Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Current Obessions

This is gonna a pretty simple post about my latest obsessions - products that I continuously use even though I have a drawer full of products wanting some love too!


1) Wet n Wild Trio in Mojave Mauves - you know what guys? I don't even think they sell this anymore - which is a big BUMMER because this is my GO TO TRIO! UGH! This will probably last me forever but I want you guys to be able to enjoy it too. Seriously, Wet n Wild doesn't get enough credit for making some of the best eye shadows in the drugstore. Yeah, it beats Maybelline and Revlon in texture and pigmentation! I'd recommend people to run to the store NOW because I'm pretty sure there is a sale/deal going on with their products this week.

2) Revlon Colorstay Mineral Blush - Rose Petal - One of my first blushes EVER - my mom bought it for me from Fry's. Yeah, how weird. I didn't like this blush at first because I thought the pigmentation was a bit weird. I now use it w/ my ELF's powder brush and I love the glow it gives me. I used it constantly for a few weeks now. LOVE IT!

3) Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick - Sweet Nothing - Okay, this is definitely my GO TO nude pink color. This reminds me a bit of NYX's Thalia or even Rimmel's Airy Fairy. Unlike those two, this lipstick doesn't have that weird lavender undertone and looks very nice and natural on my lips. I absolutely adore it. I wish it was a bit more moisturizing but I pretty much love the color - definitely hard to find and one of a kind.

4) Milani's Sunset Duos in Sunset City - This is my bronzer right now. It is not completely matte so it gives off a bit of a glow but nothing too dramatic! Nothing like weird and glittery at all. I love using bronzers, in general, because it warms up my face and really helps the entire look. This is my current favorite since it is darker and works better with my tanner skin now.

5) Max Factor 2000 Calorie - This is such a cool mascara because it gives me natural and dramatic lashes. For everyday use, I put on a light coat of this and it does such a great job of separating my lashes and adding good volume and length to it. When I want drama, I put on my Shiseido primer first and then this mascara - WOW! Are those my lashes? Wow they are FAT - like they just ate 2000 calorie worth of food! Like they had an entire Big Mac and a pizza! With extra cheese and pepperoni! Okay, I'm just going on about stupid things now. But seriously, very upset that this is no longer sold in America. This is my 2nd tube and I love love love it.

6) Bath and Body Works's Eau De Toilette in Twilight Woods - fantastic smell - no PHENOMENAL smell. It smells so sweet and so lovely and so nice and peaceful. Yeah, I'm in love with this smell and I'm sure many are too. This is definitely a popular scent amongst the BBW community. I use this everyday because I like to smell sweet and beautiful!

That's pretty much what I've been reaching for these past weeks. How about you? Do you guys get into the mood when you just use the same things over and over again or do you try to switch it up everyday. For me, having to do my make up quickly, I always prefer to just stick with what works! However, I do tend to switch up my shadows though - since I have so frickin many! Ha ha.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Product Battle: $1 vs. $18

I think eye primers are truly important and I think I would pay $18 to have a great shadow primer that helps with minimal creasing and fading throughout the day. I think that creasing is the worst when it comes to wearing eye shadow. It's like a nasty little line that draws all the attention to your eyes and scream: "Look at me... I'm GROSS!".

This is actually one of the reasons why I didn't wear shadows until I finally bought the UDPP. Then I got the TFSI to compare. But a month or two ago, I went to Target and found ANOTHER primer for $1! And I thought to myself - I need need need to do a comparison! I mean, $18 for a great primer that keeps your look fresh is pretty awesome. But if a $1 product can do the same thing... WELL... I might as well save that $17 and go buy myself a nice dinner or something!

Well, without further ado:

Yes, you've guessed it - I'm talking about UDPP vs. ELF $1 primer!

So, I bought the EFL primer on July 20th and it is now September 25! So I have been testing this out for 2 months now. This primer was definitely put to the test since I live in 100* F weather all summer and even til now it is still in the late 90s* F.

What I have been doing is wearing the ELF primer on the right eye and the UDPP on the other. When I'm lazy, I just wear the ELF primer. And at one point, I even switched - wearing the ELF primer on the left eye while UDPP is on my right. Note that I wearing eye shadows about 3-4 times a week on average.

