Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Is Awesome

So I'm sitting in my room with a sweater on right now - that's pretty awesome. I can actually walk my dog in the middle of the day now... double awesome!

But anyways, I did this look a few months ago - just kinda playing around with the colors that I have and thought this would be an AWESOME look for fall!

Now, normally for school, I don't do something like this. For school, one color on the lid is good enough. But I think this could be a great going out look or a date or something - YA KNOW!

Lids: WnW Trio in Mojave Mauves - lightest shade
Crease: Smashbox's Trio in Photoshoot - the shimmery color
Outer Corner: MAC's sketch
Liner: WnW black gel liner
Mascara: Max Factor 2000 Calories

Lips: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy lipstick in Sweet Nothing

I don't know if you can notice but at the time, I had the worse acne problem. New pimples would just pop up every day - on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. I'm so relieved that it's all gone now and luckily without any scarring. I think the problem might've started with my new skin care routines. I'm still using that routine but I think it's because my skin is used to it now.

WEIRD huh!


I also just wanna talk about the poll that I had put up for the last 2 weeks:
What accessories do you think make your man seem extra hot?
58% say it's the facial hair!!
25% say it's the nice hair
16% say it's the nice scent/cologne

Good to know huh! So any boys reading... take a note of this. I totally agree with this poll too - I think those are my top three.

No one thought a tie or glasses make guys cute. I guess it depends on your taste... some guys look a lot smarter w/ glasses!!


That's all I'm gonna bother you guys with... for now! Stay tune for more girly polls!


  1. The colors look nice on you! :) I've been having really problematic skin for the past week also but I think it's hormonal :( Every month I get pretty bad breakouts ughhh.

    I didn't vote in your poll but I actually really dislike facial hair lol. I do think nice hair makes a biggg difference :) && I like nice smelling guys but not the smell of cologne or axe or any of those artificial smells haha.

  2. so pretty! all ur looks are gorgeous! I voted for nice hair on ur poll, haha ^.^

  3. so naturally gorgeous. you look nice :)

  4. Don't worry I think your skin will clear up soon since your skin is already used to the skincare regimen. I've been through that too so it's not weird to me :D

    Ooh and I definitely like facial hair too, hot!!

  5. It's a very pretty look, great job! I'm glad your skin is clear now. :)

    As for the sexy man poll, I don't like facial hair. XD Nice hair and scent is always a plus though.

  6. Autumn is indeed awesome, and so is your FOTD! :D

  7. I know I commented here already but I'd thought I let you know I tagged you in the 4 things tag! Check my blog for more info :D Come back soon and make a new post :P!!


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