Tuesday, April 7, 2009

and you see the sky turn red,"

COASTAL SCENTS!!!. I purchased some Coastal Scents brushes a few weeks ago and wanted to try them out first before writing/reviewing on them.

First of all, I just want to say that their shipping/customer service is awesome. The only thing is that they need to do something about their site b/c it looks kinda - well not really professional. Besides that, I love how they allow you to choose your own shipping method. So instead of paying $6 for FedEx, I paid $3 for USPS. But if you really need your stuff FAST, you can get like overnight shipping or something crazy like that. I ordered my stuff on Tuesday and got it on Friday (or maybe Saturday)!! Anyways, I absolutely love it.

Here are the products that I got:

The Pink Kabuki Brush for $4.99, Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush for $6.99, and Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler Brush for $7.49.

So here is what I think...

PROS: IT IS SO FLUFFY!!! Look how dense that baby is. Oh yeah, it is HUGE! It also doesn't shed or have pink dye come off when I wash it. Doesn't smell funky anymore. Very good at putting powder on!

CONS: Not as soft as a cat's fur or something but it's not scratchy either.

Overall: - 4/5 cupcakes~


PROS: It looks very fancy - nice shiny wood handle :) Picks up good amount of product and blends well. SHEDS a little - only a little and no dye problem w/ this either.

CONS: The only thing I hate and it is a big thing is that it isn't as soft as would've liked. It isn't SCRATCHY!! It's just not soft. I don't like to blend much with this brush because it's not very soft.

Overall: Even though I do love this product,
- 3/5 ;_;

Finally, 3)

PROS: SOFT AS A CLOUD. I got it b/c its denser than the black one. Barely sheds. Definitely gives nice stippling effect. Sheer colors of blush.

CONS: It's kida flimsy when you blend... like the bottom isn't as stiff as you would want it to. I get dye coming off when I wash it.

Overall: This is a strange one... and I don't know how I feel about it yet. I still need to use it more to see if I like putting on foundation the normal way better or if I like putting on blush w/ another brush. For now, I say:
- 4/5

Sorry if you find my cupcakes weird. I found them on a website and couldn't resist using them for something.

So, in conclusion, I say that I'm not in love with any of these brushes. I find them useful but not something that I would be extremely excited about. So, if you want some cheap brushes that works well, this is defintely something to look for.


These are my wish list for my next order (yes, I still really like this company)
- Their hot pan eyeshadows
- Gel liners in 24K, Deep Plum, Maroon, Indigo Blue, and True Black
Also, I'm looking into pressing and making my own palettes (DIY stuff) so I might get some of their:
- Pressing Medium and eye shadow pans

So many things I want!! But I'm pretty good w/ brushes right now... well, I might get a blush brush... we'll see~

Until next time! Have fun shopping and bargaining and cutting coupons!

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  1. great review. I still haven't tried coastal scent brushes...the pink kabuki brush is too cute!


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