Sunday, October 24, 2010

Favorite Purple Shadows

Fall is here... and the best color for fall, I think, are purple toned shadows!!

Whether they are in taupe form, crease color form (dark colors), or pretty lid color form - purples are just really fun to have in my make up drawer. I tend to reach for them when I am getting bored with my browns and neutrals. I also think they make an eye look more feminine - just because they are PURPLE!

Now, sadly, I don't have any bright color purples :( But I do have a bunch of favorites that love to use and switch around.

1) WnW Trio in Mojave Mauves (I forgot to take a pic!) - lovely burgundy color!!! It's actually sheer enough to look really nice in the crease - and VERY blendable!! Really great shadow - one of my favorites.

2-3) Smashbox Trio in Photoshoot - Really soft and pigmented shadows! The only problem with them is that they don't last too long on my lids... but they make AWESOME fall shades! I really like #3 - really good crease shade! It's also a matte shade which makes me love it that much more!

4) MAC's Sketch - must I say more? So many people love this shadow and it's because it looks so pretty in the crease! It's a nice color to have to just give your look something special. Browns move over, there's an awesome color in crease town!

5) Lancome's Guest List - I really like it in the crease - very very pretty! I also have a problem of this not lasting too long on my lids but pigmentation and blendibility is really great. Another shade that makes the eye look more unique.

6 & 8) L'Oreal's Sculpted - #6 is a darker shade - people compare this to MAC's Beauty Marked. It's really pretty because it has these glitter in it. The only thing that I wish is that it would be a bit softer and easier to blend. #8 is more pink than purple but also a nice girly color to have around.

7) Revlon Quad in Nude Element - this is a taupey color - something that I would totally wear all over the lids. However, this color is so pretty in the crease too. It gives a nice, soft, natural contour.


That's pretty much what I have for you guys! Sorry I've been MIA (I finally know what that means BTW! SAD huh!) - I blame it on school :D

But like I said before, I haven't really bought much make up b/c of a major tight budget! But my mom actually bought me a mascara the other day - L'Oreal's Bare Natural! Very cool!! Thanks MOM!!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Lovely post hun, Sketch is such a beautiful color and another shade on my wishlist! ;p

  2. love all your picks! i don't think i own that many purples, but i def need more :)

  3. Yay to Mom! :) Love your collection. Purples are actually my fave shade for eyes.

  4. Thanks for all the pretty purple eyeshadow swatches! Your puppy looks super adorable! I should keep away from blogger and focus on school too ugh

  5. I always like purple eyeshadows, and that pup is TOO CUTE! have a great halloween weekend!

  6. Wow, these all look like some very wearable purples! I'm always on the hunt for a purple that will actually work with my skintone--most make me look really yellow or sick. :( But after seeing your swatches, I think I need to give that Revlon quad a try. Thanks for this post! :)


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