Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Hair + My FOTD

So I think it was Kalmo that mentioned how my hair is getting a lot longer now -- and she is COMPLETELY RIGHT!

My hair is getting really long but for once, I don't really care much for cutting it!

Weird huh? It's usually around this time of year that I'm begging my mother to let me cut my hair. Why do I still ask for permission? Because you know how Asian mothers can nag you about stuff (and this might just go for all mothers - not just Asian ones).

She'll start out nice:
"Oh but you're hair is so pretty - don't cut it"

Then she'll turn mean:
"You'd look ugly with short hair"
"You're face shape would not look good with short hair..."

But this year, I think I'll wait til after Christmas to cut it. I don't know why, I just really enjoying the long hair.

My favorite shampoo/conditioner combo right now (and I've been using this for a year... maybe longer):

Now I just want to master the curling iron to make my hair look like:

Oh, one could only wish!!

Finally, I just wanted to show you guys my FOTD for that day:

Lid: CoverGirl's Tapestry Taupe on lid
L'Oreal's HiP duo in Sassy - the taupe color on the crease

Cheeks: CoverGirl's Cheeker in Pretty Peach

Lips: Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Life's A Peach


You know what I haven't done in FOREVER????


Yes, I will get to that as soon as I can... just need to think of something to review!


  1. Your hair looks healthy and yes you should try curling it! I bet it'll look good on you.

    Our mothers are the other way around I guess. Maybe because here getting a haircut is fairly cheap. Since I was little she kept my hair short because she thought it was neat lol. I grew my hair out when I got to high school though :D

  2. Aw love your long beautiful hair! LOL at the asian mom comments, everyone in my family reminds me that they like me better with long hair every time I go home because I used to have guy-short hair in high school.

  3. i want my hair bouncy and wavy like that too, but i'm just so lazy to curl my hair everyday lol

    you do look nice with long hair! i say keep growing and see how long you can go. I've been itching to cut my hair too but I think I will wait until the weather gets warmer :)

  4. I think your hair looks so pretty! Cut it if you want, but I think it looks great! =) That is a funny comment about Asian moms though!!!


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