Friday, March 26, 2010

Wipe it! Wipe it good.

I really want to do a review with this product because I bought it for my trip and I have been using it a lot to remove my make up.

A major PRO for this product is the ability to sit down at your computer or your TV or anywhere and removing your make up. Sometimes, I hate that I waste my time in the bathroom removing my make up - especially mascara and other hard to remove things. Like last night, I was watching TV and I just had this wipe and it was pretty awesome. I like that it isn't messy - you don't deal with liquids. I think it is pretty awesome for a trip if you are afraid of carrying your make up remover. It doesn't irritate my eyes which is nice.

As far as removing the make up - it takes a few swipes to get rid of mascara! I get annoyed that it doesn't get rid of it faster since it isn't a waterproof mascara. It leaves some sort of residue - not so bad that you'd be GROSSED OUT and you can probably wash it off (I do). I don't think the residue it leaves is that bad compared to the Clean and Clear Eye Make Up Remover stuff. Thing is, I wish I bought another type of make up wipers because this doesn't really clean the face. I wish that this could remove make up and all the dirt and oil on the skin. No, this only works on make up... and so I have to do the extra step of using a cleanser or something. That is kinda disappointing since I'm hoping this would just CLEAN my entire face!

Overall - I like the product... but I probably won't buy it again. I think I shall search for that make up wipe that eventually will clean my face for me too. This was a fairly inexpensive product - $7-$8. And you get 25 towelettes!


Okay so I have been kinda suffering from some weird type of depression... I think it has to do w/ hormones and periods - PMS. But it is one of the reasons for my lack of updates just because I haven't felt interested in writing one at all lately. I don't think my symptoms are severe enough though that I should really be worried about it. I looked up some stuff online - don't worry it is MedlinePlus which is pretty accurate and it is what my PSIO class recommended us to use for our research - and the symptoms they put up are way worse than what I experience. Plus I don't think I feel so bad that I need to be prescribe depression medicine. So I'm sorry for the lack of activity on my part. I just haven't felt enough motivation I guess.

All the females out there, what do you think? Anyone know what I'm talking about?


  1. Hello!

    Thanks for the great review, I like makeup remover wipes for lazy days. ^^ They're fun to use when you're just playing with random makeup too lol.

    I'm really sorry to hear you're going through depression (hugs). I hope you feel better. Hormones are not fun, I def. go through those days too. Happier days are ahead!

  2. Welcome back, honey! I hope you had a fabulous time. =D

    I feel unmotivated too during PMS so you're not alone. It's just your hormones talking. Usually after a day or two, I feel a little more like myself. *hugs* Hope you feel better soon! Thank you for the review on these wipes.

  3. Aww, I tried those wipes once and I didn't care for them... the residue! >_< I love DHC makeup remover wipes though... makes my skin feel toned and refreshed and removes makeup! :D

    Oh, I hope it isn't PMDD, I suffer from that :( it is more mood-swings for me, like either really angry or really emotional for no real reason, around when I get my period. I do get depressed/lose interest in things I normally enjoy as well. I made a post about it awhile back. it's really intense for me though so hopefully it's not the same as what you're going through, it's like hell for me! :(

  4. Hey sweetie! I don't know if you will remember this, but when I first posted the pics of the new elf display at Target, you left a comment wondering if they would be selling the blotting sheets. Back then, I told you that I didn't think so because the blotting sheets were not featured in the pictures, BUT, I was at my local Target the other day (which has the new elf display up) and guess what? The blotting sheets where there!!! I immediately remembered that you had asked about them, so I just wanted to let you know that, YES, the elf blotting sheets are at Target. Hope that makes you happy! :D

  5. Hm. I'm kind of looking for makeup wipes since I'd like to be able to play intramural sports, but I haven't found any I like either (though I haven't tried very hard, tbh lol).

    And aww. Are you exercising? Exercise can help immensely with mild depression or just feeling "down in the dumps." And it's got tons of wonderful health benefits other than mood boosting too (and it's a lot cheaper than retail therapy LOL...). If it gets worse, make sure you let someone know and see a doctor or nurse about it. And, I'm certainly not a health professional, but you're more than welcome to email me if you just need someone to listen/talk to. =)

  6. make up wipes are so convenient, thanks for the great review :) awww sorry you haven't been feeling good, i totally know what you mean! i def get like that sometimes too and just don't feel like doing anything..but i find the feeling does pass after awhile, so hope you cheer up soon!

    yes the lippie is such a nice color for spring, i'm wearing it almost everyday now


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