Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a morning!

Wow - it's only 1:40 pm and already so much has happened! Nothing good... I would say but it is these times when I'm sad or lonely or whatever, I go on my blog and write my thoughts away and I feel better :)

And it is always so nice to see comments from all of you guys - I totally consider you all to be my new cyber friends! You have really made my day - just the idea that someone out there is listening to what I have to say. It's very nice.

Okay, well, this post will just be a bunch of random things...

First of all, I won Mocha Mish Mash's Valentine's Day contest!! Yay!!! I got my package yesterday and check out these 5 awesome Milani nail polishes:

From left to right: Metallic Mango, Garnet Gems, Golden Goddess, Bella Berry, Brown-a-licious

I think the coolest of the bunch is Garnet Gems. It is black/navy but it has RED sparkles/glitter in it. So cool looking. I don't know if I can pull it off but I will definitely try them out.

My favorite by looking at the bottle is Brown-a-licious. It just looks like a deep red with golden sparkle in it. I think this will look so awesome on the nails!

I have Golden Goddess on right now. I have to say that I enjoy the nail polish and application is so effortless. However, I don't think I look good w/ golds at all! Gold necklaces or gold eye shadows. And there is no exception for gold nail polish either.

Look, my polish collection has grown exponentially!!

I have this as a base and a top coat... let me tell you - this stuff is amazing! And it is less than $4!! With this as a base coat - my nail polish have stayed unchipped for a week!! YES it is true. Even colors that tend to chip the 2nd day after application has managed to stay 3x longer! Get this if you are looking for a great base or top coat. Doesn't really help w/ your nails turning yellow though... but I don't really know anything that would help.

** If you guys do.... please let me know :D


On other news: the continuation of my Project 10 Hit Pan. Well it isn't really going all that well because I've been buying cosmetics items.... BUT I still have been working hard to use up some items:

Look - I see the pan on my Rimmel bronzer!! WHOO HOO... Let me tell you that they give you 14 grams!! for this. Yeah BIG "14" so it just shows you how much I've used this item.

And my daily Neutrogena moisturizer is GONE!!! Every last drop!! I really enjoyed this product but I think I'm gonna branch out and buy something else... I hear Cetaphil might be good. Definitely requires SPF something though!

Other products following the hit pan direction:

I will soon have to buy a new night creme and nail polish remover soon! Oh and a new lip balm because that's all that is left in the Softlips! Burts Bees or Palladio lip balm - HERE I COME!


Oh by the way, I keep forgetting... BUT... CHECK OUT NV BEAUTY'S VALENTINE GIVEAWAY


Thanks so much for reading everyone!!!

Please comment - I love to hear from you all :D

Have a great day and a great weekend.


  1. Glad you received your prize!

    I like Garnet Gems and Brownalicious alot. I'm saving Metallic Mango and Golden Goddess for summer when I have more of a tan.

  2. I agree with Mocha Mish Mash-- Brownalicious and Garnet Gems are beautiful. I'm sorry you're not feeling so great today. The weather around here is so gloomy, I feel the same way.

    But hey, it's the weekend-- call out a few girls for girls' night out or break out the nail polishes and have a night in! And of course, we're here for you as well! :)

  3. Pretty mail! I think I actually have Golden Goddess!

  4. Mocha Mish Mash - thanks so much for the awesome prizes :) And the card!!! I really really enjoy the colors so far!

    Shela - thanks for your kind words!! I will definitely get the girls together for some nail polish fun :D

    Catherine - I know. AWESOME mail!

  5. I have quite a lot of Milani nail polishes, and I have to say they are good as the expensive ones or better!... hehe~ I hope you feel better. I'm sorry you went through a tough day. I feel like that too recently *sigh*.

  6. golden goddess is so pretty!! when life isn't treating me well blogger is my outlet too :)

  7. Hi there,

    lovely blog!..I love fave!

    I have a giveaway going on at my blog! hope to see you there!

  8. Hi Ahleessa - I know, I guess with sad times we just have to try really hard to tell ourselves things will get better. It's okay :D Everything will eventually work out!! Patience is not my virtue but I'm getting a lot better at it.

    Hi Amynaree! Yes, it is a really pretty color. Will look sooo cool for summer!

    Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by. Softlips... not my fav. I'm thinking of grabbing some nice lip balms today.

  9. Congrats on winning all the pretty nail polish and hitting pan on so many items! I love it when I finish a product haha. To keep my nails from turning yellow, I just have to give my hands a break from polish for a while or use a opaque-ish base coat like Essie Protein.


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