Friday, October 9, 2009

This week is finally over!

This week has been the most insane, stressful, intense week EVER!! I had so much school stuff (exams, quizzes, practicals...) UGH! Plus my immune system is not doing very well - I hard a major sinus pressure headache yesterday! Horrible!

BUT THAT IS ALL OVER!! WHOOHOO!! Time to focus on my make up :D
(I almost did another "week diary" of what I wore and all that but I didn't end up wearing any make up at all :D. Plus with all my hard classes, I tend to rub my eyes a lot when I'm stressed out).

Anyways, first thing I'm gonna do is change my nail polish!

This is what I'm wearing right now (thanks to Kalmo), and I really really like this for the fall! I mean, it hasn't been that cold yet but is slowly but surely getting there. I've had this on for a week now (YUP- 7 days) and it hasn't chipped too badly. The only thing is that my nails are growing and so it just doesn't look right anymore - you all know what I mean. I've been meaning to get rid of it but I've been soooo busy!

So, more about this nail polish - it's got a nice consistency to it. Definitely need 2 coats (no more, no less... in my opinion). Takes a little bit for 2nd coat to dry. The brush is good but because the color was so dark, I had to be really careful with the edges of my nails just because I don't want a mess on my skin. Overall, I really like it. I would definitely prefer it on my fingers than my toes...


Also, when I study, I usually give myself little breaks (10-30 mins). During this time, I either eat, watch TV or rest... or play w/ make up. So, this is a look that I came up w/ my NYX Rootbeer. I've had this for a long time but never played w/ it... until now :) Also, I wanted to try lining my waterline and making my lower lash more dramatic - which I never do normally. I guess you can say this is sorta inspired by Emma Watson's Burberry ads - really dark liners. But I can never go that dark - even though I wanted to... I just couldn't do it.

BTW - I'm starting to really like Emma Watson... and her sense of style. I used to hate her but she's definitely grown up and really classy and pretty. I love it.


Okay okay... one more:

** Ha ha - what a forced smile/laugh :)

Yes! That Revlon quad is new! Yes, it is brown... and yes, mostly matte colors YAY!! It is called "coffee bean" I think. I love that coppery color before the darkest colors. Pigmentation is okay... the two darker colors have better pigmentations. Overall, not a bad quad. Got it for $3 at Walmart.


  1. NYX rootbeer is pretty! I love that look on you.

    Emma Watson sure grew up to be a classy girl. I also like her style.

    Have a great low-stress weekend! :)

  2. the zoya np is so pretty! love the brown tones on you :)

  3. Glad the stressful week is over! I know you did well on your exams. :)

    Aww glad you liked the nail polish, duochromes (changing colors) are so pretty!

    Love the EOTD and FOTD, your eyeliner is smokey but subtle still. NYX root beer looks great on your skin tone as well. ^^ Aww your study breaks sound much more efficient than mine... they last like two hours LOL


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