Monday, June 29, 2009

Purple and a Contest

So, I decided to join Chomfifi's contest at the very last second! Yes, it's due at midnight... although I don't know what counts as midnight b/c we live in different time zone but, whatever. Anyways, it's to be a NINJA!! Now, she requires you to wear ninja mask and I did (a Japanese one too!) but I only did the bottom part b/c I wanted my "look" to be like those anime ninja girls:

One reason I did this is because I just wanted to use some of my new eye stuff!

So, let's not waste time.
OH: These are pretty lame pictures. My face is just blah... this is what happens when you procrastinate on a contest. I've become good friends w/ photobucket's image editing system because I can't load it onto my PS7.

EDIT: Contest is over... I didn't realize I had another day to do the look. Oh well. I got rid of most of pics. I thought I looked creepy for most of it anyways.

MY HAIR!!! The horror!! o.O

Anyways, thanks for reading~~

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  1. lol febreeze! i cant live without that either! thank you for your entry! from my time zone, theres one more day left, hehe :) but thank you!


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