Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Look - 2nd Attempt

2nd attempt actually looks a lot like 1st attempt. But what can I say? Besides I used different product and also my camera likes to wash out the colors on my lids.

Anyone who has a Cannon PowerShot SD790IS knows that this camera is great for just vacation pictures but when it comes to colors and dark environments and such - NOT SO GREAT.

Anyways, this is what I came up w/...

Trust me when I say the colors are so washed out! I mean... UGH!

I also have been playing around with the Milani Glimmer Stripes - so I get that nice glow on my cheeks:

Hard to see... but it's there. Very nice and pretty. I have decided that it is almost impossible to compare highlighters... especially the Milani and the Physician's Formula ones. But I will do my best on my next post to talk about them.

Besides that, I love bronzy eyes, darker liner, peachy blushes, and cute golden-pink shimmer on the lips. I think those combination are great together.

This was a quick post! Well, I am off to take a nap or something... watch more World Cup and later, maybe even tennis!! All of this unless I have to go to work.

BTW - Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret are having their semi-annual sales!!! What are you guys planning to get?

Me - I think I will try to invest in some new bras. I definitely need it!

See ya all later!


  1. Have you tried the macro button, the tulip picture? That works for me but I'm not to sure if your camera has it.

    I'm not buying anything. I'm broke... lol~

  2. Definately try putting it on macro mode. I do macro mode when I take closeups but sometimes it still washes colors out so I take a piece of tissue paper and cover the flash(taping it temporarily to stay in place while u tak a pic of yourself). It makes it less bright and more true to color in real life. A trick I learned a lil while back.

  3. You always pull off glowy cheeks so beautifully! :D

    P.S Wow, I thought I had small feet (5.5-6)! Where do you normally shop for shoes then?

  4. omg your skin is sooo flawless!!! very pretty :)

  5. I love this look, you skin looks so perfect, and it's very natural!


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