Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Admit It:

I am a beauty addict! Ha ha - well, maybe not addict but I do love make up. How did I realize this? Well, I realized this when I looked at my purse and noticed that...

I have way too many lip products.

No really - do I really need that many items with me?

CO Bigelow lip gloss which I used to use all the time for moisturizing my lips.

Now I use my Burts Bees lip balm b/c I just wanted a lip balm without the shiny effects.

Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip balm - I mentioned this was one of my favorite colors for summer. Well, it isn't really moisturizing and it is kinda sheer. Nice to have for just any everyday use.

Revlon Lustrous Lip gloss in Life's a Peach - Another summer color favorite. Love this - although I hate applying lip gloss. I don't know about you but I hate having to pull out the wand and finding where your lips are. I'm just so clumsy at doing that without a mirror!

Finally, my Lancome Lipstick in Mars - one of my favorite reds and I just adore this lipstick. I usually switch out my lipsticks though. I had this for a week and now I've moved on to my Maybelline lipstick in Rosy Glow.

Next thing you know, I'll be pulling out all sorts of make up my my purse. Ah!

So what about you guys? What is in your purse that definitely qualifies you as an make up lover?

So, has anyone been watching the World Cup? I know soccer is not the most popular sport in America but honestly - if you are a girl, this is like a little ray of sunshine on cloudy days...

Okay, that was a bad analogy - what I'm talking about is THE MEN!!!

Here's some that I've come to enjoy watching:

Lukas Podolski


Carlos Bocanegra

- There are tons more but those are the only ones that I know right now! If this hasn't persuaded you to watch, I don't know what will.


  1. You think that's a lot! I know there are some that carry a whole arsenal of lip products with them. I personally carry about the same as you: a balm, a tinted balm, a lipstick and a gloss.

  2. Wow, that is what my purse stash looks like AFTER I clean it out! (Jeweled Thumb, you were definitely referring to me!). I don't think the amount you have is too much at all, but then again, I don't think 10 lippies is too much in a purse. Ha! :)

  3. I say you can never have enough lip products! Sadly I have about four or five assorted balms, glosses, and maybe one lipstick in my purse right now. I'm not into soccer but, my hubby is watching the World Cup and loving every minute of it (yelling, shouting, etc...) It's quite comical to watching him. :D

  4. This is interesting!
    I guess people who read my blog would assume that I bring tons of lip products in my purse. But the truth is, most of the time I only bring 3: a lipbalm, a lipstick, and a gloss! :D

    That's sooooo cool that you watch the World Cup! We in Indonesia are CRAZY about it (but I admit, I don't have many girl friends who are also into football - bummer!). Seriously, the US team is getting better! I used to have Landon Donovan's poster on my wall. LOL
    But since 2002 my favorite has always been the Germans! Podolski is hot but my first crush was Christoph Metzelder, OMG such an eye candyyyy~ too bad he's not playing in this World Cup because of his injury >.<
    Oooh sorry for rambling! Can't help it :P

  5. i use burt's bee lip balm too!! but i don't find it as effective as vaseline, do you?? but from what i watched on Dr. Oz's show. apparently, petroleum jelly is not healthy for our bodies... after i heard that, i switched to Burt's Bee.. but honestly, i don't find burt's bee that conditioning.. like it doesn't make my lips feel as soft as petroleum jelly does.. what do you think???

    ps: 5 lip products is honestly not a lot.. i have a lot of unused stashed away in my drawers =\

  6. Hi Michelle - I think it is odd that petroleum jelly is not good for you b/c this nurse at my dermatologist's office told me that it is an ingredient often used in skin med especially for bad/infected rashes or wounds. It pretty much just helps the skin heal and dries up rashes and infections. Also, for me, Burts Bees is #1! I also like CO Bigelow's stuff but I just love Burts Bees. My chapped lips go away and my lips always feel really soft.


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