Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being Cheap Isn't Hard!

I know some people who don't like E.L.F products but I really think that they have potential!
- What I hear is their shimmering whip is great for an eye base. I haven't tried that out yet but sounds good.

But, the post is kind of a reply to Emilynoel's $2 Smokey Eye and she used her ELF quad in Drama. A lot of people commented saying that although her shadows are $2, she still used brushes which are also expensive.

Well, I wanted to do something like that - no base, no brushes. Just the shadows on! I did this before I decided to take a shower so I didn't put mascara on but I thought the result looked decent. You can def. make this more dramatic - but I'm not a dramatic girl so I didn't go too crazy.

Here it is, a true $1 smokey eye - used sponge and no base :). You can find these quads at Ross or some other cheap places.


Sale codes on E.L.F are:
Carolina, Radio 50% entire purchase (up to $7.50 off)
5for5studio 50% Studio products

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  1. What a great sultry look! I love ELF lip products, but I haven't tried their eye stuff yet. I love watch Emily Noel's videos too!


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