Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golden Snow

That is the title of my look :) Yes! Um I tried to copy Katy Perry's look in her music video: Firework. But it just didn't work out too well - however, I still really enjoyed the look so I decided to show you guys what I came up with:

I made the mistake of putting the gray on top of the blue... it should've been the other way around! Oh well - I still enjoyed this look and will probably try it out for the Holidays b/c it has that gold in it!

What I did was I placed some sort of cream shadow underneath. Then I used the ELF's Butternut quad lightest cream shade all over the lid as a base. Then I placed Lancome's Golden Bikini all over the lid and then I placed the blue (CoverGirl's Tropical Quad) on the outer corner. And I deepened it with the gray from the Revlon quad.

Have you guys seen the music video? Did you enjoy it?


  1. I didn't see the vid, but I heard her boobs exploded or something, lol, cute look! ^.^

  2. This seems pretty cool :D Interesting color combination! Your eye makeup and berry lips combination make this a really sultry look :) I really liked Katy Perry's makeup in the video too but it wasn't really clear what exactly she had on....

  3. how pretty! loving the lip color

  4. Very pretty, I think you did a good job! I don't know anything about eyeshadows haha so I can't comment correctly, I like the other crease? It's that the right name? The dark part. lol

  5. I really like the lip color :) It's beautiful on you!

  6. Very nice! Love your earrings too =D

    (Thanks for the rec's!)


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