Friday, March 5, 2010

Going On A Trip!!

So my Spring Break is starting next week... 14th-19th but I am starting it early. GUESS where I'm going???


YES!! You totally read my mind:



So, of course, this week, I can't concentrate in class AT ALL!!! And I also just couldn't have enough concentration to write a new post. But, I need your opinion!

These are the stuff that I'm planning on bringing:

- Maybelline's Mineral Power concealer
- EDM's Semi-matte foundation in Winged Butter + brush
- Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder

HELP: I don't know what to do w/ my moisturizer! One of them is in one of those bottle pump thingy (Cetaphil) and I'm afraid it will squirt all over the place. Oh and obviously I will bring sun screen!

- Maybelline's Moisture Extreme in Rosy Glow and Rum Raisin

HELP: Anything else?? I will def. bring chapstick! FOR SURE. I'm also thinking of getting the Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balms too.

- ELF quad in Butternut
- WnW trio in Mojave Mauves
- Revlon quad in Coffee Beans
- Revlon eyeliner
- Max Factor 2000 Mascara
- WnW's Brow pencil in taupe (really good! Very natural looking :D)

HELP: Anything from drugstore that will help me achieve a nice beachy look when I'm just going out?

- ELF's blush/bronzer duo
- NYX Terracota

HELP: Anything else?????

So as you can see, I tried to keep things minimal. Nothing too much because it will only be a week! But I also just want to look awesome when we aren't hiking, or going to the beach.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me - what should my friends and I do when we are there? We will be in Kauai???


I also want to end this post w/ a quick review and proposal:

So I grabbed this Revlon's Pearle single shadow in Brushed Copper:

Texture is great, color has decent pigmentation. And the color is really really pretty - great for a nice lid shade. I think it will really open up people's eyes and really brightens them.

BUT - it has glitter!!!!!!!

While these glitter are not big chunks and will not fall off your face, it does have glitter. And I DESPISE glitter!!! Note though - it is only in the PERLE finish that has these microglitter. I'm so mad, I should've gotten the satin finish. I've always always liked satin finishes more but this color just called out to me from the walls of the Revlon display and I had to get it. But alas, I am a bit disappointed w/ my choice.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is just a personal choice. I just don't like glitter, no matter how small it is. I know some people are completely fine with it and I feel like some people could really enjoy it :)

So, I have a proposal - does anyone want this to try out?? I have only used it 2x and just don't like the glitter. I can't do swatches because it is such a light color but it is like a champagne, pinky, w/ peachy and goldeny undertones. I don't know...

If you guys are interested, please let me know. This could be like a contest or something.

- Just leave me a message and I will mail it to you... no charge! Please also put down your email address and I'll contact you there.


That's awesome!!!

I have a philosophy in make up (and possibly life... but not really) - why keep things that you never will use again. Why hoard it like a crazy person when someone out there can enjoy it more than you?

And I shall leave you with that. BYE BYE.


  1. Hi, I am from Hawaii. I would recommend making sure you have sunscreen and sunglasses. That is a big must!
    There are some awesome trails in Kauai where you can rent ATVs. It is super fun and the view is breathtaking. I think they filmed part of Jurassic Park there.
    Make sure to bring home lots of unique Hawaiian goodies such as Li Hing Mui gummies, chocolate covered macadamias, mochi ice cream, regular motchi, fried ice cream, manapua, spam musubi with egg, babinka, furikake popcorn, etc. The food is the best part of Hawaii!

  2. Awesome, you're coming to Hawaii! :D I've never been to Kauai though, so can't advise you there :( I agree with Jasmine though... eat as much as you can!! XD For getting that beachy look.. I've always heard Maui babe tanning lotion is supposed to be real good! Never tried it though :P Maybe for the lotion, put it in a ziploc bag? Or just put some in a little sturdy container or something? (:

    And OMG I'm totally interested in that eyeshadow :D (:

  3. Sounds like a nice variety. Maybe add in in a teal-y or tropical color eyeshadow if you go out (like a teal eyeliner for some pop)?

    Have fun!!!! I've never been. =)

  4. Hi Hun,I loove your blog so far..!!! I hope you have tons of fun in Hawaii..!! Well if you have the time,please check out my blog and follow me please!!! xoxo ~Londyn

  5. Haha...we can totally see why you can't concentrate right now! You'll be tanning on the beach sipping fruity drinks and not having a care in the world. =D I've never been to Kauai so I'm no help here. For your Cetaphil, maybe buy one of those travel-sized bottles to hold it in? Sorry to hear you didn't love that e/s.

  6. OH JASMINE!!! You just got me sooo soooo sooo excited!!!!! YES, I'll try to do all of those things. AHHH!!! SERIOUSLY, you just got me jumping for joy right now.

    Hi e.motion in motion, I will def. eat everything I can. Yeah, I think I'll probably have to transfer some of my products. Thanks for the suggestion!
    PS. SINCE no one else cares for the shadow - it is yours!! I'll email you later.

    Jeweled Thumb - thanks for the suggestion. I'll bring my CG Tropical Fusion quad!

    FabLondyn - thanks for commenting :D I'll def. check your site out!

    HI LISA! Ha ha yeah, can't concentrate! I hate that my teachers are giving tests right before Spring Break. Are they crazy?? Do they want us to fail? Ha ha. I'll look for the traveled sized stuff.

  7. How cool you're going to Hawaii! I'm actually pretty jealous... hehe~ Have fun!!!

  8. Hey! I just gave you an award at my blog! I dunno if I've actually ever commented, but I follow your blog on google reader!


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