come and give me my keys. Yeah!

I just wanted to talk about some of my favorite things currently and they all have to do w/ fragrance and Bath and Body Works.


These are the body sprays I use everyday - just switching it up.

** I decorated the bottles because they seem so dull. I got them all during the semi annual sale. There's another one in December! EXCITED!

+ Pink Grapefruit is like a nice fruity scent but it's not just that... but I love the smell of Grapefruits. I use this on days I just want to smell nice but not... girly.

+ Cherry Blossom is so pretty. It's a very girly-romantic kinda scent. Very... seductive but not to the extreme. Perfect for girls in college or young girls. I don't like it when girls wear perfume that smells like they're for older women.

+ Sea Island Cotton is that nice fresh scent that makes you smell nice and clean. It's not overwhelming. I love wearing this on my "bad" days where my hair is not right and I have no make up on. Although it doesn't smell like detergent. It is very much a body spray.

Finally, I won another contest a while back and I got a free mini PS. I Love You lotion. Their flirtiest scent apparently :D

It smells very feminine and very pretty - flirty! Woo Hoo! Still a bit too much for me. I like lighter scents. I still love it though.

So to restate: I really like Bath and Body Works! It is LOVE :D

So what is your favorite scent and BBW?? Or do you guys prefer The Body Shop?


  1. You have a nice collection of Bath and Body Works goodies, your descriptions all sound so lovely. I was wondering about the Hello Kitty bottle at first but then I read that you decorated them. XD I was kind of excited that BBW had HK stuff haha.

    I really like Warm Vanilla Sugar but BBW tends to be a too strong for me to wear so I don't buy them anyone. I also like The Body Shop because they have the Brazil Nut scent, yum!

    I have you an award on my blog. ^^

  2. pink grapefruit and sea island cotton sounds so refreshing! love how you decorated the bottles ^ ^

  3. I love how you decorated your bottle. It's so cute especially the Hello Kitty sticker!... wheee~ :)

    Do you use a brush when you apply the MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot? I wonder if that is the case... hehe~ I just use my finger, because I noticed it applies better that way for me and it's quicker... hehe~

  4. ive never tried Bath and Body works...they don't have stores in the UK :(
    wish they did though, cos the sprays sound really nice =)


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