Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Battle of the Primers


Who will win?

So the idea of an eye primer is to make the quality of the shadows better - more pigmentation, better "blendibility", and greater staying power.

Hearing this news, I was like "Yeah! Give me some-a-that!" When I watch youtube vids or read makeupalley reviews on these primers, I was given the impression that these will prevent my shadows from creasing and fading through out the day.

** I'm sorry that there are no pictures... first of all it's kinda hard for my camera to pick up on all the details of my make up... and also I haven't had time! SORRY!

These primers - as you both know are $17 - but I bought them for cheaper prices from blog sales. So I got both for $11 each... so I don't know, look out for those sales! For a while, I would use both primers at the same time to compare the results. My findings surprised me:

- my shadows STILL CREASED!!! And they still faded... and I was somewhat disappointed. I thought this was gonna be my lifesaver and would make my eye make up look fresh and awesome throughout the day. No, no, no - alas... no. But you know what, it really did help the pigmentation of these shadows. I also think it helps w/ blending because they both turn my lids into very smooth canvases. So the application process is a great improvement but the wear isn't that great.

An important thing to note is that both primers are not very consistant. I mean, I always apply these primers in the same way - place the product on my lids and smooth out w/ my finger. But these primers would work great one day, crease another, and many other things varying in between. I guess it also really depends on the weather. They both wear better in cooler temperature... but you don't need me to tell you that.

And they both work pretty much the same on me... like one would crease one day and the other would crease the other day.... OR BOTH creased on the same day. So when it comes down to which one do I like better I have a lot of other factors helping me make this decision.

- TEXTURE - UDPP has a creamier texture while I find TFSI kinda runny and wet. Being runny and wet - TFSI has the higher tendency to come apart - into oil and product. I am starting to notice that w/ my TFSI. While the UDPP still holding on strong to it's texture.

- PACKAGING - UDPP has that wand that I like... I don't know why but I like that you can directly place the product on your lids. This allows me to calculate how much product I should use. W/ TFSI, even though it is in a tube and stuff, I never know how much product to use. It's weird - it's probably just me... you can probably ignore this fact.

- WHAT I NOTICED - is that UDPP, once set, is drier than TFSI - this means YAY to those girls w/ really oily lids. UDPP actually grabs on the shadows better - I've noticed. But this means that it is harder to blend.

So, seriously - which would I choose??? UDPP, my friend, is the winner. I just like using it better. Thing is that both products work the same on me that you can't really compare them in that way - so it really comes down to personal preference. But I just think that UDPP lasts longer than TFSI.

However, do you guys think eye primers are really that necessary? I know for me, before using primers, my shadows would crease and whatever but my shadows still creased when I used primers. I think I should experiment on that more and let you know.

And if I run out of UDPP - I will be looking into ELF and L'Oreal Decrease to figure out which is better. I don't think I'd want to spend $17 all the time on one product.

This is probably such a horrible post b/c there are no pics and stuff... I'm sorry! This was totally an impromtu post. I just find myself at liberty this morning.

And for you lovely ladies that commented on my last post - Thank you so much! You guys are really sweet and I'm so lucky to have gotten to know you through this blogging journey.... HUGS AND KISSES for all of you!!!

Oh and speaking of which - I can't believe I've been on blogspot for a year now!!! WOO HOO!! I probably can't have a giveaway - b/c I'm so broke, it isn't even funny. But maybe I will do something in the summer!!!

LOVE YOU ALL - thanks for the awesome comments. I hope this helped.


  1. This is a really great and thorough review, thanks for sharing your experiences. Sorry to hear they both creased on you still. Blog sales are great for getting good deals on stuff. ^^

  2. For me, I have to wear a thin layer of UDPP with a very thin layer of a matte MAC Paint Pot over it (I use Painterly) and that keeps my eyeshadow from creasing or fading for about 9 hours. UDPP by itself only lasts 4-5 and Painterly by itself only lasts less than 3.. but if I didn't wear primer my lids would be a creasy mess in less than half an hour, so I'm thankful lol. Figuring this out really changed the way I wear makeup. Haven't TFSI yet but I've heard it's not as good for oily oily lids.

    *Though, NYX and UD shadows still fade/crease on me. NYX worst, and UD I find I can wear but fades if I only use UDPP instead of the combination of the two... weirdly. Everything else (HIP, MAC, Shu Uemura, Visee, Majolica Majorca, etc) works just fine though.

  3. Thanks for the review. I've been a loyal user of TFSI and it works for me I'm sorry the products aren't working out for you. Try Bare Minerals eye primer. :)

  4. I havent tried TFSI but am a fan of UDPP. So far it hasnt failed even though I live in a super humid country haha I also like paintpots as primer

  5. I love UDPP too! Happy Blogversary, love =D

  6. @ Kalmo - yes, I love blogsales! But I'm broke... completely so I can't be tempted!

    @ Catherine - YES - NYX shadows have no staying power!! NONE!! Thanks for the suggestion - I will def. check out the MAC one when I have a chance.

    @ Edna - You're welcome! I def. will.

    @ Sush - I'm glad you agree... yeah, I'll just have to accept that my shadows will crease. Whatever :)

    @ Lisa - THANKS! <3!!

  7. Sorry to hear both primers creased on you! I know through my experience I had better one with UDPP, it hardly creased on me. Then again it depends on what cream base you put on top of it. I know when I put NYX Jumbo pencil no matter what UDPP won't help. :X

  8. A primer is nothing more than a silicone based concealer. I use Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer. Also, L'oreal de-crease worked for me for a while, but now it actually makes my shadows crease MORE than when I don't use it. Watch out as you use up this product, it turns on you!

  9. Happy easter and fab blog x

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  10. Ooooh, thanks for this! I had been wondering whether UDPP was worth it or not, and this helped clear some things up for me. I also can't wait for the Decrease review-I want to know whether it's worth it to buy UDPP or just get Decrease! Hope you're feeling better.

  11. @ Ahleessa - that's okay... it does help w/ my shadow though but it is a curse - eyeshadows will always crease on me!

    @ PoorCollegeStudent - I tried using concealer but that just DOESN'T work at all! Ha ha scary Decrease - turning on its master!

    @ beachbumbeauty13 - I think it's better to go w/ UDPP... but of course it is totally up to you. The packaging plays a role in which to get also.


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