Yeah, I really wanted to be thorough! So these are pretty much my opinions - I'm being totally honest. I'm just stating what I noticed while using these products and it is really up to you guys to make the decision whether to buy the high-end primer to stick to a cheaper alternative.

Packaging: Well, obviously the UDPP one is cooler and more intricate while the ELF one is pretty simple. I mean, that is one thing you should expect from ELF is that their packaging is not amazing! But that doesn't mean that the quality is horrible. In ELF's case, you shouldn't judge the "book by its cover!". Both are wand applicators and both are pretty much the same. I think the ELF one is fluffier - doesn't bother me and shouldn't really bother anyone, really.
The good thing about the ELF's packaging is that you can see all the products that you have. With the UDPP's packaging, you have to deal with the whole depotting thing... which doesn't sound too appealing. Plus, if you have to depot - the ELF one is obviously the easier to do.

Quantity: ELF: 0.17 fl oz for $1; UDPP: 0.34 fl oz for $18 --> 0.01 fl oz for $1 (please let me know if my math is wrong!).

Quality: So this is the part you guys actually want to read right? Yeah, well I have to lay out a background, don't I?

Texture: I think that UDPP's texture is better. It is creamier and therefore easier to blend out. The ELF one is a bit runnier so when I apply too much (and since it is so cheap, I don't mind applying a bit more than UDPP), it gets a bit messy to blend into my skin. Which brings me to the next point is UDPP blends into my skin way easier - not to say that the ELF doesn't. It just takes a bit more blending to get it to set. Still, it's not really something I'd complain about. I just wish that all the primers in the world has UDPP's texture - nice and creamy. If you guys recall, I feel that TFSI's texture is runnier as well.
Here's the important thing to note: ELF primer isn't invisible when it dries like the UDPP. I think it leaves a light beigy cast on the skin. Sometimes if I'm not careful and I apply too much, the blending is a bit messy and I can see the cast that the primer makes. It's kinda hard to explain but just know that it doesn't dry to a clear finish.

Creasing: This is when the ELF one really impressed me. Every time I wear ELF on one lid and UDPP on the other, the creasing is pretty much the same on both lids. Never was there an incident when one product showed creasing while the other didn't. So either I get creasing on both eyes or no creasing at all - which is really nice!

Fading: Now, when it comes to fading, the ELF primer couldn't really beat UDPP. However, I would say that ELF effectiveness is 85% of UDPP's when it comes to fading. That's not bad, especially when you just want to wear an easy color all over the lids for everyday look.

Color Improvement: Hmm... well, I think picture speaks louder than words.

Covergirl's quad in Tropical Fusion; the green color

As you can see, UDPP does a much better job of making a color more bright and vibrant. ELF primer helps a little bit but nothing compare! It is definitely better than having NO primer at all though.
Again, this is fine for me since I don't want such strong colors on my lids for school. But if I go out and I want a more dramatic look - I'd go to UDPP to get a more vibrant color.

My opinion: I think that for $1, ELF is a fantastic and a must in any make up collection! WHY? Because for an everyday look, this is perfect. It will help with creasing and fading and will keep your eye look nice and neutral. Only when I go out, do I want to use UDPP to make sure my shadows don't crease and remain bold throughout the night. I think that if the ELF primer can help the colors to be more vibrant, Urban Decay would be out of business. Then again, some people are bothered by the packaging. Yeah, the ELF one looks cheaper but I think the quality is fantastic!

I think I will keep repurchasing it because I think it is great for everyday looks. And I sometimes use a cream shadow base underneath and it really helps promote the color of my shadow.

I still love my UDPP and will continue to use it - but I will save it for the more special occasions!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I think it is a bit long but eh... just wanted to be detailed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alicia Keys = LOVE!

Okay, so last week (or a last last week... can't remember) I asked:

Which of these female artists do you like to be for one day?
Lady Gaga - 5 votes (41%)
Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani - 2 votes (26%) (each)
Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Beyonce - 1 vote (8%)

In my opinion, all of these females are fantastic. Right now, their careers are bright hot and it seems like nothing is stopping them. I think they all portray female sexuality in good and positive manners. I guess we can all debate about that, but honestly, these females show strong characteristics and aren't afraid to show off what they've got.

