Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Everday Day Look

I just realized I haven't written anything since Dec 2! WHAT? So I looked through some old pics and decided to show you guys some of my every day look. Yes, I managed to wear eye shadows almost everyday and was very proud of myself for that. Here is some examples - however, this is when I have a little more time so I was able to use more than one or two colors. They are all neutrals!!

I will just gonna try to remember what I have... it might not be right or everything.

Lips: Rimmel's Moisture Renew in Dusty Rose
Eyes: center lid - cream shade in ELF's Butternut; outer corner: Revlon's Coffee Bean 3rd shade down

lips: CoverGirl's Slaphappy lip gloss
Lid: Lancome's Golden Bikini and MAC's Sketch on the outer corner

I don't remember... but I'm sure I was wearing CoverGirl's Slaphappy on my lips

** There is a good chance that I was wearing my Milani's bronzer in Sunset City.

So - 9 days til Christmas!

I'm so excited!!! I still have to go and do some shopping but since I don't have school anymore - I will certainly go during the day so there will be no one there. Ha! Or I should just make my own presents since I'm so broke and all!!

Can't wait to celebrate w/ my family and can't wait for the New Year to come in.

What you about guys? Excited for the Winter Holidays?


  1. love your everyday look! it's very simple yet polished!

  2. great everyday look, it's so simple and clean. ;)

  3. Haha I was very proud of myself when I managed to go out everyday wearing falsies! My bf laughed at me when I told him that was such an accomplishment >.<

  4. Very nice. Natural looking and very professional :)

  5. Happy Holidays Girl! You look super pretty in all these pictures and your hair looks so long now. Have a great time with your family. :)

  6. You have such a beautiful smile. =D They are all pretty looks. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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