Tuesday, April 6, 2010

8 Things - All About ME :D

I wanted to write something so bad for April but I have been busy/distracted/lazy! So I hope you guys enjoy a tag post! I always really like to read these. It helps me to get to know everyone better - so I hope you get to know me a little better.


8 T.V. Shows I like to Watch:

1. Any celebrity gossip stuff :) I know, it's bad!
2. The Amazing Race
3. House
4. Bones
5. The Office
6. 30 Rock
7. Saturday Night Live
8. Arthur - yeah, the PBS cartoon :) It relaxes me!

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:

1. My house
2. Eegees (I think this only exists where I live)
3. Beyond Bread (again, only in my area)
4. Jack in the Box
5. This one Thai restaurant in Hawaii... it was AMAZING!!!!
6. La Salsa
7. Chipotle
8. Starbucks

8 Things I look Forward to:

2. New people/friends at Pharmacy school
3. My 21st birthday
4. Going home and eating some ice cream after school today!!
5. GOING TO SEE MUSE!!! And 30 Seconds to MARS!!!!
6. New experiences and adventures in store for me in the future
7. RELAX :)
8. Shopping! I need to do some serious retail therapy :D

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. I sat in the library for 4 hours b/c of the breaks b/w classes (not fun but productive)
2. Hung out w/ some friends
3. Got my biochem test back... a little disappointed but only just stirred up my fire, that's all
4. Cleaned the yard
5. Napped from 6:30 to 8... not a good nap time.
6. ATE like a maniac!
7. Cuddled w/ my dog
8. Danced around in my room to crazy music!

8 Things I like about Winter:

1. I can see my breath
2. Winter Olympics
3. The holidays - the break from school
4. Watching LOTR w/ my sister - our tradition
5. Getting presents!!! Eating a lot of good food.
6. More reason to wear bronzer (cause I'm so pale)
7. Shopping!
8. Beginning of new year - lots of new beginnings :D

8 Things on my Wish List:

1. More spring clothes
2. Better shoes... I only have one pair right now... it is DISGUSTING
3. A Netbook - small laptop - 11 inches
4. Nice family vacation - somewhere NOT California (we go there too much)
5. Meeting more nice guys instead of the usual idiots :)
6. A good job this summer (or at least something that excites me)
7. Boba tea......
8. More bags/purses

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

3. My family
4. My friends
5. My future
6. My academics - I feel like I can do so much with my field... help save a life or two
7. My goals, dreams
8. Everything!!! except for my Genetics class... ha ha

8 Words or Phrases I used Often:

1. Okay, so....
2. What's up?
3. What? (I get confused a lot)
4. YES!
5. Anyways...
6. Woot woot!
7. Oh my God!
8. Bongo baby (he's my dog)

8 Things I Learned From the Past:

1. To be more open minded - people make mistakes.
2. Be yourself, if people don't like that, that's fine - nothing you can do
3. Grew thicker skin
4. Life is all about ups and downs; just brace yourself and wait for the storm to pass
5. Be patient (something I haven't yet mastered)
6. Be nice, polite, and smile
7. Don't get to ahead of yourself - take it one day at a time
8. Be passionate in what you do; do what you are passionate about

8 Places I would Love to go Visit/See:

1. Greece
2. Venice, Italy
3. Ireland
4. Japan
5. New Zealand
6. Hawaii (Yes, I want to go back and visit every island!)
7. Olympic events
8. Hogwarts (ha ha I ran out of ideas)

8 Things I Currently Want/Need (wish list??):

1. Avatar, Sherlock Holmes DVDs
2. Pizza
3. This air conditioner to turn off - I'm COLD
4. Read people's minds
5. To be a genius
6. To be running outside right now - it's nice outside
7. A bike - so I can ride it around my neighborhood
8. To sleep! or to be in bed right now.

8 People I would love to Tag:

1. Kalmo from Cambo Soup
2. Lisa from Shop N' Chomp
3. Recessionista from Nouveau Cheap
4. Nicole from NV Beauty
5. Amynaree
6. Erynn from emotion in motion
7. Ahleessa from Ahleessa 4 Realz
8. Catherine from Strawberry Mochi

And anyone else that is reading this and finds this tag interesting!!! Please feel free to do so!!!


  1. I can't resist those ridiculous celebrity gossip shows either! XD Guilty pleasure as well. I'm sure you're looking forward to starting an awesome chapter in your life, pharmacy school! A big congrats again btw. :)

    All of the things you listed from eight things you learned are great life lessons to remember, thanks. Mmm pizza, hungry again lol.

    Thanks for tagging me! I really like these too because, like you said, it makes me feel like I get to know the blogger better. ^^

  2. Fun tag...thanks! I freaking love 30Rock! XD Haha...I actually thought you were in California. I'd love to read minds and be a genius too...hee hee. ;)


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