Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ulta Sales

So, I'm working at an office and we get mail sometimes. Guess what we got today?? An Ulta ad!! Yes, and I'm extra excited b/c there is a $3.50 for $10 purchase coupon on the front. Yay.

Buy 1, get 1 50% off on selected brushes (Paula Dorf, Japonesque, Studio Gear...)
Buy 2, get 1 free on Maybelline
Buy 2, get 1 free on Palladio
Buy 2, get 1 free on Neutrogena
Buy 2, get 1 free on CoverGirl
Buy 1, get 1 free on L'Oreal lip, eyes, & HiP
Buy 1, get 1 free on Revlon
Buy 1, get 1 free on Ulta

If only it was my Bday and I could splurge on myself. BareMinerals Perfect Bronze looks delicious and the Smashbox HD Concealer. Yum!

If I was to take advantage on this sale, I'm thinking I want to buy some Revlon nail polishes and maybe aquaint myself with some L'Oreal HiP things.

Hmm, we'll see how the week goes.

BTW, more bargain news - if you go to Walgreens, Jane is having a major crisis and is having a major sale! Also, they have these little bargain bins hidden somewhere w/ a lot of things marked off. Check those out, k?

See ya all lata!

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  1. It's sad that Jane is going bankrupt huh!?!? :( I checked out Walgreens by my house and they hardly had anything left... hehe~


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