Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not So Great Review

Even though I am pretty tan myself, at one point, I thought about trying out a sunless tanner. The story is that I had skin issues on my legs - it was pretty bad - so I had to use different topical creams to help heal my legs. As a result, my legs don't really have an even skin tone... and I wanted to kinda even it out. Plus, I didn't wear a lot of shorts/skirts/dress because well... my skin was healing. I didn't want the entire world to see them. Pretty sure this was a genetic thing (my mom said she had it when she was younger too) and triggered by major stress in my Junior year of high school.

So, let me just get to this product:

Jergens Natural Glow - Medium

It is a gradual tanner and it says that it will give you a tan within one week! Yes, so you would apply this as much as you want and the frequency of your application is proportional to the rate of your tan. WOW - that was a lot of science talk there... got that out of my system. So for me, I wanted quick results (ha ha, I can really impatient sometimes), I would apply this after the shower and before school. I would say this did give me a tan after a week of doing so and it wasn't a bad tan either.

I've seen tans that are ORANGE and thankfully this wasn't that bad. However, on my skin, I do detect a tint of orange... which I don't really appreciate. But it wasn't so noticeable for other people - it was only just me since I do observe my legs a lot during that time.

I mean, I think as far as a tanner go - this is pretty decent. I would definitely recommend this to you...

NOW - I stopped using it when I decided that I can't really even out my skin tone with this and thus, YES you guessed it, the gradual fading began! It's not that bad but it is kinda gross... sometimes. I do notice part of my legs would have PATCHES of the tanner fading. So it'll be my leg and then some parts will be lighter just because the tanner is being rubbed off....

So... BE CAREFUL with this!!! Although - disclaimer - this was my first time using a sunless tanner so I might've made some beginners mistake or something.

I use this now just as a moisturizer. I do detect a bit of shimmer (nothing crazy... but there are particles in here) in this so it is kinda nice to put this on if I do decide to show off my legs. I don't use this everyday but I have sorta been using it again and perhaps that might be why my legs are sorta tan. So I think I recommend using it really gradually - not twice a day like me... and you'll have a really nice and natural look.

** Oh and my legs have gotten a lot better. It still has scars and discoloration but after my ordeal, I don't really care. As long as they are healthy I am happy. And I have gained back my confidence in showing my legs in public again. I mean, I went to Hawaii for goodness sakes! I had to wear a bathing suit.

Now, here is the really really really weird thing about this lotion. THE SMELL - okay here's the story:

So I'd put this on every night before I go to bed for a few weeks during couple of summers ago. One night, I was too lazy to put it on and I got in bed and I thought... what am I missing??? Oh the lotion! I actually think the smell is really nice and comforting... a great smell before bed. WEIRD huh....

So yeah, I don't know if this was a good review or not. I would really recommend you to try this out if you are curious - not too bad $7-9. You do get results and I don't think they're horrible results either.


Do you have any summer must-haves that you recommend for me??


  1. Hmm, very interesting! I've always been curious about sunless tanners but I think I actually want to stay pale throughout the summer so I don't have to keep mixing my foundation LOL. We'll see.

    Glad your skin's doing better!

  2. I've used this one before too. As with any self tanner, just exfoliate the heck outta your skin before you use it. And I would reccommend just using it once a day as well. =)

  3. Thanks for the great review. I've always wondered how these things work. Have to tried any other self tanners?

  4. I'm always scared to use self tanners because of how they might turn out in patches!

    thanks for the review!

  5. OoOo I've been trying to find a sunless tanner that won't give an orange color! This sounds good. Thanks for posting! I've gotta try this out :)

  6. Great review! I'm not huge on self tanners but when I did use them exfoliating with a body scrub before applying always helped to make sure it would come out even. My must have body scrub is soap&glory flake away, smells great too! :)


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