Monday, February 22, 2010

K, I'm gonna make this fast

Due to some requests... I shall do a review on:

Maybelline's Mineral Power Concealer in SAND; I use my ELF foundation brush to smooth this baby out.


** EDIT: next morning ->

So, what do you guys think? I really noticed a difference - especially with the redness. This concealer is great with covering redness and my circles, luckily were dark red (what the heck was I saying? I really should proofread this before posting it! Luckily my circles were dark? WTF??? Ha ha).

I don't know about blueish circles though because this concealer has a strong YELLOW undertone to it.

I love that it is easy to blend - I usually just dab it on w/ my ring finger and then smooth it out w/ my ELF brush. Often times when I do this with other concealer, the coverage just blends away leaving my face the same. But not with this so it makes life easier in the morning. WOO HOO...

For awhile, it looked a bit cakey but I am thinking that it might be the setting powder I was putting on it. HOWEVER, do make sure to put extra moisturizer in those circles you're covering up, just in case.

I think it really brightens up my eye area and I really enjoy it for it's lightweight but decent coverage. I would say this could range from light to medium coverage... and maybe heavy, depending on what your technique is.

I guess the biggest qualm I have with this is the staying power. Truth be told, staying power could be better but I think it lasts up to 5 hours. Not bad. Also, I don't think there are a lot of color choices out there. Sand is good for my under eye circles but WAY too light for the rest of my face.

So, I really hope this helps those who are in the market to try something new.


PS. I am suppose to find out if I get into pharmacy school this week. PLEASE wish me lots of luck!! I really need it. Right now, I am just doubting myself and freaking out. Very anxious and nervous. I really really really want this... I feel like I've found a profession that I could get very excited about and I hope that my interviewer saw that in me!!


  1. Thanks for doing a review on this product. I think it looks good on you. :)

    I'm sure you got accepted from the pharmacy school! Please tell us if you did or not.

  2. *sends you millions of positive good luck vibes*

    The concealer looks great on you!


    I'm hoping to hear back from the last school I applied to as well. The waiting is killing me. =X

    This concealer looks really great on you - the coverage is surprisingly good but natural looking!

  4. Thanks for this review! I think I'll be on the lookout to try this next! I'm gonna do a review of the mousse concealer soon =)

    Wishing you lots of luck girl! :D

  5. Thanks for the awesome reassurance everyone!!! I'm very excited to hear from the pharmacy school.

    Oh and also thanks for complimenting the concealer. Yeah, it took awhile to work it actually. I've had it for a year now, I think, and it was a love/hate relationship between us at first. But this thing certainly lasts a long time!

  6. thanks for the review!! the concealer seems to cover up the redness well, I will def have to give it a try

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for reviewing this concealer, it looks really good and natural on you! You have a great complexion though so you don't even need concealer, you're beautiful!


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