Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautiful skin...

So, in the last FOTD, a lot of people mentioned how nice my skin is... let me tell you... it is FAR from perfect!

Actually, my left cheek has no acne scars or pimples really but my right cheek... AHH!! Crazy redness and acne scars all over the place.

The most annoying thing about redness and acne scar is that it makes blush looks kinda weird and not as pretty as it could be. And you all know, I LOVE BLUSH! So I really try to reduce my flaws as much as possible.

Lately, I sorta returned to my Everyday Minerals. I've never ordered full size from them but I've gotten the free kit (from back in the day... the system now is very odd and I don't like it as much). I tried Everyday Minerals because I've heard so many people talk about the awesome coverage. I saw NO COVERAGE or light coverage when I first started... but that was because I was using the WRONG tool!! Turns out, you need a nice dense brush to have a decent cover. DUH! You say. Well, I was new at make up and plus a nice, soft, dense brush is hard to find when you are on a budget.

Well, turns out, I ordered the small kabuki brush w/ my order but never used it because it was so small. Thing is, I don't need to use it all over my face, just my cheek area! So, I decided to try this. Check it out: Beware of NAKED CHEEK

After application of EDM:

Now before you guys rejoice at this and decide to order your own mineral make up, there are a few things I want to say - and I shall do it best w/ my PRO/CON list :D

- Nice coverage! Great at reducing redness and even out skin tone.
- Easy to apply, blends so nicely!
- The brush is amazingly soft
- Kinda a quick thing to do in the morning (for me anyways; some say liquid is faster but this might be b/c I don't have my exact foundation match for liquid yet)
- The colors above (Golden Medium, left, and Winged Butter, right) are great matches! Perfect matches actually
- No shine but not completely matte either - unless you get the matte finish formula

- Not long lasting (I have not tried this w/ a primer though...) but it lasts 3-4 hours... maybe 5.
- Can be cakey as most powder foundation are
- Can be drying (like above... but I don't think it emphasizes dry spots which is nice)
- You do need to build this up - unfortunately, it is not just put on your face and go! I def. have to build this up!
- Brush is too small - only good for spot treatment.

So, please consider these pro/cons. This has not break me out... but some people do break out from that.

Another annoying thing is that EDM is not as inexpensive as it used to be. Sad huh!! It used to be sooo affordable. But it is def. more affordable than Bare Minerals (or whatever).

** It is hard to find a good foundation. Some people will go through life never finding their HG!! I know, tragic!!! Just kidding :) But a good way to have a look of good skin is to have actual good skin!! So, drink more water, wash face before bed (salicylic acid or benzoic acid), moisturize, SUN SCREEN people!!!!, and let your skin breathe. Sometimes the make up you are wearing is what causes the blemishes!! Just a few tips.

Okay, so it is late... and so I'm gonna go to sleep now.

BTW - anyone is reading/has read "Love in Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Marquez Garcia??? I've only read the first 1/3 of it... but it is a great book!!! I like it thus far... but I can tell great tragedies and sadness will happen.


  1. Nooo way I think you skin is great!

    I love EDM! I've been using it for a few years and I still have my kit too! I agree the system now is not so great :/ I've been dedicated to their pressed powders but on a whim I recently decided to go back to using the loose powder... I loooove the finish WAY more than the pressed now, but I just hate dealing with the loose powder mess!

  2. Anyway, your skin is beautiful naked. I would not dare to show it myself!

  3. Oh my goodness girl! Your naked skin doesn't look bad!! It's in your head!!! =p Your skin looks beautiful to me!!

  4. I have yet to purchase anything full size from EDM as well just keep getting their samples! Right now I'm loving the Kaolin Sunlight powder it also helps reduce redness and I don't use foundation so I just put that powder over my moisturizer :)

  5. Thanks everyone for you kind words :) I definitely know my skin can be a lot worse. But I just hate it when there is redness.

    e.motion in motion - I know, loose powders annoy me too! I guess you just have to be careful but I def. prefer pressed powders.

    Hi Cantanya - nice to see a new name on my commenting list :D Thanks a lot! Honestly, if you are confident, all your flaws will disappear in front of others.

    You're right NV Beauty! It is in my head. I think only my mom and I notice these flaws! My mom gets so worried every time my sister and I get a new pimple... crazy woman.

    OOh, maybe I should try the Kaolin Sunlight powder out. I really do just want to minimize redness! Thanks for the suggestion Amynaree :D

  6. You have beautiful skin with and without EM foundation! So jealous. :) I've been forgoing blush too because of how it looks with acne (though mine is a lot worse haha).

    Yeah I agree that EM is more expensive now but I love their flat top kabuki brush, it's so soft. I loved the coverage of their foundation but it broke me out. Too bad it doesn't last long on you.

  7. Wonderful review and tips, lovey! Your skin always looks so glowy. XD I'd try EDM if not for the fact that I don't use primer b/c it breaks me out. *sigh*

  8. i like how edm looks on your cheek! but im not a big fan of mineral that much. thanks for sharing tho!

  9. I'm the same as you I have never bought any full size from EDM... hehe~ Most of the things I got were samples sizes and I still have them. :X

    You should try BB creams. I really like them because they seem to cover up a lot of my flaws. Of course, not all of them... hehe~

  10. New follower here! :)

    I think your skin looks great before AND after! I've been curious about other mineral make-up brands; Bare Minerals' products are nice, but so pricey! Thank you for doing this review!



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