Anyways, my favorite person is definitely Alicia Keys though. She has such a soulful voice and so musically talented on the piano. her songs are always really deep, meaningful, and relate-able (is that a real word?). She is well respected in what she does and she doesn't come with tabloids or drama either. I also love her style and also - the fact that she is smarty (got into college at like 16 or 17!) is pretty awesome. If i can be anyone mentioned above, I think Alicia Keys has got it all.

So, I was watching her latest video and I decided to do a look inspired by her:

On my lips:

NYX's Round lipstick in Apollo

I used CG's Tapestry Taupe all over the lids because I wanted a taupe that is really shimmery and reflective. I deepened my crease a bit with CG's Brown Smolder but not too much because her eyes are quite understated here. I lined my waterline (which I never do0 and then do a dark upper lash liner with ELF's drama quad. There is a really shimmering white shade in the Smashbox trio that I used for highlight and inner corner and then I just added a bit more color to the look using the more purple Smashbox trio.

** AngelicBB asked if I liked the CG shadows - I have to say that I do. I think the only thing that people complain most about is the texture. It is true that CG shadows might not be the softest or has the best texture but I think the pigmentation of the ones I have are great. I love Tapestry Taupe for those days when I just want a nice lid color - and that's all. And because it is so light reflecting, it really brightens up my eyes and my make up in general. Brown Smolder is definitely pigmented! The texture is a lot better than Tapestry Taupe and it is a matte shade. This is a fantastic color to have if you don't have something like this already. A nice, matte, easy to blend shade like this is so easy to work with and very versatile. I think these are great products to have and try out - especially if you are just starting out with eye shadows and make up. I really want to try out Mink and Forever Fig (I think is the name). They are both neutrals... but I love love my neutrals! I think since I only have 2 CG singles that I can't make a full review... but I think this is pretty accurate of how I feel.

Overall I enjoy the look. I think it is soft and feminine enough for like a date night or something... but the red lips definitely bring the sultry back in!!

Thanks for reading and commenting! I love seeing new commenters - makes my day. And ask me any questions and requests... I will definitely try to get back to you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eyeshadow Collection - The Motherload

So about a year and a half ago, when I just got into make up, I only had a few shadows here and there. My love for eye shadows really increased when I finally purchased an eye primer - UDPP. The problem with me and eye shadows have always been the creasing so UDPP really helped my shadows stay all day and stop looking horrible.

But the biggest problem with me and shadows is still blending and working with the colors. That is still something I must keep practicing! However, you can't practice much if you don't have a lot of eye shadows to play with. This is pretty much my collection... I have quite a lot. I wouldn't say as much as some of you out there, but definitely more than my friends combine!! Luckily, I'm a cheapie and so these are all fairly inexpensive items.

Without further ado:

Notice how there is almost two of everything???

I think I will start with the left top corner...
ROW 1:
- I have 2 sample MAC pigments: Vanilla and another brown color... never knew the name.
- Victoria's Secret baked shadow in Expresso Lane
- Wet n Wild's Trio in Mojave Mauves
- Two Smashbox shadows: Photo shoot and Test Shoot
- Maybelline single in Beach Blush

ROW 2:
- Lancome quad that my mom gave me.
- 2 Cover Girl singles in Tapestry Taupe and Brown Smolder
- 1 Cover Girl quad in Tropical Fusion (my first palette EVER)
- Milani's single in Java Bean - if only I could find more of them in the store!
- MAC's single in Sketch.

ROW 3:
- Jane's single in Midnight
- 2 Maybelline quads in Neutral Smokes and Chai Latte
- 2 ELF quads in Drama and Butternut
- 2 Revlon quads in Nude Element and Coffee Bean

ROW 4:
- 4 NYX singles in Taupe, Champagne, Root Beer, and Iced Mocha (lots of drinks here... except for Taupe though)
- 2 L'Oreal HiP duos in Sculpted and Sassy

Then, I have the cream shadows and eye primers and what-nots!

