Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks Kalmo - an overdue post

I've recieved this package a few weeks ago but I never got a chance to talk about it or anything.

So, the awesome Kalmo from Cambo Soup picked me as one of the winners for her contest!! And I was so HAPPY!! My first contest win ever! Yay! And Kalmo was so amazing about sending out her prizes!! She got everything to me in less than a week!

The day I got all her stuff I was feeling a bit down, stressed, and tired. Her gifts completely made my day.

So here's what I won :D

I wore the Orly one a few days back and I still have Zoya one on my toes. This color is lasting a really long time!

Then also:

The beauty blender! yes, I have not seen/heard about it much but I do love this! It places my foundation or another make up on so smoothly - almost air-brush like! It is fantastic. For me, it is a lot quicker than using a brush - especially a stipling brush. I'm really glad that Kalmo got this for me (b/c I would never get this for myself! It's a bit over my budget) and it is so cute! My PINK LITTLE EGG xD

~ **** ~

Quick note: Rai's having a contest! Check it out! It's an easy one!

Answering some questions:
Rai asked me to swatch the tapestry taupe (I kept thinking it was taupe tapestry!) but I couldn't just because the lighting really washes out the color. It's a unique color and it is hard to swatch it.

From way back! Kalmo asked what my favorite Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss was: I only have two and I love them both: Life's a Peach and Pink Whisper.

Anything else... can't remember.

~ **** ~

So last night, I saw that xteeener from youtube put up a video and I watched it. It was her purple smokey eye look and I decided to try it out. My coloring is so different than hers. I personally like her colors better but this was the best that I got. I used a bunch of different products but it looks like she did too.

Funky picture time:

** Did this during a study break. I had 4 tests/quizes this week! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE WEEK.
** Look at that vein popping out of my forehead. Yeah, it was bad.

All the shadows I used:

Sorry this was a long post. I try to say as much as possible because I can't post every day or as frequently as I liked. Friday afternoons are usually my time to write b/c I'm done for the week and I'm being paid to sit at a desk and do nothing.


  1. nice stuff from Kalmo!! i've always wanted to try the beauty blender but haven't gotten around to purchasing it either :)

    i saw xteener's vid too, i think u did a really good job...really pretty! i always mess up on smokey looks hehe

  2. Hello!

    Aww I'm really glad you liked your prizes, I tried to be diverse with the nail colors choices because I wasn't sure what you liked. ^^ The beautyblender is awesome but I myself am too lazy to do a review on it haha.

    Very pretty EOTD, sultry and smokey. Ah your post reminds me that I should be studying for my quiz too!

  3. Hey! nice pictures, great blog btw, take a look at ours whenever you want. We invite you to follow it!

  4. LOL Thanks for commenting on my post but I don't see how my spending habits should have any effect on yours or anyone else's habit to haul haha


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