Friday, October 2, 2009

Another post with a bad title.

This Hit Pan thing is hard! I already bought 3 new eyeshadows this month: although they were all decently cheap :)
- Revlon Colorstay Quad in Copper Spice
- On ebay (these are my first ebay buys!): Smashbox eyeshadow trio in Photoshoot and Test Shot.

Yeah, I'm excited for those things to come in. The only problem is that the sender used a different name. I changed my fake name to my real name but they still used my fake name anyways. Well, I hope it comes!

I don't really have anything make up related to say b/c I don't have any pictures with me. So, I will do Kalmo's tag instead. 6 things about myself:

1) I am 5 feet tall; Yes, I'm a tiny tiny person! And no, I don't realize that I'm that tiny until I see pictures or look in the mirror. I see myself much bigger than what I really am :D

2) My favorite subjects in highschool are Calculus and Drama; My least favorite subjects: AP US History and Sex Ed. I had a crappy teacher for Sex Ed. He gave us one assignment that was like one math problem worth 100 points! Stupid me, I didn't do it right and I lost 100 points (that was my fault and it was kinda easy math problem). I tried talking to him about it but he didn't even care or something. I just remember thinking he was a dumbass teacher and he would flirt w/ the girls and tell us about his dates and stuff. WTF? Yes, I still have a lot of resentful feelings towards that man.

3) I always accidently reject the guys that I like and accidently flirt w/ ones I don't like. I just get really really shy and tongued tied around guys that I like. So if one comes up to me and talks to me I'd be nervous and distant. Then there are guys who I talk to knowing nothing will happen and I'm pretty friendly with them. This has happened many many times now and I don't realize it until it is over. It's a curse!

4) I have this thing where I refuse to use "lol". So many people do it now that sometimes I am tempted... but I will resist! When I first started making and surfing websites, 8 years ago, I would see "lol" and think that it is like a face or something. You know how people do ":)" and "^_^". So yeah, I thought it was like this famous painting and that is my first impression of it and I can't see it any other way.

5) My favorite Harry Potter book is the 6th, follow by the 3rd, then the 4th. I however, did not enjoy the 5th or 7th. Especially the end of the 7th book. It was way too happy - the book's dynamic was completely wrong. It should've ended for gracefully, like in LOTR, but no, it ended like someone wrote a fan fiction for it and JK Rowling was like: Okay, sounds good.

6) Last, I shall show you some of my celebrity crushes: Enjoy:

Ryan Gosling

** Note how they are all tall, much older and blond (except for Bale :)).

So those are pretty random but I hope you enjoyed reading them. I tag anyone who's reading this and has time :D

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  1. Ohh great post!

    Your Sex Ed teacher sounds like a perv! My teacher was really lame and picked on me... in role play scenarios, he always picked me to be the one who didn't have sex with anyone and thus didn't get AIDS haha, a good thing I guess but I didn't like always having to go in front of the class.

    Boys are complicated. I looove Edward Norton, haha he's always narrating documentaries and I like his voice. He knows Japanese too. ^^

  2. Ohhhh
    I loved this post. I always (accidentally) flirt with the wrong guy too. haha

    My oh my,
    Ryan Gosling & Edward Norton are my GREATEST celebrity crushes!! <3


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