Saturday, October 3, 2009

3 Things

60th post! And 2nd in a few days. Yes, I got my camera back and ready to take some more pictures.

So this post is about my "3 Things".

1) 3 Things I Will Never Repurchase:

+ Equate nail polish remover - This thing.... UGH!!! It will take forever FOREVER to get the polish off and with some hard core scrubbing too. Dries out my nails - make them unhealthy. Smells horrible and is disgusting if it gets on other things. I hate this thing. It was 0.99 so maybe if I get something a little more expensive. Anyone got any suggestions??

+ NYC nail polish in Luxury Lime - makes my nails look like they are unhealthy shade of yellow. I actually wanted to franken w/ this and make it more opaque but that didn't work out. I will probably throw this out.

+ Neutrogena concealer stick in yellow - drying - cakey - doesn't cover well. Makes my under eye circles gray. YUP, not good my friends, not good.


2) 3 Things I'm Not Sure About:

+ Maybelline Power Concealer in Sand - sometimes this works great as an under eye concealer and then sometimes it looks powdery and cakey. I don't get it! Application is the same all the time - sometimes it just hates my skin I guess.
*** Good tips: if concealer is too light (which this is) put some bronzer on it to warm it up and darken it to a natural color. It really works!

+ MAC's Rubenesque paint pot - I like this color in the pot but on the skin it is kinda yellow-gold... which sometimes doesn't work w/ my skin tone. Also, when I use this as a primer/base - sometimes the shadow would crease and then sometimes it wouldn't. I don't really know... so it doesn't work amazing for staying power and creasing power but it works fine as a base. I don't know about this one...

+ Clean and Clear's eye make up remover - This works fine but then I find that it is really oily! But not so bad that it clogs pores. The only thing is - sometimes it works great and then other times it takes FOREVER to get everything off - especially gel liners or liquid liners. So messy!


3) 3 Cheap Things I Really Enjoy!:

+ L'Oreal Juice Stick in Chai Love You - I wish I knew how much I would love these so I would stock up now that they are discont. Sad! This is great because it isn't so dark but it gives a nice glossy - sheer but not clear - color and finish. I really like this! I would keep this in my backpack for awhile as my lip color during the day... but then I thought it was unfair to the others.

+ Maybelline single eyeshadow in Beach Blush - great brown color! Chocolately! Brings out my brown eyes and gives my lid a nice wash of color. Not as pigmented as some would like but I'm totally fine w/ it. I use this all the time - especially this summer when I went on vacation. Really, one of my fav. colors!

+ Bath and Body Works lotion in PS. I Love You - he he, I love this lotion smell. It's just a typical lotion - nothing special - except for the smell. It is really great! Reminds me of my mom's Dior perfume.


Alrighty - I'm getting tired and I can't type well anymore. GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Congrats on the 60th post ndoodles!

    Non-acetone nail polish is such a pain. eeee I really like Zoya Remove + but it's like $10 a bottle. Drugstore one Cutex Nourishing is good but has acetone, doesn't try out my nails though.

    Ugh I hate those stick concealers from Covergirl and Physicals Formula, never work and too yellow. Thanks for letting us know what products you're iffy about.

    Chai Love You is such a cute name!

  2. I totally agree with you about the Luxury Lime nail polish! I hate it!!

  3. nice list! this was really helpful thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh I love those Color Juice Sticks too...I'm so sad that they're being discontinued (I think). I bought three of my favorite shade just so I won't miss it when it's gone from the shelves. :)

  5. PS: Congrats on winning Make-up on the Cheap's giveaway! Yay!!! *hugs*

  6. I know what you mean about skin tone. I noticed since I got darker this summer, I cannot pull of colors I used to when I was paler.

    Sorry MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque isn't working for you. Have you tried UDPP before the paint pot? It works great for me.

    Thank you for the sweet comfort for Tobey! He's doing much better. :)

  7. omg! i totally agree about that nail polish remover! i got it cus i was in a fix, and needed some. it was cheap, and i thought why not. WHY SO??! ughh, leaves a gross film on the hands, and it DOES take foreverrrr to get rid of polish. i tried using it up just to use it, and i think the whole bottle acounted for only 3 removals; i had to use that much! ugh! disgusting! not even worth the dollar for all the pain you go through.

    that being said, i just bought an acetone based one from Cutex, and it's quite good. rather cheap too - 2 dollars, i think. havent used it too much, so cant say for sure. but so far so good!

    and I AGREE! absolutely love that l'oreal juice stick in chai love you! so easy to wear. goes with everything!! too bad they're discontinued... i DID see some on ebay, and for not too much. worth a look if you ever get in desperate need of another =]


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