From L-R
- MAC's paint pot in Rubenesque
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- ELF's Mineral Eye Primer and the $1 one
- 2 Revlon's Illuminance Cream Shadows in Pink Petals and Coastal Blues
- HiP's Cream Shadow Paint in Nervy

But if I had to recommend a few, I would definitely narrow down to these four:

1) Chai Latte is so easy to use. The texture is nice and smooth and you can wear this for an everyday look or a really nice glamorous look (because of that pretty metallic coppery shade). I'd say pick this up if you have been debating about it. It's totally worth it!

2) Coffee Bean is a perfect quad if you work in an office and you have to wear the most natural look ever. The colors are pretty and pigmented. You have a lot of good options with this quad. I definitely struggle between which one I like more - Chai Latte or Coffee Bean... but I think I'm going with Chai Latte... for now. Funny because I'm drinking more Chai Lattes lately than coffee too.

3) Wet and Wild Mojave Mauve is like my vacation trio. I take this with me on my vacation and I will NEVER EVER be disappointed with it. I always bring several eye shadows but this always work on me... it is so pigmented - easy to blend. And it isn't your typical boring neutrals. This has a gorgeous taupe, a nice maroon, and most of all, that lovely lightest shade... it's like a creamy lilac. I don't know, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I recommend this to everyone and their mothers.

4) Butternut from ELF is something I recommend to people who are just starting out. At $1, this quad will help you learn what your style is and you can practice and practice with it until you get better. I don't like the idea of going out and getting something expensive if you don't even know what you are doing. Besides that, I enjoy the colors! That dark brown and the lightest shade are my favorites. Together they can make some nice smokey eyes!

As for colors, I really enjoy these two quads. The CG's Tropic Fusion was my first shadow palette ever... which isn't a good thing for beginners... ha ha. But I love using the colors (mostly the blue and green) to line my eyes. It makes the look more interesting. And the HiP's duo in Sculpted has the prettiest pink color and pretty purple. It can change the typical look into something more fun and girly!

I hope you enjoy this post. Please let me know what your favorite/recommendation is! I am always up for trying something new.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Simple... Is Good Right?

So this is pretty much my everyday look - very little on the eyes. Decent liner and mascara showing and, of course, a nice colored cheeks w/ a cute lip color.

Some of you will probably think this look is boring - and it is. But it is so awesome for school. I'm averaging 10 mins for my make up in the morning - which is so nice!

This is the time when I had the worst skin EVER! And honestly I still have pretty bad skin now too... I don't really know what I'm doing wrong but oh well. But in this pic, I had gotten a zit right in the middle of my NOSE! Yeah, the highest plane of my face, fate decided to stick a gross old cystic zit right in the middle!

On my lips, I have one of my favorites: WnW's Megalast lipstick in Rosebud!

A Mini Review:

ELF Zit Zapper
Ingredients: ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Salicylic Acid 1%

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Water, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) Distillate, Alcohol, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, Cinnamomum Camphora (Camphor) Bark Oil

Sorry for the picture, I couldn't get a good one or find a better one so... whatever!!!

Like I mentioned above, I have pretty terrible skin now and I'm not sure what it causing it but I did purchase this little thing, hoping that it would help me out.

Now, this is not an overnight miracle work... but I find that if I use this on those annoying, painful, gross, cystic acne, it actually works really well! I think it takes the 'Zapper' three days to fully get rid of it and that is awesome. I don't know about you guys but my cystic acne tends to stay put for a week... even more. Thus, having it gone and done with in three days (usually three days!), I am happy!! Like that zit on my nose, it disappeared in 3 days... no trace or anything!

Applicator is like a roller... which is good so that you don't have to deal with messy liquid but sometimes the roller gets stuck!

Now, as for the tinier ones... I don't know why but it doesn't really help with that. Maybe somebody can explain to me...

But anyways, this thing works for me. I wish it was a miracle worker and just make it all go away. Alas, this item, being only $1, is good enough for now.

OH BTW - it smells a little weird. I think it's because of the camphor in this thing. I know b/c we synthesized camphor in lab and the smell was horrible. Don't worry, it's not gonna suffocate you or make you gag or whatever. You will just notice it for a bit and then it goes away.
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