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A Different Kind of Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

So I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I with some friends this morning/afternoon and had a great time! However I do wish that they were a bit more knowledgeable about the 7th book or the series in general just so I can have a long discussion about the movie and the series and everything POTTER in general! So I guess that is one reason I'm doing this review - I really need to just let all my thoughts and emotions out there!

YES, I'm a hardcore fan! And I've read all the books - some more than once - and my favorite is definitely the 6th... however, I reread the 7th one this summer... and WOW WOW - it was AMAZING! I couldn't put it down - it was suspenseful, intense, and emotional. This book ties everything together and just overall, just a perfect ending to my beloved series.

So yes - I expect a lot from this movie!! Ha ha! However, I know that the last 6th movies have not, in any way, compare to the books, so I didn't think the 7th would be any different. I find that sometimes, extremely dramatic scenes in the movie are not at all how I imagined them and so I don't get the same emotions watching the movie as I did reading the book.

So let's just get to the point shall we:

For the people who are being dragged to see this movie: I'm talking about the people who don't really have an interest in Harry Potter or people who don't really keep up with the series, books or movies.

I think you will be kinda lost. I suggest you ask whoever is taking you to define some terms for you, e.g. horcrux. I also suggest learning a little about Tom Riddle's past and what happened in the cave. Most importantly, ask about what Snape did in the last movie.

These are all important key concepts that you will need to know before entering the realm of HP and the Deathly Hallows. I still think it is an enjoyable movie for you who don't really pay much attention to this story because it does have action/comedy/romance and most of all - MAGIC!

** The most important thing to know is that this movie is a setup for the second part! I will tell you now that the story will not be completely finished now - wait til July 2011!!


For those of you who have not read the book but enjoy the Harry Potter franchise: Again, you will very much enjoy this movie! You get to see our heroes become more mature. You will see the beginning of how story come to a close and you will get to be more amazed by the fight scenes, special effects, and even the cinematography. This movie has some amazing sceneries and fantastic costumes.

Since you already love the characters, you will certainly love them more and more! Like I said before, there will be some scenes where you are HOlDING YOUR BREATHS!

Man, some scenes are just creepy and then some scenes are very cute. As the characters develop, you also get to see their relationships grow! If you already like the other movies, the stories, and the characters - you will be in for a treat!


For those of you who are major fans, like me, this is where I get in depth: SPOILER ALERT!! But if you've already read the books... you should already know what will happen anyways...

And I guess that's where I was mostly disappointed with: I already knew what was gonna happen! I just don't get the same excitement as I would if I didn't know what was coming.

However, my connections to the characters are still very strong and the things that the characters do really moved me - Dobby, Hermione & her parents, Hermione & Ron, Ron & Harry & the forrest scene!

I was talking with some friends and we did pick at the very little details - why? Because overall the movie was great at depicting the book. It didn't stray very far from the plot and sometimes I felt like I was rereading the book all over again.

Best Harry Potter movie by far! I can see the actors are more mature and their relationships are more developed. I was very impressed, especially with Emma Watson! I gotta say, she used to annoy me so much as Hermione but she definitely grew into her character.

So as you can see - I totally recommend it!! I can go on and on and on - but overall, I really want you guys to go and see it and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Nice review! Haha...sounds like I'll be pretty lost then since I didn't read the book.

  2. I watched it on its premiere (is that the correct english word?) in my country last week. It was at midnight and I was so excited I was not tired at all and I usually go to bed quite early. And I totally, absolutely love it! Actually, I might see it once or twice again soon :D

  3. Aw glad you liked it! I used to be a really big fan of the series but the last book I liked was the 5th one haha.

    Yay, glad you like the Dream Mousse concealer. Yay, I miiight go experiment with the Revlon Age Defying concealer because everyone says it's like eye cream but Dream Mousse is def. my HG. :)

  4. I used to be a HP fan but after reading the books, the movies really disappoint me. =( So I stopped going to the theatres to watch the movies when they first come out.

    I read all the books too. But I didn't find the last book as interesting as you did. I found the forest scenes were a little dragging in the book. =| LOL I remember I went to my local drug store to pick up a HP book @midnight when they specifically opened the store past midnight to sell the book. Those were the good times. =)


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